1. Maia Porpora Swirly 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo

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      Enjoy the luxurious ribbing that ripples across this strokably soft silicone dildo. Subtly curved to focus on your G-spot, the shaft's boldly bulbous head and girthy, waved length offer intense internal stimulation.

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      1. Maia Porpora Swirly 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Enjoy the luxurious ribbing that ripples across this strokably soft silicone dildo. Subtly curved to focus on your G-spot, the shaft's boldly bulbous head and girthy, waved length offer intense internal stimulation.

      The strong flared suction cup base opens up the possibility for adventurous hands-free play, solo or with a partner.

      Slide onto 7.5 inches of firm and erect insert length with the addition of water-based lubricant and fire up your senses for an intense orgasm.

      Key Features:

      • Textured silicone dildo
      • Curved to pleasure the G-spot
      • 7.5 inches of insertable length
      • Girthy and stimulating ribbed shaft
      • Flared suction cup base
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 8.25 inches
      • Insertable Length: 7.5 inches
      • Circumference: 5.5 inches
      • Base diameter: 3.5
      • Oring diameter: 1.75 inches
      • Base type: Flared with Suction
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Silicone
      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No

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    1. Maia Porpora Swirly 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo

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      Enjoy the luxurious ripples across this strokably soft silicone dildo. Subtly curved to focus on your G-spot, the shaft's boldly bulbous head and girthy, waved length offer intense internal stimulation.

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    Customer Reviews

    Maia Porpora Swirly 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo 9 out of 10 9 out of 10 (18 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. 7.5 inches of ridged, purple heaven

      Reviewed: September 20, 2015 by Kittycat102, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I'm not sure when I saw this but I was browsing silicone dildos as I wanted a change from the usual glass and this one caught my eye. The ridges looked amazing and the colour was in my favourite: purple! So I was sold on it. I was not disappointed at all.

      Packaging: I was surprised by the packaging at first because for one, it was not the same packaging shown in the product video and secondly, it just looked so nice and I felt like I was getting a luxury toy. The box is white with multicoloured tiny blocks of squares down the side and there's a see through 'window' to display the toy in all its beauty. Which trust me when I say this, it is beautiful looking.

      Inside the box, the dildo is in a plastic mould and also in the mould is a storage bag (yay!), and two leaflets. The storage bag was a really nice surprise and oh my god does it feel luxurious. It's a drawstring bag, pinkish purple in colour and the strings are lilac. The bag feels like such good quality, it's stretchy and really soft, no roughness or scratchiness at all.

      The two leaflets are a little strange and I was confused by them. One of them is instructions on how to use a vibrator by Maia which was odd as I didn't purchase a vibrator. The other leaflet is like a colour chart. All the Maia products are shown in the leaflet and depending on what colour the toy is, it means something. Like purple means 'royal'... I didn't understand the point to it but whatever. Moving on.

      How the toy feels and looks: As I previously mentioned, this toy is utterly beautiful. The purple is so deep and attractive, I love it. It feels divine as well, the silicone is extremely soft, like softer than any other silicone products I've felt. It doesn't have any marks or imperfections on it at all and it just feels amazing in your hands.

      I find it odd that this toy is described as 'swirly'. These aren't swirls. These are goddamn ridges. They're quite pronounced and feel amazing to the touch.

      The thing I was concerned about, though, was the girth. I wasn't expecting it to look so big in person but it really does so I was definitely wondering how I was going to get on with this toy.

      The head on this toy is quite different. It's not exactly tapered and it's not bulbous or anything like that. It does look very slightly penis shaped but not really. I'm not sure how to describe the head of it.

      I was surprised to find that this dildo is really firm. It's got a slight flex to the base and to head but it's mostly really firm. Not something I thought many silicone toys were like but I prefer toys to be firm so it's not something that put me off.

      The only 'imperfection' on the toy is the seam. I really loathe seams on toys but it's no big deal as long as you can feel it during use. Which I couldn't with this toy so, win win!

      How the toy feels during use: As this toy is quite girthy, I used a lot of water based lubricant with it first. Inserting it was mildly uncomfortable (my vagina is quite small and tight) but it did pop in after using some firm pressure.

      It didn't hurt once it was in and the ridges didn't poke my pubic bone, it just felt snug. I let it rest there for a little while to get used to it and just used a clitoral vibrator to warm myself up. I know, I should have warmed myself up before but I was really impatient to use it.

      While I was warming myself up, I noticed that the dildo stayed cold the entire time. Like the silicone wasn't warming up to my body temperature. I found this unusual since the other silicone toys I have warm up pretty quickly. But this just stayed cold.

      I know for a lot of people, they would not enjoy this at all. But for me, I loved it. I can feel the toy a lot more if it's cold and it's a nice sensation.

      I didn't thrust with this toy the first few times I used it, I just clenched my muscles around it. And holy heaven, the ridges just caress along my vaginal walls and my G-spot, sending me into euphoria. It's literally amazing, I might even go so far as to say it's better than glass.

      But I have thrusted with it a few times and the ridges are so intense, it's absolutely amazing. I love it. This toy always brings me to an earth shattering climax and I use it every single time I want to masturbate.

