1. Meet the Previous Winners

      Lola Mahou, Jordan Brannon and Arulen Bullivant were the talented winners of our 2013 Design A Sex Toy Competition, with timer set handcuffs, a rabbit vibrator-inspired glove and a spinning butt plug in the repertoire of their new and exciting designs.

      You may also be familiar with a guy named Trevor Murphy who invented the Sqweel, a revolutionary oral sex simulator. Need inspiration? Let’s quiz Trevor on his winning design!

      Inventing the Sqweel!

      What inspired you to enter Lovehoney's Design a Sex Toy competition (besides the prize money!)?

      When I first spotted the Design a Sex Toy competition I was intrigued as I'd never seen a competition like it before! Being an artist I'd always had confidence in my design skills and thought it might be fun to give it some thought. Even if I couldn't think of something it'd be fun to try!

      How has your life changed since you becoming the first winner of the Design a Sex toy?

      When I entered the DAST competition I was a struggling artist, living in the Irish countryside with not a whole lot to do. Winning the DAST competition and having a toy on the market has allowed me to move to the awesome city of Toronto, Canada and have hobbies like comedy improv! My life has changed a lot!


    2. Ask the Expert:
      Trev Murphy

      "I recommend researching what kinds of sex toys are on the market already. You can only think outside the box if you know what's in the box to begin with!

      Lovehoney have detailed descriptions of all their products, so take a look at the huge range of materials available to use.

      Trevor Murphy, inventor of the Sqweel!

      Make a list of 20 toy ideas as quickly as you can, no matter how ridiculous they are. Chances are one or two of them have real potential, so just let your imagination run free.

      Don't worry if your first few ideas aren't great. The Sqweel was the fifth idea I had. Stick with it, don't get disheartened and keep doodling.

      Concentrate on what makes your toy unique. It's better to focus on a niche in the market than try to reinvent a popular toy such as the rabbit, which is about as amazing as it can get already!"