1. Shunga Dragon Virility Cream 2 fl. oz

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      In order to honour your partner with all your might while enhancing your pleasure, Shunga has created this Dragon Virility Cream. Made from all-natural extracts and herbs, it can help men unleash the full power and energy of their manhood.

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      1. Shunga Dragon Virility Cream 2 fl. oz

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    1. Product Description

      In order to honour your partner with all your might while enhancing your pleasure, Shunga has created this Dragon Virility Cream. Made from all-natural extracts and herbs, it can help men unleash the full power and energy of their manhood.

      The perfect solution when controlling sexual pleasure is key to a satisfying sex life. Apply to the penis prior to intercourse via a gentle massage along the shaft, creating a warm yet cooling sensation that will delay ejaculation while simultaneously enhancing female pleasure, helping you to pleasure your partner further.

    1. What it does

      • Pharmacy drug type: Cream
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      • Condom safe: No
    3. What it does

      • How fast does it work?: Fast acting
      • What's it for?: Delay

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    Customer Reviews

    Shunga Dragon Virility Cream 2 fl. oz 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 (4 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Just Perfect

      Reviewed: December 21, 2015 by me and my imagination, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought this cream as I had heard the range was good. I wanted a cream that could be applied to both myself and to my partner's clitoris during kinbaku (rope bondage). I wanted it to heighten the sexual tension before the actual experience.

      Bingo... This is the best cream I have ever bought. It does prove you get what you pay for! Beautifully packaged, it requires just a pea-sized amount of the sweet-smelling cream, so will last ages. (The instructions are great, by the way.) The effect starts within a few minutes. Yes, it is sort of cold, sort of hot, in waves, but never burning or unpleasant. It simply cannot be described as an irritant. It does not feel like that at all.

      For sex I use it on myself when fully erect to heighten sensitivity, or before I am erect at the start of foreplay. It definitely makes orgasms more intense and pleasurable. And when I have it on my OH seems to really notice the difference when I penetrate her. This is probably the combination of the cream rubbing into her from me and the fact I am enjoying the sensation so very much.

      It certainly makes her very wet during sex and she cums very easily and often. It also heightens her love of anal sex too. Although I am not suggesting this as an anal cream. She says she can not feel the effect on her ass directly. But me having it on it invariably has a pretty cool effect. We always ending up with her eager to take it harder and for longer. It creates a wonderful buzz and increases sensitivity and pleasure for about an hour.

      As a bonus, it is most certainly not just for men! Ladies, my OH just loves to have it rubbed under the hood of her clit and then be left. Often before she is going to be spanked or when we use rope (kinbaku). Or before going for a walk. Perfect before she masturbates. It makes her pussy much fuller and sensitive and definitely her whole body more sensitive and more orgasmic. If you are thinking about it get some. You won't regret it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      It creates a wonderful buzz and increases sensitivity and pleasure for about an hour.
      Nothing at all.
      Bottom line
      Just amazing stuff. I will never be without it.
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    1. Worth it

      Reviewed: July 4, 2014 by Thaumologist, a Straight Single Male

      This was one of my first purchases from Lovehoney, something to add a little extra fun in the bedroom. I can certainly say it does the job. This is all done from my perspective as a bloke.

      First of all, I tried this myself, just to make sure the sensation wasn't too intense. There was no warning about how long this cream lasts, or how long after application it takes to work; so I tried a small dab, massaged it in, and left it to the job.

      I didn't get anything from it, so I tried a larger blob, and rubbed it all over. Again, I didn't get anything from application to the shaft, but I realised very quickly that application on and under the foreskin is what you need, at least for the sensation. And you only need a tiny amount for that.

      The feeling started within a minute, almost before I'd finished rubbing the cream in. It tends to start quite cool, and the most similar experience I can describe it as is being damp in a draught, mixed with the freshness that comes from a very thorough tooth cleaning. Certainly not unpleasant, but by itself it isn't stimulating.

