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    Read advice on sex toys from the sex experts at Lovehoney. Our sex toys buyer's guides give practical advice on which sex toys to buy and how to use them.

    Buyers GuidesTop 10 Best Adult Toys

    1. Top 10 Best Sex ToysDiscover the top 10 best sex toys from Lovehoney! Tried and tested by our customers, these sex toys are the top-rated toys for singles and couples. Find out why our customers love each and every one.

      To help you find the perfect sex toy for you, we've put together this list for your pleasure - using real customer reviews to show why these toys are the best.

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    Buyers GuidesHow to Choose Your First Sex Toy

    1. How to Choose Your First Sex ToyWant to experiment with sex toys but not sure where to start? This guide explains how to choose the perfect beginner's sex toy for you, and shows you how to find exactly what you're looking for at Lovehoney.

      Whether you want to start off small with a bullet vibrator or fancy trying an anal sex toy, we've used customer reviews to pick out the best beginners toys for you to try.

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      Buyers GuidesBeginner's Guide to Sex Toys

    1. Beginner's Guide to Sex ToysThe world of sex toys can be daunting, to say the least. Whether you're buying for someone special or treating yourself, it's hard to know where to start.

      This guide will give you a whistle stop tour to the sex toys section on Lovehoney so you know exactly where to start looking for what you want.

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      Buyers GuidesA-Z of Sex Toys

    1. A-Z of Sex ToysBaffled by sex toys? Confused by cock rings? Want to know what a Wartenberg wheel is? Lovehoney's here to help. If you've ever wondered what a certain sex toy does and why people enjoy it then look no further, as Lovehoney's A-Z of sex toys explains it all.

      This is more than just a beginner's guide to sex toys. If you're at all curious about sex toys and want to expand your horizons you'll find this eye-opening list informative, with suggestions for further reading and toys to try out.

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      Buyers GuidesTop 10 Cheap Sex Toys for Beginners

Top 10 Cheap Sex Toys for BeginnersThis list of cheap sex toys includes bestsellers for men, women and couples that have been tried and tested, and have excellent customer reviews. So whether you're choosing a toy for yourself or as a gift for a partner or friend, you know you're getting fantastic value.

      We've got 10 fantastic suggestions for you, whether it's your first ever vibrator or you're a bit more experienced and looking to try anal play or bondage for the first time.

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      Buyers GuidesGuide to Sex Toy Materials

    1. Sex Toy Materials - Which is Right for You?When choosing a sex toy, the material is something that should be as important as the speeds, price and function of it.

      In fact, the material of your sex toy can determine whether you have the best orgasm ever or you remain at the bottom of the climactic apex for a long, long time.

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      Buyers GuidesHow to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship

    1. How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your RelationshipSex toys and relationships don't need to be polar opposites of each other. In fact, many people in the Lovehoney Forum have mentioned how sex toys have actually improved their relationships and sex lives significantly.

      We've gathered the best advice for broaching the subject of sex toys with a partner and compiled it all here for everyone, from the shy and retiring sex toy beginner to the boasting bondage enthusiast.

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      Buyers GuidesTop 10 Sex Toys for Couples

    1. Top 10 Sex Toys for CouplesThere are sex toys for women and sex toys for men but only recently have sex toys been designed especially for couples. Part of the reason why sex toys for couples have taken so long to evolve is because they have this stigma attached that they should only be enjoyed for solo masturbation only.

      Lovehoney has always known that this isn’t true and we’re here to break down those barriers and show you the top 10 sex toys that can (and should) be enjoyed by couples.

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