1. Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator

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      A pocket-sized clitoral vibrator with insane power, the Sqweel Go features a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns to lick your clitoris into an orgasmic frenzy. USB rechargeable, oral sex simulation is yours whenever you please.

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      1. Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator

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    1. Product Description

      A pocket-sized clitoral vibrator with insane power, the Sqweel Go features a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns to lick your clitoris into an orgasmic frenzy. USB rechargeable, oral sex simulation is yours whenever you please.

      Reach for the water-based lube, give the eager-to-please, flexible tongues a generous coating of the good stuff and prepare for lift off. Oral sex with the thrilling addition of 3 powerful speeds and 3 patterns of vibration, plus 10 tongues that never stop is all yours, on tap.

      USB rechargeable for pleasure that doesn't run out of power, simply plug your Sqweel Go into your laptop, computer or USB mains plug and charge for 2 hours for up to 1 hour of play.

      Top tip: Use your Sqweel Go anywhere you like to be licked, including your nipples, perineum (boys can have fun too) or anus.

      Key Features:

      • USB rechargeable pocket-sized oral sex simulator for women
      • Features a wheel of 10 mini silicone tongues to lick and caress your clitoris
      • Enjoy 3 powerful speeds and 3 patterns - light shudders, intense pulsations, fast licks
      • Charge for 2 hours for up to 1 hour of play time
      • 100% waterproof
      • Fantastic for oral pleasure wherever you go in the world - simply charge and play!
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 3 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Silicone
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Duration: 60 minutes

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    1. Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator

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      This teeny-tiny clitoral toy has a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns for incredible sensations. The Sqweel Go Oral Sex Simulator for women is USB rechargeable for oral pleasure on demand!

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    Customer Reviews

    Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator 7 out of 10 7 out of 10 (106 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: June 19, 2015 by Teapot, a Straight Married Female

      I had been after one of these ever since I heard about them, and boy I wasn't disappointed when I received it!

      I was a little wary that it wouldn't match up as usually I enjoy vibrations, but I still couldn't resist and had to buy one. I am so glad I did. What a brilliant little toy. The little tongues are soft and flexible, so when lubed up are not too harsh and the different patterns it has soon get you going!

      It is great used on your own for a bit of "me time" or used as a couple. My partner likes to mix it up by using this and doing it himself, which is fab as it mixes the sensations up and leads to an amazing orgasm, especially when he does both at the same time!

      It is such a tiny little thing it would be perfect to take away on a romantic getaway. It is so easy to use and to recharge. I still haven't tested how waterproof it is, but it looks like it will stand up to the test very well! Very, very, very impressed with this product. A must-have!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Absolutely everything.
      Bottom line
      An amazing toy!
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    1. Had me Sqweel-ing with delight

      Reviewed: April 23, 2015 by myghost, a Straight Single Female

      I got the Sqweel Go a while back when it was on offer, after eyeing it up for a long time and being curious about its wheel of tongues and if it could come close to replicating oral sex.

      It comes in very high quality, almost excessive packaging in comparison to the size of the Sqweel with a charging cable and instruction booklet.

      My reasons for picking the Sqweel Go over the Sqweel 2 wasn't to do with rechargeable over batteries but size. The 2 even if rechargeable would have been too bulky for my small hands whereas the Go is a much more nicer size.

      I opted for the purple made of hard plastic with a wheel of ten tiny silicone tongues. The Sqweel Go is a beautifully made toy with the exception of one thing the charging port. It's not clear you place the charger directly in to the tiny bit of silicone on the base. I spent ages trying to pull the silicone bit out before trying to put the charger straight in which worked.

      Being USB and fairly conspicuous, plugging it in the computer to charge may not be the best option. I charge mine via a USB plug to be discreet. After a couple of hours the blue light in the base goes out to indicate it's charged. A full charge will give you an hour or so's play time.

      Lubing up for playtime. How you go about it is up to you. I really would recommend it or the silicone tongues will drag and that doesn't feel nice. What I do is lube myself up first. Any remaining on my finger(s) I smear over the tongues, then I add a touch extra lube to the tongues and set to work, putting more lube on myself if needed.

      The Sqweel Go has 6 settings 3 speeds and 3 patterns of pulsation and escalation, all of which I find pretty quiet. I always use the Go pre-bath/shower so as when either are running it's more or less silent.

      When you use it for the first time it does feel a bit weird, as you get used to it, it does a fair job at replicating oral sex. When I'm using my Go I like to press the button and work my way through all 6 settings. The tongues don't have much power behind them, so on first use I wasn't convinced it would do much for me. One thing to note is you shouldn't apply pressure, it will just slow the tongues down. On the lowest speed setting they almost grind to a halt. You need to be just touching your clitoris so they are flicking you.

      Using the Sqweel Go I start on low and usually work through all the settings, alternating which way round I have the Go. So power button facing towards or away from me by the time I reach the escalation mode, I'm fit to burst. This toy never fails to leave me Sqweel-ing with delight.

