1. Mona Mountains Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll

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      1. Mona Mountains Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll

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    1. Product Description

      Live out your wildest porn star fantasies with this realistic blow up version of Mona Mountains. Complete with her trademark DD breasts, Mona features lifelike hair, real-feel nipples and a tight, textured pussy and ass for penetrative pleasure.

      Mona features a detailed face for endless eye contact during play, as well as strokably smooth hair to grip in a plethora of positions. A realistic textured pussy complete with 1.5 inch opening, lips and a clitoris awaits your attention, while the equally tempting, extra-tight 1 inch anus provides intensified pleasure.

      When you're all done, deflate your busty babe and pack away discreetly until next time.

      For maximum pleasure, always use a good quality water-based lubricant during play.

      Key Features:

      • Lifelike inflatable Mona Mountains love doll to fulfill your porn star fantasies
      • Realistic textured pussy and ass for penetrative pleasure
      • Accurately shaped face heightens lifelike experience
      • Size DD inflatable breasts with real-feel nipples for convincing play
      • Lifelike blonde hair for authentic love making
      • Includes foot pump and puncture repair kit - just in case!

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      Mona Mountains Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 2 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Mona Mountains Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll
      2. Mona Mountains Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll

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    1. Not a well thought-out design

      Reviewed: August 10, 2014 by Lola Mahou, a Bisexual Single Male

      The Mona Mountains Doll arrived quickly and discreetly as normal, but the box it comes in is pretty big. This is because the actual product box is too big, and has a lot of empty space in it. I think they could comfortably fit 2 dolls in the box, and if they had I would be writing a slightly better review!

      I found the doll easy to take out, remove the rubber band keeping the small amount of hair together and then lay out on the bed. The pump fits together well and is pretty easy to work out. Blue nozzle on the pump bit, to put air in, the red nozzle to take air out.

      I slipped the blue tube on to the blue nozzle and put the clear nozzled end into the air hole in the back and pumped away. It took just under 3 minutes to inflate all the way up. Not bad for a cheap little pump I think, but the price of this doll is a bit steep for such a cheap pump.

      The face on the doll didn't really do anything for me, nor did the robot-hug arm position. The boobs are a little fun and squeezable. The two holes are quite good I think, they seem well made and work as strokers. Unfortunately, they are so incredibly awkward to use that instead you will probably end up using a stroker, or just your hand to end the frustration.

      I have not found a position for this doll where it is easy to have continuous sex with it comfortably and believe me I have tried every day for the last week. I tried folding the legs under the bed, so they were out of the way before pumping it up, this made it easier, but still awkward. I tied it to a stool, to the bed, to a chair all in slightly different positions, and then proceeded to pump it up. No matter what I tried, there was no easy way to have sex with this doll.

      The good points I found were that it feels great when you are finally inside. There weren't any punctures and it deflates fairly well using the pump.

      The negative points are numerous though. You need to use a fair bit of lube to get going easily. It's tough to clean the insides (I used tissues, and I think I have found a new use for the holes... as crude joke tissue box lids).

      It's just awkward to use. The hair is thin and sparse, so it looks a little like the doll is balding, which I found off-putting. There are no real feet or hands, and the legs just get in the way. It oddly works better when deflated, but still not very well.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      It eventually felt good.
      The shape, size, awkwardness, hair and weird stare.
      Bottom line
      Unfortunately, not a good product.
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    1. Blown Up

      Reviewed: June 29, 2014 by Cottonmouth, a Straight Single Male

      Just to give a little context to this review, I have no trouble with the ladies. But I wanted to see if blow up dolls were worth trying out anyway. Since I've been trying a lot of different sex toy experiences (thank you, LH, for that), I figured why the hell not?

      The box this product came in was enormous! In my other reviews I talk about how products being discreet is essential where I live, as I like to keep it all a secret, but I did not get that option with this item! So I ended up spilling the beans, but without saying exactly what was inside (somehow), so whilst the cat was out the bag there, I still wanted to keep this particular item fairly under wraps...Not easy.

      Firstly, the pump is awful. It sounds like a winded Donald Duck! The noise is so off-putting that I ended up blowing is up myself, which took ages! There are also no "clear" instructions on the pump either. One nozzle is used to inflate, and the other is deflate. Doesn't actually say which. Also they can go in either way, so there are at least 3 ways you can be doing it wrong with no immediate, visible effect.

      When you have blown "her" up, it squeaks and makes that horrible balloon rubbing noise, which again is a bit off-putting.

      If you have managed to stay aroused during all that, it does get better, but not by much.

      The placement of certain holes is very awkward. She isn't very versatile and the face doesn't exactly look impressive. I find this weird. Clearly the only reason this doll costs a lot of money is because of the work gone into producing a "realistic" face (if you're buying this for porn star likeness, don't). I'd actually assumed her mouth would have been an opening too. It would justify the price, right? Instead it's just a grumpy face with a poorly kept mop of hair.

      After blowing her up, I noticed 2 (yes two) holes on the seem between the balloon plastic and the face. Fortunately for the product, it comes with a hole repair kit, which is easy to use, but I was surprised how quickly holes appeared in the wrong places.

      Back to holes. The ones she has aren't too bad, actually. They are patterned with bumps on the inside. That alone did make up for a lot of the issues I had with it. They put me back in the right mood, but using her was still awkward. Not easy to position. Lying on top of it feels like it'll pop. Hands have no idea what they're doing. You get my drift.

      You do need to be careful with climaxing. I did use a condom but it broke (it's a pretty tight fit even with lube) and it is not pretty to clean.

      Next thing you need to worry about is where you put it when you're done! I currently have "her" stashed under my bed, which isn't the best place, I won't lie. Just out of sight, really.

      I really think the only reason this doll is priced so highly is because of the face. The body material isn't great, the holes are better than I expected but still annoyingly placed, and the boobs are a bit of a joke.

      I don't expect this thing to last very long, either, given the holes I've repaired already. So I can't justify the price tag on this one, sadly. If I lived alone and didn't get out much, this would probably be great, but then I'd probably start talking to "her" too.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      The inside of her "openings" are pretty decent.
      Face, flexibility, material quality, pump sounds, positioning of holes...
      Bottom line
      Really not worth the price tag. She won't last, I'm sure.
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