1. Natural Pheromone Spray to Attract Women 10ml

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      1. Natural Pheromone Spray to Attract Women 10ml

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    1. Product Description

      This natural pheromone spray has been specially formulated to attract women. Unnoticeable by other men, it appeals to a woman's innate mate-seeking instincts to make you irresistible! Simply spray onto your neck and wrists to top up your pulling power.

      Wear alongside your usual aftershave without clashing. Unlike other pheromone sprays which often contain perfume, this spray is completely odorless so it won't disturb your natural aroma.

      Key Features:

      • An extra strong pheromone spray for attracting women
      • Scentless, so it won't get in the way of your favorite aftershave
      • 10ml spray bottle is travel-friendly and easy to use
      • A natural way to initiate attraction or arouse your lover
      • Turn your partner on without saying a word

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Natural Pheromone Spray to Attract Women 10ml 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Natural Pheromone Spray to Attract Women 10ml
      2. Natural Pheromone Spray to Attract Women 10ml

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    1. Turns heads

      Reviewed: August 26, 2014 by 0508352j

      Normally I am quite sceptical about things like this, but thought I could give it a try for a bit of fun as it was part of a 3 for £20 offer.

      The first time I tried it I had planned for my other half to come over for a massage I had promised her for her birthday.

      I decided to give this a wee try. I sprayed myself and sneakily sprayed the pillow my OH would be resting her head on during the massage.

      In she comes and I take her into the bedroom. I have the lights down low with the candles lit. She strips off and lies down, and I start the massage (with the lavander oil purchased in the 3 for £20). After about 15 mins of massage she practically jumps me, and we have one of the best sex sessions we have had in ages. She can't keep her hands off me, and is kissing me more passionately.

      Not sure if it was a great massage, or if this little spray had an effect, but I have noticed other ladies paying me more attention/being more flirty in work if I am wearing it. Might just be a placebo effect, but worth it for the confidence boost!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Confidence boost.
      Quite a small amount for the price.
      Bottom line
      Seems to work, even if it's only the placebo effect.
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    1. Does just what it claims to

      Reviewed: June 26, 2014 by Lovebirds_x

      Having used a pheromone spray designed to attract men before, we were interested in seeing how one to attract women would compare. We tested this spray over two sessions, and can now safely say that this does work amazingly!

      For the initial use, my partner sprayed it on himself while I was sitting beside him. The first thing you smell when it is sprayed on is a massive burst of alcohol. In fact, to me it smelled just like the vanilla flavoured Absolut Vodka, which I wouldn't exactly say was appealing! As the alcohol dissipated, the smell of vanilla intensified (more so in the air in the room than on his skin). Sniffing him at this point was not all that arousing, nor very pleasant in general.

      We left it a while to completely settle (and left the room we sprayed in!) and it actually wasn't that long before the vanilla smell also disappeared, I would say about 10 to 20 minutes. At this point I leaned in to have another sniff, and quite promptly recoiled. He smelled like another man! Of course, this arguably means that the spray does work, but I really didn't like smelling another man when I wanted my own!

      The smell is very hard to describe but it definitely masked his natural scent and replaced it with another. So be careful with the 'odourless' interpretation; yes, it does not smell perfumed (at least after it settles in) but it does leave a smell on your skin. So I would make a point of pairing this with your usual aftershave/body spray.

      The spray claims to be unnoticeable by other men. I would go one further there, as in our experience it was totally unnoticeable to the man wearing it too! All he smelled was the initial alcoholic burst; I found it interesting that he couldn't smell any of the other smells that I could smell from it. This claim certainly seems to be true, so I wouldn't worry about other men smelling something on you.

      The second use, we decided to take a trip into town. Just town, not a club or bar where people would perhaps be deliberately looking for loving, just town. He also put his regular spray on over the top of it. This time was much more successful, not to mention quite funny! I was happy to smell that none of that 'other man' smell was detectable anymore, even up close. In fact as the day went on I did find myself being a little aroused for no reason other than that I had drifted closer to him, so this time the spray seemed to work on me.

      And let me tell you, it worked on other women too! Never have I seen so many heads roll in a supermarket. The spray definitely lived up to it's 'extra strong' label! Women who were innocently picking the freshest fruit and veg would just seem to dreamily turn their heads towards him, a look of blissful content on their face, before realising they what they were doing and snapping their heads back towards the carrots. Trolleys would veer off course as their drivers attention was redirected. It was hilarious!

      But just about the best confirmation we could have had that this spray does indeed contain pheromones that do indeed attract women. Don't get me wrong, my partner does turn heads regularly (tall, dark and handsome!), but this was less of the whole usual women looking at an attractive man thing and more of women literally not being able to help themselves thing (and yes, I did get a little kick out of other women finding my man that irresistible!). I can't say if this spray will make you look more attractive to women, but I can certainly say that it will help you get their attention.

      So overall, this spray works perfectly if you are a single man who would like to attract women (just be prepared to win them over with your awesome personality once they flock to you, the pheromones don't do all the work!). For those in a relationship, this can work perfectly as a sneaky way to arouse your partner IF you wear it underneath your usual spray (and don't tell them you're wearing it!). I really wouldn't recommend wearing it on it's own if you are in a relationship purely based on my minor horror at having my man smell like someone else. Although on that note, it could put an interesting extra dimension in a play scenario, e.g. going out to the bar and pretending to pull your 'unknown' partner, pretending you are being accosted by a sexy fireman/policeman/any costume here etc. I would recommend anyone giving this spray ago, we had a lot of fun with it! :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Seeing the effect the spray had on other women!
      The smell it left on his skin.
      Bottom line
      Amazing way to initiate attraction, great for arousing if worn under your own spray.
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    1. Good, but no real head-turner

      Reviewed: March 5, 2015 by Irish.Miller, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This was good when it was fresh, but didn't last long and, as said by another reviewer, I tried adding my own cologne with it to try and help intensify it, but to no avail.

      It only got my girl's attention if she was close to me and could breath it in. She said it smelled good, but couldn't describe it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The fact that it doesn't have a scent that I can smell.
      Small and not a lot for the price.
      Bottom line
      Decent enough to get your girl's attention.
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