      Then the heat kicks in. Again, not unpleasant, and not stimulating by itself, but certainly a good feeling. The most similar sensation for the heat is probably a very small tongue running over and caressing around wherever the cream is applied to.

      Within half an hour of application, I didn't feel the 'warm' sensation at all, only the cool. It had decreased in intensity, and just felt like a slightly cool breeze, but due to the location was still certainly intriguing. The cool sensation lasted up to the two hour mark constantly, and up to about four hours from application fading in and out, before going completely at around that point.

      However the product only lasts that long if you don't wash it off. Any warm liquid will do so, although cold water also works in a pinch. And yes, toilet breaks would count as liquid.

      In actual use with a partner, it's worth noting that both parties benefit from direct application, although spreading from one to the other does work, at least a little.

      Apparently, the feeling for the other side is pretty intense, and not comparable to anything, partly due to the location, and partly due to the play of heat and chill.

      However, the product doesn't seem to come off without actual washing. This means that if you don't fully clean up after you're done, it does leave a mild residue, and can lead to slight flakes later. These don't hurt, cause discomfort, or any real issue; but don't look particularly appealing.

      We also found that this can be applied basically anywhere, and the more sensitive the skin, the better. Nipples and lips can be quite good fun, and the mild fruity taste isn't bad at all.


      Apply to sensitive skin, the feeling lasts quite a while, and definitely good fun. Would heartily recommend.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Instant application, gratification, and works like a charm.
      The clean up.
      Bottom line
      Definitely a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a little addition.
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    1. Shunga's Dragon Virility is my Dream Cream

      Reviewed: July 13, 2011 by Arkadia, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I'm a female writing this from my own perspective, with notes from my male partner.

      I have heard only (very) good things about the Shunga line so I had unusually high expectations when getting it out of the box (any good reviewer will tell you preconceived notions about products are not conducive to non-biased reviews, but hey, I'm all about full disclosure). Let me preface with this: my unusually high expectations were met, exceeded and blown out of the water. I am in love. After our first encounter, I've vowed that for the rest of my life, Shunga's Dragon Virility Cream and I shall never be apart again. We are soul mates.

      Upon opening, you can't help but notice the beautiful and sturdily made box the product comes in. Heavy-duty high-gloss cardboard with top-quality art and classy font and text. It's fancy enough that you feel a little bit special opening it, you handle the box more carefully than you would a lesser product - just seeing the box lets you know you're onto some good stuff.

      Inside the box you'll find some simple but very helpful (and exciting) instructions, and the cream itself. The bottle is beautiful, matte-black thick plastic with a pretty design and more classy fonts emblazoned in white. It lists instructions for use on the back, as well as a list of ingredients (appreciated). The bottle is of the no-mess, no-leak kind, and enables you to easily dispense the exact amount of cream you desire.

      The front of the box opens to tell you a short anecdote about 'The Legend of the Dragon'. It then lists information about the product - it's made from all-natural herbs and extracts (great!), it's compatible with latex (also great!), it has a lubricated texture, a 'decadent' flavour, and a long-lasting 'Fire and Ice' sensation.

      Despite the Shunga name, I was more than a little apprehensive about this supposed Fire and Ice sensation. I have, for years now, been questing after the perfect 'sensation' cream. After experimenting with many 'warming' lubricants (including the big brands like KY Jelly) I have only been left with disappointment and an extremely painful burning sensation in my vagina (my boyfriend's penis concurs with my experiences). Literally every time. I then decided that cooling, or tingling, lubricants were more up my alley. I had better success with them (Durex's 'Tingle' lubricant, for instance) but was still left with minor irritation and less than satisfactory results. The words 'Fire' and 'sensation' when used with reference to my private parts invoke an immediate panic in me, as well as some cringing. So yes, it was with trepidation on both my part and my partner's that we applied the cream to our genitals.

