1. Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Cock Cage and Ring Set

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Cock Cage and Ring Set

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    1. Product Description

      Including a silicone cock cage and set of 3 silicone cock rings, this penis ring set is the ultimate tool for erection enhancement. Customise as you go by using as many or as few of the rings as you like and achieve tailored pleasure and performance.

      Condom compatible and incredibly user-friendly, this 4-piece set gives you the power to reach new heights of pleasure in the bedroom. Use 1, 2 or all 3 of the included silicone cock rings to help boost stamina and delay ejaculation.

      To enhance sensation further, stretch the silicone cock cage over your shaft and pull the scrotal loop around your balls for security. Wrapping your shaft in array of silicone bands, this cage looks as good as it feels, and is great for increased arousal during sex.

      To aid wear, we recommend using a happy helping of water-based lube with this toy.

      Key Features:

      • A versatile penis ring set for an enhanced erection during intimate play
      • 3 x fixed silicone cock rings (1.3, 1.6 and 2 inches in diameter) allow you to experiment and achieve optimum results
      • Stretchy silicone cock cage stretches over the entire shaft for enhanced sensation during sex
      • 100% hypoallergenic and waterproof silicone for safe, comfortable play
      • Condom compatible - wear it over the top of a condom to stop it slipping and enhance pleasure
      • Scrotal loop keeps cage in place to stop it falling off mid-play
      • Includes 10ml sample of personal lubricant and sex toy cleaner

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Cock Cage and Ring Set 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Cock Cage and Ring Set
      2. Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Cock Cage and Ring Set

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    1. Not bad, but could be a lot better

      Reviewed: September 3, 2014 by matnem, a Straight Married Male

      My wife and I something similar to the 4 ring set (Bondage Boutique 4 Ring Leather and Steel Cock Ring) in a high street store and we were both really turned on by the idea, but I couldn't see how this could work practically for penetration. Anyhow, I saw this product on the LH site and I jumped at the opportunity!

      As usual the packaging was discreet in a brown padded envelope and lots of packing paper inside. The package didn't rattle or give away anything with regards to the hidden goodies inside.

      Removing the box from the packaging, it felt a lot higher grade than I was expecting. The box was heavy (baring in mind the contents) and the material was thick with good colours. The inside of the box was painted black which I thought was very cool.

      What I hadn't realised is the amount of accessories that came with this product. Inside there were three plastic bags. One contained some lube and toy cleaner. (Nice touch, but we are very particular about lube so this wasn't for us.) One bag contained three black plastic cock rings and one bag the actual toy.

      Removing the cage from its bag, initially it looked a little cheap. It would be REALLY hard to make this look good in this case, but maybe a rolled bit of black cardboard so that it kept its shape could improve the presentation at this stage? Seemed a little backward because so much effort had been put in so far!

      I tried this on and I have to say I looked amazing! This is a great addition to the look of your old boy. If I could make one suggestion to the manufacturers I would suggest that they put one more ring around the cage.

      The material is VERY stretchy, and I used a bit of water based lube to just help this slip on easily. Being familiar with cock rings, I ensured that I wasn't erect before trying this one, but having now used this I would be confident to stretch it on with a bit of lube whilst turned on.

      The first ring (the small one) fits over the tip or urethra opening of your willy stopping the whole unit stretching and being pushed back. The second ring seems to automatically fall around the base of your head (no matter how much I tried to move it around). Then you have 2 more rings. The middle one is somewhere in the middle of your shaft, and the last one is as tight as you can stretch it toward the base. The final strap goes stretched behind your balls to secure the base.

      I'm not HUGE huge, but above average and this really looked like it wanted one more ring to really finish the look and make it a little longer.

      I used my own cock ring with this (being fussy as I am) and I feel that the ring really helps keep the base of the cage in the right place. My ring isn't particularly tight, but I think that a relatively tight ring may be in order here. I don't think a cock and ball ring would be good in this case.

      Whilst the look was great, the sensation didn't really do anything for me at all. In fact, I couldn't really tell I was wearing anything (it's very comfortable in that regards). My wife reported that it felt very artificial, and the jury is still out whether she enjoyed it or not.

      This is the part of the review that I'm really struggling to write. I already mentioned in the review that I preferred my own cock ring, but this is the reason why.

      The rings supplied are awful, and actually should be removed instantly and thrown in the bin. There is a manufacturing defect from the plastic press which has created a sharp edge around the inside and outside of all the 3 rings that were supplied to me.

      The largest is way too big for anyone who doesn't have a superhuman willy (and frankly if you do have a superhuman willy, you shouldn't need a cock ring). The medium is pretty good for slightly above average willies and the small one is a good size for slightly under average willies.

      Encouraged by my wife to do a through test, I tried the medium one - but the sharp ridge left a welt and a small blister as a permanent reminder. So, lesson learnt. Sharp cock ring does not equal better sex.

      Again, this seems a real shame as there was a lot of effort put into this toy, and sticking in cheap cock rings just negates all that.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Makes me look amazing!
      The free cock rings were terrible.
      Bottom line
      One of a kind, but could be ever so slightly better.
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    1. Pain pleasure love and hate

      Reviewed: September 12, 2014 by snapper, a Straight Married Male

      How excited was I to be selected by those wonderful people at Lovehoney to test this item. I’m terrible when selected, I almost get to the point of hiding behind the door waiting for the delivery! This was even more anticipated than most as I had been looking at this very item on other sites, and was about to ask if Lovehoney were planning on stocking it.

      Now on to the nitty gritty. The packaging is not the most subtle in the world - a white phallus wearing the cage on the front and a plain picture of the cage on its own on the back of the white glossy box. Inside the box there are three bags. The first clear bag has in it a small bottle of lube and a small bottle of sex toy cleaner, two things you can never have enough of! The second bag contains 3 different size black rubber rings and, lastly, the bag containing the cage its self.

      Whilst in the bag the cage looks like an overgrown black spider web. Once out it is in fact a lot smaller than I was expecting, but being made of the material it is, it stretches easily and is remarkably tough. Again, much stronger than you’d give it credit for.

      Going back to the three rings for a moment. These are ideally suited for target practice for the bin. A form of rubber maybe, but I’ve seen more stretch in a brass olive for plumbing! This, combined with the sharp seam inside and out, makes them, in my opinion, more of a pain inflicting bondage device.

      The cage is, interesting to fit, to say the least. You remember the kids game a cat’s cradle? Well, think of that as a sex toy !

      Once the main part is stretched, twisted, untangled and re-arranged to be in the right place, it was comfortable to wear and, to me, from above made my manhood look quite angry and I was pleased with it. Then came fitting of the strap that goes behind the hanging orbs! A sudden twang and I felt like I was back in the hospital having a vasectomy again. One orb in and one orb out!

      Finally all sorted, but for me and my anatomy the strap just doesn’t stay in place. Whether I don’t swing low enough or my orbs just are big and heavy enough, I don’t know, but I was left waiting for the twang again! Very disconcerting when you're trying to keep your mind on something else.

      A plus side, which was a winner, partially, was that it did do a good job of holding back my foreskin, which while having intercourse did feel to me very good. Sadly, it only felt good to me. My wife found the thrusting movement with the cage on a little uncomfortable, and once I was completed and started on the downward slope to flaccid, the cage then became uncomfortable to me also!

      I so wanted this to be a winner in a big way, and I do like it, but sadly the cage and I just aren’t meant to be. Maybe we’ll try it again, but I do not have any plans to at the moment, and it has been consigned to the toolbox for posterity.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      The look and the feeling.
      The fitting and the strap.
      Bottom line
      I really wanted to love this, but sadly I couldn't.
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