1. The Path to Pleasure Sex Game

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      1. The Path to Pleasure Sex Game

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    1. Product Description

      Enjoy a seductive journey of sexual discovery with this naughty adult game. Grow increasingly intimate with your partner as you move around the board, as each square encourages sensual acts that will draw you and your lover together - literally!

      Key features:

      - Sexy board game for couples

      - Ask intimate questions and enjoy teasing interactions as you progress around the board

      - Ideal as a romantic gift with naughty intentions

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    1. Customer Reviews

      The Path to Pleasure Sex Game 1 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. The Path to Pleasure Sex Game
      2. The Path to Pleasure Sex Game

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    1. Great fun to get you going

      Reviewed: January 9, 2014 by S&S

      The Path to Pleasure Sex Game is a simple board game designed to get couples and groups warmed up and ready for some action. It is a simple and fun idea, and has plenty of activities which serve to get everyone involved nice and excited. Where it falls off is towards the end of the game. Where you feel like activities should escalate, things can become a bit repetitive. This is a minor oversight however, and shouldn't affect you so long as you think of Path to Pleasure as more of an extended foreplay, with the real action taking place once the game is complete.

      The rules are very simple - each player takes turns rolling a dice which moves there piece along a board, from number 1 to 69. Each number has a corresponding activity which you then perform on your partner (in the case of groups, the roller gets to choose who they perform the activity on). Whoever gets to 69 first wins the game, and so gets to act out whichever fantasy they want.

      The activities and nice and varied, but never go any further than foreplay activities - there are plenty involving massaging, kissing parts of your partner's body, licking food off of one another, and simulating oral sex with your partner's fingers (something we actually really enjoyed!). As the numbers get higher, the activities do get a bit more sexual, but never more so than performing oral sex (and even that requires you to interpret the activity somewhat). This is both a good and a bad thing, largely depending on how you approach the game.

      A game for us lasted around an hour, and by the time we were finished, we were all over each other. We were both so turned on by all the activities that we had some really amazing sex. It was slightly disappointing that the activities only go so far - once you get past the 40 mark, we were really expecting things to pick up, but actually found them to get a tad repetitive. This led us to skip a few turns, as they were activities that we had essentially done already. This was the only downfall of the game, and wasn't really a major issue, considering we just went and had some amazing sex.

      One aspect to this game that we want to point out is its use with larger groups - whether of more intimate friends, or at a swingers party. As the activities are never too explicit, this would be perfect for a larger group of people to play in order to have a bit of fun with people. Indeed it could serve pretty well as an ice-breaker in such a situation. If this is something that you are interested in, the we would actually recommend Path to Pleasure even more than if it were just for a couple. Although we didn't get a chance to test the game in this capacity, we definitely feel that this is the game's strongest point - as an hour of good sexy fun, which leads onto some more explicit fun.

      Overall, this was a very fun and sexy game to play, which led to us having some amazing sex. It plays fairly quick, and you should be done within an hour and a half max. You will definitely need some more time to yourself after the game has ended - Path to Pleasure, as the name suggests, works as an extended foreplay with plenty of fun ideas. Although it can get slightly repetitive with its suggestions, this is not a major issue. As we said above, we feel that this game would see the greatest benefit in a group setting, perhaps as an ice-breaker for two couples looking to play with each other. Ultimately, the game comes in at a decent price, and offers plenty of fun for everyone involved. To anyone who has not a tried a sex game before - definitely give it a go. It will serve well for both experienced couples, as well as those who are looking to try out a couple of kinky ideas.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The simple format, the option for group play.
      Somewhat repetitive activities.
      Bottom line
      Great fun at a great price!
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