1. Tantus Cowboy Bronco Silicone Butt Plug

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      1. Tantus Cowboy Bronco Silicone Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      A mid-sized satisfying butt plug that's an adventurous step up from a beginner's plug. Made of smooth, seam-free silicone, the head is tapered into a rounded point so both insertion and stimulation are as enjoyable as you can imagine!

      The body of the plug graduates to a fulfilling 5.25" in circumference - a good size for stimulating the opening to the anus and providing some enjoyable internal sensations, too.

      The flared base helps to avoid any slippage or accidents.

      Made from the highest quality 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone.

      All Tantus toys are hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, odourless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable and completely non-toxic.

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      1. Tantus Cowboy Bronco Silicone Butt Plug
      2. Tantus Cowboy Bronco Silicone Butt Plug

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    1. Slick and well sized

      Reviewed: February 12, 2014 by bunual, a Bisexual Single Male

      Whilst it may not be for the absolution beginner, this is well sized and gives a good warm up for anal sex. It's smooth texture lets it slide in with minimal fuss. The base allows it to stay put but is wide enough to allow you to warm up for bigger things whilst wearing it. It can be worn whilst sitting down but the base does dig in a little.

      This is my most used plug because it's easy to put in and stays put reasonably well. It's not the most secure but this is, in part, because the base provides a good amount of girth compared to the widest point.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Slick, well proportioned.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic warm-up, and good for general wear.
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    1. Wear it all day long!

      Reviewed: October 20, 2010 by Cheapthrills, a Gay Single Male

      First, I should say that I’m a very experienced anal toy user. From beads to butt plugs, anal probes, dildos, prostate stimulators and vibrators. I have well over a dozen various anal toys, ranging from small diameter plugs of an inch or less up to 3 inches or more in diameter and 8.5 inches insertable length.

      Very swift delivery as usual from Lovehoney. I’ve not rushed to write this review; very glad I didn’t as my view of it now is vastly different than it would have been had I reviewed it immediately after first trying the plug.

      Before completing this review I have used the toy on five separate occasions; ranging in time from an hour or less (twice), to prolonged use of three, five, and then eight hours respectively.

      The first thing to comment on is my initial disappointment with the packaging of the toy (well packaged by Lovehoney in terms of delivery mind). Very plain packaging. Really for a butt plug carrying a fairly high price tag I’d have expected a bit of effort to have been made on giving it a nice packaging. Of course, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, judge the butt-plug by its packaging.

      Unlike many toys this has virtually no identifiable smell at all. In reading the description of this toy a lot is made of the material, and I’d have to agree this looks like real quality, both in terms of the material and the production of the toy. It really does have no identifiable seam to the toy.

      In some respects this is a fairly standard shape for a butt plug, but having used it I think the shape is particularly suited to prolonged use of the toy. It has a flared base, not a ‘round’ base, so when fully inserted it sits very comfortable inside. It starts with a ‘rounded head’, which is quite narrow, widens to its full girth, and then slims down towards the base. However, immediately prior to the base it is very slightly larger again for no more than a few millimetres. I think actually this little extra wider section right at the end, if you fully insert the toy, helps it sit very well inside and reduces the likelihood of accidental slipping out of the toy.

      The base seems able to prevent over-insertion and loss of the toy in that direction; however after wearing it for a long time, the toy is drawn somewhat up inside, and the base is sitting very hard up against your body. This may give the appearance of suggesting the toy could over-insert, but really I am fairly sure that it couldn’t do so.

      It is described as being ‘rigid’ and this is indeed firm, but the material has a bit of ‘give’ in it; not enough that it’s going to bend in strange directions, but enough to aid to comfort whilst wearing the plug.

      This isn’t the sort of plug you’re going to pop your eyes out using – it doesn’t possess any vibrations or extreme size to do that. However, this is clearly a plug perfectly suited to long-term wear. The most enjoyable sessions I have had with this were the three long sessions of wear: One of three hours, mainly in the house but with a trip up the street to the newsagents. One of 5 hours (about the house), wearing the plug whilst I did various things inside the house. Another longer session of wearing this plug for nearly 8 hours whilst I was both inside my house and out and about in town. Walking about outside whilst you have this in really is an amazing sensation!

      I plan on trying to wear the plug overnight soon, and then to wear it for all of the next day until it is again bedtime.

      Insertion was quite easy with just a little lubrication as it has a nice rounded head to it. It has a good width so gives a nice sense of being full without being so large as some extreme anal toys, which provide a challenge even to experienced anal toy users.

      The material initially looked as if it might be quite lube-hungry, but this turns out to not be the case. I found I could insert it quite easily with little lube, and using less if you are planning on wearing it for a long time is probably a good idea to avoid the plug sliding out.

      With a 5-inch insertable length it is certainly not as small as most ‘beginner’ plugs, and with a 1.7-inch diameter at its widest point, this would probably represent a step forward to those who’ve only used smaller, beginner plugs and toys. However, even for an experienced user, this size is more than sufficient to provide stimulation and as it isn’t extremely big, I’ve found it is particularly well suited to prolonged use.

      I found insertion quite easy on all occasions I have used this toy thus far, and for me at least, once in position it is secure and I can easily walk about without any risk of the toy suddenly popping out.

      Once inserted this gives a really nice sense of being ‘full’, without any great discomfit that can be the case with some larger toys.

      It is a very solid well-built toy and I can’t see this wearing out or breaking any time soon.

      For me at least I didn’t find that the plug stimulated my prostate particularly, and in some respects this is probably a little on the smaller side of circumference of toys I find particularly stimulating. However, as a plug for prolonged use it is near perfect to fit my body and requirements.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      I can wear it inside all day long!
      Circumference/diameter could be a little more, priced a bit high.
      Bottom line
      A comfortable plug for prolonged use. Quality build and material. Little pricey.
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