1. Touché Body Slide Erotic Massage Kit

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      1. Touché Body Slide Erotic Massage Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Explore uninhibited erotic massage or lubed-up wrestling with your lover without getting oil on the sheets with this versatile massage kit. Included is bottle of dilutable massage lube and an inflatable mat with raised sides to contain the slippery fun.

      Enjoy the sexually-charged sensations of skin against skin, gliding without inhibition with this versatile play kit. Sex is more satisfying when it's wet and this massage set allows you to get messy with the promise of a quick clean up.

      Unlike massage oils, the included massage lotion is water-based, easy-to-clean, suitable for your most intimate areas and scent free.

      The highly concentrated solution is diluted with water with an 80ml bottle making up to 5 litres of massage lotion. For best results, mix the massage lotion as required to prevent waste and wave goodbye to the mess oils make.

      The included mat features inflatable sides to prevent any of the massage liquid dripping off and ensuring your soft furnishes stay clean and dry during play.

      Large enough to cover a kingsize bed, the mat measures 160cm wide x 200cm tall.

      Presented in a beautiful gift bag.

      Massage lube ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium, Polyacrylate, Oxidized Polyethylene, Propylene Glycol, Chlorheidine, Ethylparaben

      Key Features:

      • Bedroom massage kit to take your slippery play to new heights
      • Includes an inflatable king-sized play mat with raised edge and concentrated massage oil solution
      • Dilute the 80ml bottle of massage lotion to make a whopping 5 litres of slippery lube
      • Raised sides mean you can get as wet as you like while keeping the mess contained
      • Mat measures 160cm x 200cm once inflated
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      1. Touché Body Slide Erotic Massage Kit
      2. Touché Body Slide Erotic Massage Kit

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    1. Perfect for those Wet and Wild Times

      Reviewed: April 5, 2016 by SubmissiveRubber, a Straight Engaged Male

      We purchased this item a couple of years ago, so I think it's been used enough to warrant this review.

      The quality is top and keeps everything outside of it dry, which is the number one idea.

      Obviously you do need to be careful if using sharp objects nearby. Still working as intended, and I'm sure it will for years to come.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Does exactly what you want.
      Bottom line
      Perfect to keep surroundings dry.
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    1. Perfect for watersports and sploshing

      Reviewed: April 2, 2016 by Belisha B

      I was immediately impressed with this product as it comes in a beautiful satchel-shaped carry case/storage box with a ribbon handle. I'd purchased it for watersports, rather than a PVC bedsheet, because having had some experience I knew the raised sides would be invaluable - with a fitted or flat sheet, mess can run off.

      So if you plan to make enough of a mess to not just need to protect underneath you, this is the way to go! I agree with another reviewer that it is difficult to inflate with lungpower. However, even uninflated, if you just tape the raised sides around a wall or a bed etc., it will work to contain mess.

      I did get it back in the box again after use, but I didn't inflate it, so perhaps that is why another reviewer had trouble storing it back in - some air may have remained inside. The final bonus to this product is that to my relief, it is large enough for adults to lie down in!

      Unlike the paddling pool that I bought for sploshing/wrestling, this one covers a king-size bed in surface area. It comes with a little bottle of highly diluted lube as well. Very content with this worthwhile purchase!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous packaging; durable construction; king size.
      Difficult to inflate.
      Bottom line
      Essential gear for watersports, sploshing, and oil wrestling aficionados!
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    1. Slip and slide

      Reviewed: January 25, 2015 by Purring-Pussy, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I had been furiously saving my Oh! points to purchase the Touche Body Slide Erotic Massage Kit, for some delicious debauchery with some lady friends.

      The mat comes in an elegant box and a bottle of massage oil, which you dilute with water. You need a pump to inflate the sides, unless you have epic lung power. As I didn't have a pump, it took four of us to inflate it!!

      I placed the mat on a large floor area. The mat is quite big, and I managed to get 3 ladies on it, lying side by side. I then proceeded to cover them in jelly, squirty cream, popping candy, chocolate sauce and marshmellows. Then the fun began, with each of us nibbling and licking each othe'rs body. We had the massage oil made up in a small bucket with warm water, which we introduced after the food fun. The oil was great fun, slippery and sensual on the skin. Massaged into each other, while sliding about on the mat and having some erotic fun.

      The inflatable sides kept the oil and food mess safely on the mat without spilling onto the carpet. We did have towels to step onto, once we got off the mat.

      The Touche Body Slide Erotic Massage Kit proved to be a huge winner with the ladies. The mat is durable and fun to use. After play, I popped the mat in the shower and sprayed it down with antibac and wiped clean with the help of the shower, then hung it over the shower rail to dry.

      Can't fit the mat back into the box, sadly, so it is folded up and stored in a plastic box until next time.

      A great piece of kit, for massaging, sploshing/WAM, squirters and watersports fans. It really is a great addition to anyone's play kit.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good size, easy to clean and store.
      Difficult to inflate with lung power. Pump needed!
      Bottom line
      Perfect for any type of messy play.
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