1. ElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set

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      EM60 Flick is a rechargeable power unit that fits in the palm of your hand, revolutionising your electrosex play. This bumper pack also includes ElectraPads, an Aura Probe, ElectraLoops and conductive gel to give you a thrilling intro to ElectraStim.

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      1. ElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set

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    1. Product Description

      EM60 Flick is a rechargeable power unit that fits in the palm of your hand, revolutionising your electrosex play. This bumper pack also includes ElectraPads, an Aura Probe, ElectraLoops and conductive gel to give you a thrilling intro to ElectraStim.

      If you're new to electrostimulation and want to sample all of the delights it has to offer, this multipack provides you with everything you need to enjoy varied play solo or with a partner. Delight in the thrill of internal and external tingles, pulsations and tickles care of the 3 included electrodes and the EM60 Flick power unit.

      Each box includes:

      - ElectraStim EM60 Flick power unit

      - ElectraLoops adjustable cock rings

      - ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Silicone Noir Aura Probe

      - 4 x ElectraPads self-adhesive conductive pads

      - 60ml ElectraStim conductive gel

      - USB charger

      - 1 x connecting wire with 2 x 2mm pins

      - 1 x Pjur Aqua lubricant sample

      - ElectraStim presentation box

      The ElectraStim EM60-M Flick is an advancement in electrosex technology. Not only does it look more stylish and modern, it has a few other improvements to set it apart from the original power units:

      - 24 intensity settings compared to 18 on the original power units. Take intensity from a barely-there tickle, to a thrilling tingle to firm stimulation.

      - Rechargeable via USB instead of battery powered.

      - Smaller and thinner with a more ergonomic layout.

      - Motion-activated Flick function for an interactive experience.

      Perfectly sized for handheld control, the slimline unit measures just 3.8 inches long and 0.75 inches high with the look and feel of a petite remote. A single output allows you to connect 1 bi-polar or 2 uni-polar toys at a time using the included connecting cable.

      Control is intuitive thanks to the ergonomic layout, even in the throes of passion. Powering on and off with an individual button, you can instantly stop play when you're satisfied. Separate buttons allow you to increase and decrease intensity and a fourth button changes stimulation to a pattern.

      Experience unique stimulation with each setting and each electro sex toy, giving you a huge variety of combinations to explore. Take stimulation from a barely-there tickle to a thrilling tingle or a firm and fierce buzz one step at a time. 24 different intensity levels give you maximum control over 7 electrostimulation functions:

      - Continuous stimulation

      - Slow pulsation

      - Quick pulsation

      - Long pulsation

      - Long pulsations which transform into quick pulses

      - A quickening pulse that leads to a continuous pulse

      - Alternation between slow and fast pulsations.

      An exciting new Flick function translates motion into stimulation, transforming your play. Working in sync with a stroking action, stimulation intensifies as your stroke becomes more vigorous. Activated by holding down the pattern button for 3 seconds, Flick starts off gently but can be amped up using the + and - intensity buttons.

      The included electrodes offer a variety of shared and solo stimulations and can be mixed and matched to suit your desires.

      ElectraPads are uni-polar, self-adhesive conductive pads with an incorporated gel to help conduct electricity. Place both below the waist for solo stimulation or enjoy shared tingles wherever you touch when you both wear a single pad.

      Internal thrills come courtesy of the T-Bar Probe. Suitable for both vaginal and anal use, this petite bi-polar electrode measures just 3 inches in insertable length and has a slimline girth of 3.45 inches, making it ideal for beginners.

      ElectraLoops are especially for him and can be worn around the penis and scrotum. These uni-polar loops combine with the included conductive gel to lavish his length with hands-free stimulation that could bring him to orgasm without any assistance.

      A set of instructions is included to guide you through your play to help you make the most out of this extensive electroplay gift set.

    1. Power and speed

      • Power Type: Rechargeable

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    1. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set

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      If you're new to electrostimulation and want to sample all of the delights it has to offer, this multipack provides you with everything you need to enjoy varied play solo or with a partner.

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    Customer Reviews

    ElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (14 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Don't think about it, get it

      Reviewed: January 1, 2016 by janar

      Looked at getting one of these for a few months before suggesting to my good women, and having finally plucked up the courage, the order arrived with the speed I have come to expect from Lovehoney.

      Once everybody else was out the house I ripped open the plain packaging to find a well boxed item. It was like opening a top class phone. Definitely gave the impression of a quality toy. Put it on to charge with the enclosed cable. (This cable is only about 6 inches, so you might want to get a longer one.) This needs to be via a sub-socket on you PC, or a plug with a sub-socket. The socket on the unit itself is a mini USB, which is different to the micro USB found on most modern phones, so couldn’t use my phone charger to charge. Luckily we have another phone chargers where the cable to plugs into the plug. Charging took about three hours, and according to the instructions a full charge will last 6 hours.

      The kit included a special lube to help conductivity, but is for external use only, although we didn’t find we needed it. For internal use, don’t use silicone-based lubes, as they insulate, so water-based lubes only. Also came with a good supply of cleaning wipes.