      My only criticism is the escalation mode could be a few seconds longer. I sometimes feel with out those extra seconds I'm not able to reach my full Sqweel-tastic potential unless I edge myself. In-spite of that, the Go has rapidly become one of my favourite toys.

      Clean-up does look like it could be tricky, but really it's not thanks to the Go being waterproof. What I do is turn the Sqweel on to medium or fast speed run it under a hot tap spritz on toy cleaner rinse it. I do also run the Sqweel on full speed to spin off the excess water from cleaning.

      While the Sqweel Go has some niggling issues, the big issue and one that afflicts every rechargeable toy is that mood killer moment mid-session when it dies or you fancy a spontaneous session only to find it's dead. You then have to wait for it to charge.

      I am aware the Sqweel's have a Marmite reputation. Much like Marmite, I love this toy. It never fails to get me sqweeling.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Petite size, Wheel of tongues. Rechargeable.
      Charging port not obvious.
      Bottom line
      Great if you enjoy oral or just want to an idea of what it's like.
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    1. Oh yeahhhhhh

      Reviewed: March 22, 2015 by delilahxx, a Straight Single Female

      As someone who has been single for way too long, I really missed oral sex. I mean really, really missed it! There is only so much dildos and vibrators can do. Although they can do some really amazing things, they are nothing like a tongue. Not even close.

      So when I saw the original Sqweel I just had to have it. But it wasn't a great buy, to be honest, too bulky, noisy and didn't do much. Then the Sqweel Go came out, and it's so cute looking, rechargeable, and altogether just has more potential. I couldn't wait to buy it and when it was on Deal of the Day I jumped at the chance.

      In the end it took me almost a year to even get it out of the box, I just kept thinking it was going to be another disappointment. Eventually I decided I really had to try it, and unpacked it.

      The packaging is almost as cute as the toy itself, pink and white with the toy on display, so you can't wait to get your hands on it. Inside the box is your new toy and the charging cable, no storage bag with this. The Sqweel Go is so dinky! It feels so small in my hand and is just so cute. I was hoping it would do amazing things for me.

      To charge it you have to push the end of the charger through the white plastic plug that covers the socket. This took me a while to work out. I thought the plug would come out, but it doesn't! It feels so wrong to push it through there, because that is what will be keeping it waterproof. I wonder once you've charged it numerous times if it will still stay waterproof, I guess only time will tell.

      My Sqweel Go charged in about 2 hours, there is a blue light that comes on when charging and this light goes off once it's ready. To get it ready to use you need to lube all the little tongues up. I found it easiest to squeeze a little lube onto the tongues and use my fingers to rub it all over. I tried putting lube on my hand and turning it on to get the lube on the tongues that way. But to turn it off I always seem to make it go faster and the lube sprays everywhere!

      It's a good idea to lube yourself up too, because without enough lube it drags, which doesn't feel so good, and can make everything sore. There is one button to press and scroll through the settings, starting with the constant vibrations. The first constant vibration is pretty rubbish. Mine sounds as if it's going to stop at any second. But the other 2 are much faster, and are perfect for lots of pleasure. The 3 patterns are good for teasing, but I love the last pattern. It's a really good one for getting almost there and then stopping! Then press and hold down the button to turn off.

      In use, I was really pleased that not only did it feel much nicer than the original Sqweel, it actually made me cum, and didn't take too long either. The feeling of 10 tongues lapping at your clit is an out of this world experience, and one I highly recommend! It's important not to press too hard when using it, otherwise it will stop. I found it easy not to press too hard with the Sqweel Go, it just seemed natural not to. Maybe because it's so small and delicate, and easier to hold than the original.

      In use I think it's fairly noisy, but not off-putting. Under the duvet mutes it enough for me. You can use the Sqweel Go with the tongues either way, depending on your preference. The tongues facing away does feel a bit weird to me, and so I generally only use it with the tongues facing me. I find I need to charge mine before each use otherwise it just isn't powerful enough, which is a bit of a pain. I don't know if this is the same for all of them, maybe I just have a dud one.

      In the bath this is amazing! Under the water it isn't so great as it is hard to feel all the tongues, although it does go as fast in the water as it does out of the water. I angled it so it was half in/half out of the water and this meant I could feel all the tongues, with the bonus of water splashing up and over my clit. Made for lots of intense orgasms, really recommend you try that!

      It's pretty hard to clean with all the little tongues needing attention. But as it's waterproof it does make the job a little easier. And for all the pleasure it gives I don't mind too much at the extra effort needed.

      It really is a great toy that does feel somewhat like oral sex. Obviously nothing is going to be as good as the real thing, but this does come close. The Sqweel Go really has to be experienced as this toy is like no other!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      The 10 little tongues feel amazing. And it looks cute too.
      Needs charging before each use to be powerful enough.
      Bottom line
      A unique toy, that really should be experienced. Orgasmic!
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