      The only thing that I didn't like about this dildo is that it hurts a little bit to remove because the head is a slightly odd shape and it stays quite firmly in place inside me so I have to tug it, but other than that, I think it's perfect.

      The last thing is that the suction cup works perfectly. Some other reviewers said the suction cup is too weak but I didn't find that. I stuck it to some surfaces in my room and it stays completely in place and it doesn't move around when pushed either.

      Verdict: This dildo has become one of my toy box favourites. I honestly didn't think it would be something I'd use all the time because of its size and I need a lot of lubricant to use it but it's just so damn good that I can't help but use it every single time.

      I think for some people, it might not be ideal because of the girth and the ridges might make it too intense for some people or it might just be too intense to use frequently for everyone.

      I think you should purchase it if you love textured toys, girth and intense stimulation.

      For people who want a toy more on the smaller side, a little more slimline and with not too little texture, then maybe this toy isn't right for you. But seriously, just give it a try, I don't think you'll regret it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Colour. Gorgeous feeling silicone. The ridges. Intense stimulation.
      A bit uncomfortable to insert and remove.
      Bottom line
      7.5 inches of ridged, purple heaven.
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    1. She loves it

      Reviewed: May 10, 2015 by Milfbandit, a Straight Married Male

      This one is the real deal.

      It's smooth. Has a really good feel and is just the right size.

      Not too big, but has plenty of girth and ridges that had her moaning and groaning in less than 1 minute!

      Was used with plenty of lube, and the wife was very pleased with it.

      It's very easy to clean and is a great addition to our collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      The smoothness.
      Bottom line
      Ten out of ten.
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    1. Sleeping policeman of sex toys

      Reviewed: April 7, 2015 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      My favourite dildo died recently (RIP, Mr Stryker, lol) and I was lucky enough to catch this Maia Porpora Swirly 7.5 inch Silicone Dildo in the fantastic Lovehoney sale.

      As can be seen on the product page, the packaging is clean and simple. Oddly enough, I find it way more appealing than the packaging of another dildo I received recently, even though both are white and have massive pictures of the products on the front. But this dildo isn’t realistic like the other one is, so maybe I prefer this for that reason.

      Inside, the Swirly sits in a plastic cradle with an info leaflet and a purple bag. This bag isn’t satiny like many are, it feels like a silky woven thing, and the dildo slips in and out with absolute ease. My favourite bag so far.

      The Swirly itself feels lovely to the touch, the purple silicone is soft, but the toy isn’t. It’s weighty in the hand, making it feel like something substantial, and though it does have a flex, it isn’t much of a one. The suction cup isn’t the strongest I’ve ever come across and it does lose its grip altogether during vigorous use.

      The Swirly has to be up there in my top ten for toy shapes. The straight up and down options don’t do much for me unless they’re glass, so I really do prefer bumps, nubs and ridges. I think the term ‘waved’ is a little misleading here.

      Waved suggests soft curves, which this toy does not have. It’s pretty much the sleeping policeman of sex toys. Each ridge is massively pronounced and no matter how hard you go at it, you never lose that. The sensations remain distinct and you can feel the exact shape for every second of your ride.

      Though I love this toy, my first experience with it was a bust. I took it in the bath and (telling you this in the spirit of full disclosure) once the lube washed away - I only use water-based lube so I’m talking seconds - trying to remove the whole 7.5 inches of draggy silicone from my vagina was like trying to remove a dry tampon in the desert. It was horrendously painful and it completely ruined my playtime, so take a care if using it in water.

      My next adventure was on dry land, and I have to say this is the point where I fell in love with this thing. We used it in the same way I use my favourite glass dildo - my OH holding it while I got on all fours and backed onto it. Those ‘waves’ felt utterly fantastic and the bulbous head was pretty much made for G-spot stimulation. It’s pretty rigid, so I didn’t even have to work all that hard to find the pressure I needed to get off.

      Next we tried using it while I wore a jiggly butt plug. I don’t know if the butt plug was just too big or maybe both toys were too firm, but the waves didn’t feel good at all, so the butt plug went the journey and we used the Swirly anally instead. Mind. Blown.

      I’ve learned that I actually prefer using toys anally these days, and this dildo hasn’t changed my mind. It was just on the right side of painful and the result of less than ten minutes of play was a thigh-shaking orgasm that made me call time. I couldn’t take anymore.

      Though it’s completely submersible, cleaning the Swirly isn’t as easy as you would imagine. I clean most toys twice (a wash in soapy water then a spray with sex toy cleaner), but once this dried there was an odd whitish-grey residue in places. I don’t know if this was maybe from the condom we used for anal, but it was there and I didn’t like it. It washed off with a rinse, though, so it’s not the end of the world.

      As for recommendations, I would advise a beginner to look at something smaller. Though it’s not the biggest dildo we have, the ridges combined with the girth certainly make it feel like it is, and I reckon it could be painful enough to put some folk right off. But to the more experienced dildo shopper, I wouldn’t hesitate to nudge them in this direction as there’s nothing about it not to love.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Smooth silicone, well proportioned size and intensely pronounced ridges.
      The odd residue after cleaning was disturbing and the suction cup is weak.
      Bottom line
      Amazing for anal/vaginal play, but be aware that the shape makes it feel bigger.
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