      First to be put into use were the loops. These were easily fitted and adjusted, the cable pins from the main unit just slide into the end of each loop. With some trepidation I switched the unit on. At first felt nothing, but once the power was slowly cranked up you could feel the tingle travel between the two loops. You with need to play with the power and pattern settings to find what works for you. Using the controls is easy and intuitive. When you do find the right combination, it is like nothing I have experienced before. It was like being on the point of no return, but being held at that point. My whole groin seemed to twitch. Didn’t bring me to orgasm the first time, but has since.

      Next up, she wanted to try the plug. Easily set up, the prongs from the main lead fit snugly into the base. This had an effect far better we could have ever hoped for. The tingling and pulsing brought her to orgasm again and again. The plug does slip out slightly with the force of pulsing muscles, but holding it in place was no hardship. I’m told on the pulse setting; it feels like it's actually thrusting in and out. This is defiantly like no other toy we have used.

      Similar results were found by using the pads, these are easily applied and removed, although might want to ensure that when use place the pads you avoid hairs, or shave beforehand. The pads can be reused a number of times.

      Another option you can try is the plug and a pad together. This also works wonders. Once again with good results. Fitting a pad to each person is also mind-blowing. Wherever you first make contact the other person the area will tingle and throb. Just make sure you are in contact before switching on, or you get a bit of a zap (nothing to bad).

      We haven’t tried all the combinations you can do with this kit, but the combinations are two pads together, the two loops together, and the plug by itself. The plug with a loop or a pad. A pad and a loop together. And the plug can be used analy as well. When using two items. They can be used on different people so the fun is shared, whereever you touch.

      I wasn’t sure about buying this kit, let’s face it, it’s not cheap. But if you think as each accessory as its own toy, its cost seems more acceptable. If you have been thinking about getting one of these, do it. This is not for those quick spontaneous sessions, but taking you time with produce fantastic mind-blowing results. We are hooked. She’s already looking at the 7-inch dildo attachment!

      This is the longest review I’ve have written for anything, but this is no ordinary gadget. In case you haven’t got the point: best toy ever.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Earth-shattering orgasms.
      Cost. Pins slipped out of loops a few times.
      Bottom line
      Should have bought one sooner.
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    1. Different and Exciting

      Reviewed: September 5, 2015 by krash73, a Straight Married Male

      I have just received this product and so my usage has been minimal.

      So far I have to say I am preferring this to standard vibrating products. I have been experimenting with different locations and achieving all kinds of results.

      Combining certain positions with full power can be very intense and satisfying. Equally it can be very painful so I found just turned it down a notch or two to return to the pleasure zone.

      I have only tried the rings so far but I hope to introduce the pads and plug real soon. Can't wait!!!

      Some might consider it a bit fiddly but it is well worth the effort. You can even combine this with other vibrating products to really turn up the pleasure volume.

      The quality of the product is very high and seems to be very durable.

      Great value because of the versatility of usage.

      Buy one you will not be disappointed :-)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Bottom line
      Fantastic, versatile and great value
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    1. Excellent bit of kit

      Reviewed: June 10, 2015 by donjuan, a Straight Going Steady Male

      After watching some videos on hands-free orgasms, I decided to purchase one of these kits. Am I glad I did.

      Item arrived in the usual plain packaging, thanks to Lovehoney, by far the best company I've dealt with so far when it comes to customer satisfaction. Anyway, it comes with a nice carry pouch and all the attachments to use straight away. As soon as I received it had to go and check it out.

      Quite easy to set up. Even a child could figure it out, so on with the conductive gel and on with the loops. One behind the head and one at the base of my cock and switched on.

      I increased the power setting and boy. I was impressed. The unit has 7 modes, some of which are really nice, and some at higher power settings are just downright criminal in the hands of the missus. Started off with continuous and soon I was hard as a rock and really glad I had made the purchase.

      While I didn't have a HFO the first time I used it, I have had one every other time I used it and it really is fantastic. Should have bought one of these years ago. Mode 1 and mode 2 are the ones that get me off using the loops, and I don't think I've ever cum as hard and for as long in my life. Lads, you really need to buy one of these. They are amazing.

      Now onto the other modes. These can be very painful if you give control to someone else, as they are short bursts of electricity and can make you do the most unusual faces, which the missus gets a great laugh out of, and has brought another side of the woman out that I did not know about. Glad about that as well lol.

      I've experimented with the pads placing them in various locations and they can give great sensations while having sex, but whatever you do, don't pull one off while the unit is powered up or you will get a nasty shock. They must be in full contact or it gets painful.

      Onto the plug. Excellent quality these things are. Really soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods, and boy do they give off a nice tingling if you put it where it hurts.

      The only thing I would like to change on this kit is a rotary power knob instead of the incremental buttons, and if you could adjust the frequency of the modes, but guess that they make an EM140, which I'm saving up for at the moment such is the affinity I have gained from electro stimulation.

      So, guys, listen to me. Go out and buy one quick before they are made illegal. Life's too boring without it. Thank you Lovehoney and thank you ElectraStim.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      What it did to my wife - she's cruel in control.
      Bottom line
      Excellent bit of kit.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes