1. RodeoH PKG Strap On Harness Briefs with Vibrator & Double Dildo Pouch

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      Practical, comfortable and sexy - RodeoH bring you harnesses with a difference. Suitable for soft packing and strap on play alike, these cotton briefs have a built-in internal pouch making them perfect for using with a double ended dildo.

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      1. RodeoH PKG Strap On Harness Briefs with Vibrator & Double Dildo Pouch

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    1. Product Description

      Practical, comfortable and sexy - RodeoH bring you harnesses with a difference. Suitable for soft packing and strap on play alike, these cotton briefs have a built-in internal pouch making them perfect for using with a double ended dildo.

      In addition to the redesigned internal pouch, there is also a hidden vibrator pocket for even more pleasure during intimate play. The wide elasticated waist band combined with breathable cotton make this harness comfortable to wear all day, while an outer pocket enables natural soft packing.

      Machine washable, these harness briefs are easy to look after and look fashionable whether worn alone or under clothing.

      Key features:

      - Briefs with built in O-ring

      - Contrasting colors and stitching

      - Dual density fabric

      - 2 inch O-ring

      - Redesigned inside pouch suitable for double ended dildos

      - Hidden internal vibe pocket

      - Thick, elasticated waist

      - High cut legs

      - Comfortable design for all day wear

      - Perfect for soft packing

      - Includes a RodeoH collectors dog tag and drawstring storage bag

    1. Essential info

      • Washing instructions: Machine wash
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Cotton

    RodeoH Size Chart

    1. RodeoH Size Waist UK Dress size US Dress Size
      XS 23" -24" 6 - 8 4 - 6
      SM 25" - 26" 8 -10 6 - 8
      M 27" - 29" 10 - 12 8 - 10
      M/L 30" - 32" 12 -14 10 - 12
      L 33" - 35" 14 - 16 12 - 14
      XL 36" - 38" 16 - 18 14 - 16

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    1. RodeoH PKG Strap On Harness Briefs with Double Dildo & Vibrator Pouch

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      Practical, comfortable and sexy - RodeoH bring you harnesses with a difference! Suitable for soft packing and strap on play alike, these cotton briefs have a built-in internal pouch making them perfect for using with a double ended dildo.

    Customer Reviews

    RodeoH PKG Strap On Harness Briefs with Vibrator & Double Dildo Pouch 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 (2 reviews) Write your own review

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    1. Best harness

      Reviewed: September 20, 2014 by sluttyknickers, a Gay Single Female

      I got these when they were on offer, and it was possibly my best impulse buy ever!

      I always hated the idea of harnesses because of the discomfort but was reluctant to shell out for any Rodeos. What a mistake! They are definitely worth £40.

      They're so comfortable, I could wear these all day. They're tight so the dildo doesn't flop or bounce too much when thrusting, but don't strangle your crotch.

      The O-ring is sturdy, but sometimes is too unforgiving and it can be awkward to insert the dildo as quickly as you might want in the moment. The dildo has also popped out a couple of times due to the inevitable slight stretch of the fabric pants.

      It's so easy to wash these between uses so there's never any worry when applying lube liberally - although the large branding on the waistband gives it away to my Lovehoney-savvy housemates.

      The pouch allows a vibrator to be against your vagina while you're penetrating your partner. We haven't tried it with a double dildo yet. We hadn't really considered it before but since these give us the possibility, we've been discussing it - so these might improve our sex life in other ways too...

      I wanted to buy them in black or navy, but they only had grey left. The grey is a lovely colour though, quite a dark colour and it doesn't look cheap at all. Although they're sturdy and practical, my partner thinks they look attractive.

      Since they're just like normal pants, they'd be very good for packing too, although, again, neither of us have made use of this.

      These are so comfortable, practical and good-looking that they encourage us to use them, and are definitely worth the money. I can't imagine them breaking or tearing any time soon either, so a long-term purchase.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10
      Material Quality:
      10 out of 10
      Build Quality:
      10 out of 10
      10 out of 10
      Sex Appeal:
      10 out of 10
      Value for money:
      10 out of 10
      O-ring and fabric strong, nice colour, comfy, easy to wear and use
      Can be fiddly to put dildo in and occasionally slips out
      Bottom line
      Practical and versatile, worth the money. Basically, if you want a harness, buy these
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    1. Cute undies with an O-ring? Sign me up

      Reviewed: January 17, 2014 by sleepycelia

      I was very kindly sent these as a review product.