      As soon as you open the bottle you are greeted with a wonderful smell. The best I can describe it as is a sort of fruity, herby bubblegum smell. There is no cheap or plasticky under-scent, it is simply lovely. I wouldn't be opposed to wearing some behind my ears. Before I could tell my partner whether or not it was supposed to be edible, the smell had drawn him to taste a dab of the cream. It is edible, and as my partner testified at that moment - it is delicious. Again, there is no kind of 'cheap' undertaste, like you might find in a flavoured lubricant or condom. It is one hundred percent wonderful with no undertaste, aftertaste or association of unpleasantness. It is minty and a little herby, tastes sweet, and if it weren't so expensive I would probably attempt to put it on some ice cream. After tasting you'll be able to experience the 'Fire and Ice' sensation in your mouth, it's a bit like eating a strong mint.

      The instructions tell you to apply a pea-sized amount of the cream on the glans of the penis as well as the front and back of the shaft. It massages in quickly and easily, and I'll admit to pouring on a bit more because the texture is very like the lubricant I use (Sliquid Silk) - soft, creamy, cool and white. Thus my brain insisted my partner's shaft should be slick with the stuff, instead of it massaging right in. Well, this isn't a lubricant, and you'll be fine just rubbing it in until it's gone without a trace. A small amount is fine, although I don't think there would be an issue with using 'too much' - at least I can't imagine there being painful repercussions like there may be with lesser sensation creams. As we were using a condom, I applied a little to my clitoris to make sure I got the full effects too, but I'm quite sure the cream penetrated satisfactorily through the condom because shortly after my partner entering me, my vagina became a wonderland.

      Sex with the Virility Cream has to be one of the most intense, pleasurable experiences I've had in my life. It is everything I've wished for all these years of searching for the perfect warming/tingling lubricants. There was zero pain or irritation for both my partner and me, though we were both on full alert for any sign of it after so many bad experiences. After we realised there was no pain about to ensue we were able to relax and enjoy the sensations in all their glory.

      And glory there was. I can't say I could distinguish feelings of fire and feelings of ice, but rather (and more pleasantly) I just felt undulating waves of lovely sensations, ebbing and flowing, intense one second, then humble, then next then my entire body would be awash with concentrated pleasure. The entire region was hypersensitive, I could feel everything, every little movement and swell, every feeling echoed and deepened. I don't think I've ever been so loud or incoherent during sex.

      My partner fared just as well. He echoed my sentiments just as enthusiastically, loudly and groaningly. He was especially impressed at the purity of the sensations, and the complete lack of irritation that accompanied something so powerful in its ability to enhance the sexual feeling. However, he said that it felt too good for him to feel it had much of a 'delay' effect, and I won't try to comment on the cream's delaying properties, as my partner and I have never had issue with this and I'm not sure what constitutes effective delaying properties.

      I would say the cream lasted about 45 minutes, or about fifteen minutes after we finished (it's a lovely after-sex feeling, to be 'buzzing' between your legs as you lounge happily in bed). There was no after-irritation or unpleasantness, and in fact, the smell (and even taste) lasts quite a while longer after the sensations go away, so there is a lovely bubblegum smell where there might otherwise have been an offensive latex or semen smell.

      Everything about this cream is amazing to me. It ticks all the boxes I have, and some boxes I had never even thought of. I will most certainly be using it for solo pleasure as well as sex, and recommend both males and females do the same. I honestly can't see a reason why anyone shouldn't own this and use it regularly other than the intimidating price, which I feel is more than worth it considering just how much it adds to the sexual experience. Absolutely worth its weight in gold, if you ask me.

      In short - the best sex aid I've ever tried. Everyone should try this. Everyone should own this. Single, partnered, multi-partnered - this will benefit everyone. I know from now on I'll never be without it. I love you, my Shunga Dragon Virility Cream.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Tastes, smells amazing. All the hot and cold sensations with NONE of the burning!
      They don't sell it in giant-sized bottles!
      Bottom line
      Perfect for enhancing solo and partner play - you won't find better.
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