1. Tera Patrick Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Fleshlight

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      1. Tera Patrick Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Fleshlight

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    1. Product Description

      This amazing stroker male masturbator is made from realistic SuperSkin to lavish the most lifelike sensations on your length with every stroke. Cast directly from the tight ass of World-renowned porn star, Tera Patrick, to enhance your anal sex fantasies.

      Undoubtedly one of the most famous faces and asses in porn, Tera Patrick has starred in excess of 100 porn films during a career spanning over 10 years. By lending her tight, peachy ass to this best male sex toy, you can now experience anal sex with a porn star and indulge in the incredibly lifelike sensations that are synonymous with the Fleshlight Girl name.

      Tera Patrick's realistic anus welcomes you through a super-tight entry that leads you into the Forbidden texture which uses undulating waves and comfortably-tight fit to simulate the pleasure of anal sex.

      Made from real feel SuperSkin, this Forbidden Fleshlight lavishes incredibly lifelike sensations along your length and a truly realistic feel with every thrust. The SuperSkin Fleshlight sleeve can also be immersed in warm water to bring it to body temperature or just enjoyed in the bath or shower to enhance your experience of one of the best male sex toys available.

      Contained within a Fleshlight Case, the Tera Patrick male masturbator can be safely and discreetly stored when not in use. The case also allows you to adjust suction levels by twisting the end cap, escalating your pleasure. Unscrew the end cap to decrease suction and screw it on tightly for intensely pleasurable suction.

      This sex toy for men is extremely easy to clean and care for. Wash the detachable Fleshlight sleeve with warm water and a sex toy cleaner, dry thoroughly and sprinkle with a little Fleshlight Renewer Powder to the keep the SuperSkin in pristine condition.

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    1. Buyer's Guide: How to Clean a Fleshlight

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      Take good care of your Fleshlight and you'll prolong the life of the realistic-feel material. Annabelle Knight explains how to keep your Fleshlight feeling like new. Read more: How to Clean a Fleshlight.

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    1. Perfect

      Reviewed: May 25, 2013 by RexTheDog, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Some things will always remain a mystery: How were the pyramids built? Why does the wind blow? And how can something barely more than a piece of rubber deliver such exquisite pleasure? We may never know…

      The Tera Patrick Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Fleshlight is designed to replicate the deliciously tight sensations of anal sex. The toy comes well packaged with a free sachet of lube and construction is top-notch throughout. This Fleshlight may be a little more expensive than some other toys but there's no question that you're getting a premium product. On the other hand, it all seems so simple: a soft, textured rubber sleeve in a plastic case. How can it possibly deliver such intense orgasms? How can it possibly deliver such pleasure? To be honest, it's all a bit of a mystery, but it does. And then some…

      As you slip inside, you're greeted with a delightful tightness: a pleasing resistance that invites you to thrust in deeper. Many male masturbators are too tight and do their best to forcibly squeeze an orgasm out of you but the Fleshlight strikes the balance just right: always tight enough to be interesting but never so tight as to feel unnatural or forced. As you slip in deeper, the Fleshlight opens up to allow the penis to swell and fill out the rest of the canal. The interior of the canal is gently ribbed and the ribs gently tease the head of the penis to deliver wave after wave of knee-trembling pleasure with each stroke. If you want more or less suction, just twist the cap on the end.

      Perhaps the best thing about this Fleshlight (and Fleshlights in general) is how it slows everything down. While there's always enough stimulation to be satisfying, there's never so much that it's over before it started. If you're used to quickly bashing one out in a couple of minutes, you're probably rushing and missing out on a lot of pleasure. With a Fleshlight, it's far harder to rush: they somehow keep you right in the pleasure zone just before orgasm and when you do come to orgasm, it's a powerful, breathless affair. Everything builds gradually to a deeply satisfying, full-body release. It's amazing.

      There's no need for every session to take hours though and you can always speed up if you're looking for a quickie.

      I found the Tera Patrick Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Fleshlight to be slightly quieter than the other Fleshlights I've owned and this is great news if you're privacy conscious and living with other people: it's a pretty quiet toy.

      After you're done, the clean up is easy: run it under hot soapy water and let it dry.

      The Tera Patrick Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Fleshlight delivers slightly more stimulation than the Pink Lady or Pink Mouth (which some may find a little tame) and, while some may prefer the more delicate sensations of these toys, it's hard to imagine that anyone could be disappointed with the Tera Patrick model. I also found it to be a far better fit than some other toys that I've used in the past: my penis is of an average size and I found the TENGA Onacup and the Pipedream Luv Touch stroker to be far too tight. One piece of advice is to ensure that you invest in a high quality water-based lube and don't be scared to use plenty: keeping the Fleshlight properly lubed up can make all the difference between an ordinary session and a great one.

      Who's it for? Everyone. It's hard to think of a more perfect male toy. The Fleshlight is soft and stretchy enough to accommodate penises both big and small and can deliver amazing orgasms to all of them. This is a great introduction to the Fleshlight range and if you've never used a Fleshlight before, it'll blow you away.

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      8 out of 10
      Material & Build Quality:
      10 out of 10
      Ease of Use:
      10 out of 10
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      0 out of 10
      Orgasm Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Delivers powerful, satisfying orgasms.
      Does need lots of lube.
      Bottom line
      Wonderful. Absolutely perfect.
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