      I received these in the blue colour - they look a little bit dingy (sorry Lovehoney!) in the picture but in real life they're a lovely rich navy blue with a grey lining, matching grey trim around the legs, and the waistband has a bit of shine. They don't come with much in the way of packaging, just a cute turquoise storage bag, similar to the kind you get for sunglasses, with a brief blurb about the brand printed on it, and the standard RodeoH dog tags.

      The O-ring is flexible but not overly stretchy, and it has a tiny rectangular pocket sewn in above the O-ring for putting a vibe into. I don't really use battery operated bullets anymore and prefer to use my We-Vibe Tango, which just about fits in there, although a vibe that falls outside of the standard rounded rectangle shape - Lelo Lily, Siri, etc - probably won't fit. Both me and my partner really like the placement of the vibe pocket - it doesn't provide direct stimulation to the person who's wearing it, but it does pretty much turn you into a human rabbit vibrator. What's not to like?

      When you push a dildo through the O-ring to sit in the RodeoHs, the flat base shouldn't be sat flush against your skin as there's another kind of pocket, a square of the same grey fabric with a slit in it, covering behind the O-ring to stop that from happening. The base should be inside of the pocket with the fabric as a barrier against your skin - sometimes it needs a little adjusting. They can also be used with a strapless strapon and for packing, but I haven't tried either - sorry!

      Lovehoney have done really well with converting RodeoH's weird sizing into standard UK sizes - their website's sizing video tells you to order by your waist size in inches, despite them being very low rise? is that normal? - I was sent the M/L, which are marked as 30-32 on the label, and on taking them out of the bag I thought maybe something had gone drastically wrong at the warehouse and I'd been sent some kind of novelty doll-size pants instead, but on trying them on they have A LOT of stretch and they're super comfy. The cotton part of the pants is really soft, and the elastic waistband is firm and smooth.

      One thing that slipped my mind is that the people at RodeoH REALLY like a low rise, which isn't the friendliest cut if you have bigger or rounder hips, and to accommodate my wider than average and practically circular hips I probably should've opted for the Large. I didn't take this into account when I was picking my size because usually everything I wear is high-waisted, and incredibly they fit like they were made specially for me on my thighs and bum, but that extra-strong elastic waistband gives me (tiny!) muffin top. I'm not actually too bothered about this as my lower half is still a bit festively podgy anyway and it's not at all uncomfortable, but if you're unsure I'd recommend sizing up.

      The rest of this review can be summed up into: they work, and they work well. The cotton's not so thick that you can't feel your partner's body heat, and as someone who finds harnesses a bit awkward and silly with having to strap yourself into it and all the fiddly bits, these were great. They're really good for impromptu (well, semi-impromptu) sex too as you can wear them just like normal underwear. They're actually comfier than quite a lot of my usual underwear, which I wasn't expecting.

      The O-ring sits right against my pubic bone, but depending on the size and weight of the dildo you're using, your toy might droop - my Mustang sagged a little bit, my Tantus Splash sagged a lot, but neither of them slid about at any unfortunate moments and I didn't feel like they were pulling the RodeoHs down. They do have the two inch O-ring, but if you want to use large, thick dildos (their website actually states that 'optimal toy dimensions' should be 5-6" in length) and you want them to stay perfectly upright and perky like an overexcited cucumber all the time, I don't think these'll be sturdy enough for you.

      Another thing - if direct access to your genitalia is super important, you might be disappointed by these. I feel like I'm stating the obvious here, but these aren't crotchless or anything, and as the material's pretty strong you can't exactly brush the crotch of them aside with the crook of your finger. If you depend on g-spot stimulation to orgasm then these might not be the best choice for you - this isn't an issue for me personally but I know it is for some people, so.

      They can be machine or hand washed, I've chosen to hand wash mine and haven't experienced any dye loss or the material going bobbly. You can play as rough as you like with these without worrying about straps snapping, they're super versatile and convenient...I wish they came in a more high waisted style but that's a personal preference and my girlfriend thinks they're cute on me either way! I am a little disappointed though that the larger sizes that are available for some of the other styles aren't stocked as I know lots of cuties who'd love to use these, but they just don't fit into the current sizing.

      If you're after a well made, attractive harness in a middling price range with the added bonus of a vibe pocket these are pretty much perfect. You don't have to be experienced with strapon play to get to grips with these, they're not scary at all and are really easy to get started with. I would highly recommend them, and I've got my eye on that super cute lacy pair for my next big purchase!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10
      Material Quality:
      9 out of 10
      Build Quality:
      9 out of 10
      8 out of 10
      Sex Appeal:
      9 out of 10
      Value for money:
      9 out of 10
      Comfortable, well made, sturdy, versatile... I could go on forever.
      I'd like it if they had a higher waist!
      Bottom line
      If I could live in these, I would.
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