10 Best Dildos of 2024:
How to Choose a Dildo

Lovehoney's guide to choosing a Dildo featuring the Top 10 Best Dildos of 2023 for any desire, fantasy, or preference.

Dildos are the ultimate sex toys for purposes of penetration, whether you are going solo or having sexy time with your partner. Dildos are super versatile and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

For that reason, finding the best dildo for your personal pleasure can be a daunting task. From realistic and large dildos to glass dildos and G-spot dildos, to vibrating dildos and P-spot dildos - there is something for everyone regardless of gender or sexual preference.

If this is your first time choosing a penetrative toy, like a dildo, fear not! We’ve put together this amazing guide on the best dildos of 2023 to choose from, to help you find the perfect dildo for you.

Why Buy a Dildo?

The main reason people love dildo sex toys is that they feel good and are pleasurable to use. Both the vagina and the anus have many erotic nerve endings and erogenous zones that can be stimulated via penetration with a dildo.

Dildos are designed to hit all those internal pleasure spots with precise perfection, filling you up with breathtaking satisfaction.

How to Choose a Dildo

There are lots of considerations to keep in mind when choosing a dildo. Here are the main features to look out for when you are buying a new dildo.

Choosing the right-sized dildo is important

When it comes to dildos, size matters! But what matters most is being comfortable with the size you opt for. Too big, and it may be uncomfortable, even painful. It's also worth thinking about the girth of the toy when browsing different insertable lengths. It can be useful to gauge the rough sizes of other toys or partners you have encountered (and enjoyed!) to determine the right size for you.

Make sure to read product descriptions so you know what the size of the toy is before you purchase, as images onscreen can appear different than the real thing. At Lovehoney, we always add the insertable size of the product in the descriptions.

Solo play vs with a partner

If you're looking to use your dildo with a partner, it is a good idea to get their opinion and preference before purchasing. If your partner is on the receiving end, you might want to discuss the measurements of your toy to ensure you're both comfortable with your choice.

You may also wish to look at purchasing a strap on kit instead, to have all the supplies you need.

How do you decide what size is best for you?

First, determine whether you will be using your dildo vaginally or anally. Dildos used for anal penetration tend to be smaller and curved. Dildos used for vaginal penetration can be any size that is comfortable for you. A G-spot dildo is shorter and curved, whereas, if you want to massage the back of the vagina and cervix area, you will want a longer dildo.

Besides length, there is also girth or circumference to think about. To measure, try inserting one, two, or three fingers in your vagina or anus to what feels comfortable, and then measure the circumference of your fingers. That measurement should be the perfect size for your needs.

When shopping at Lovehoney, go to the dildos section, and then look in the sidebar to open the tabs for “insertable length” and “circumference” and click your desired options to help you narrow down your search.

Vibrating Dildos vs Vibrators: Which is best?

Dildos are different from vibrators, in that, most dildos do not vibrate. Although, there are “vibrating dildos” which can make the concept a bit confusing.

Vibrators usually come in a variety of shapes, and the majority of them are designed for clitoral stimulation or combined stimulation of the vagina and clitoris. Dildos are mainly used for penetration of either the vagina or anus, and most don’t stimulate the clitoris.

Dildos also tend to be more phallic in shape and appearance, whereas vibrators can be more whimsical, like rabbits, C-shaped, or have suction features. Many dildos are cast from the genitals of male porn stars, so they are ultra-realistic as well.

Both dildos and vibrators come in various materials and color options, as well as shapes.

There are many other differences, but the main difference is that dildos are for penetration purposes only, and vibrators have numerous purposes, and also vibrate.

Think about materials

Dildos come in lots of fun materials, from soft and squishy, to firm, hard, and everything in between. Generally speaking, the easier the material is to clean, the safer it is from the risk of infection.

Silicone: One of the best soft materials for dildos is silicone, which is hypoallergenic, 100% body-safe, and velvety smooth. Silicone is also non-porous and can be disinfected after use, therefore perfect for any type of insertion, including anal play.

TPE, TPR & Soft Plastic: Dildos made from these materials are the most realistic with a life-like flesh type of material that feels like the real thing. While these toys are often body-safe and phthalate-free, they are porous, so can’t be totally disinfected. Therefore, if you are using them for anal play, it is a good idea to use a condom to keep your toy clean.

Glass and Metal: Glass and metal are hard sex toy materials. The harder material is perfect for G-spot and P-spot play, and they can also be used for temperature play as well. They are also very hygienic, and like silicone, are non-porous.

Best Dildos for Beginners

When purchasing your first dildo, it can be intimidating to find the right toy to get started. It doesn't take much time browsing to find some pretty substantial and perhaps daunting toys! But fear not, dildos come in all shapes and sizes, with an option for everyone.

Best for: beginners

Lovehoney Ignite Silicone Non-Realistic Suction Cup Mini Dildo 5 Inch

Small and mighty, this dildo is one everyone can get excited about. Boasting just over 4 inches of insertable length, this mini-marvel is ideal for those just starting to experiment with sex toys. The non-realistic shape features a bulbous head, which is perfect for reaching those deeper internal places, delivering intense stimulation to your G-spot or P-spot.

What customers say: "This is so comfortable, hits the right spots and is great quality. Would be perfect for a beginner or someone looking for a quick g-spot toy."

Buy it here

Best Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are some of our most popular sex toys because they look and feel almost like the real thing. Like penises, they are available in all different shapes and sizes, often naturally curved, to fit your perfectly.

Best for: realistic dildo

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

A sight for the most erotic of fantasies, our firm, flexible and bulging friend here is all yours to play with for real. Always erect and eager to please, this veiny, full-bodied dildo also has a suction cup base for hands-free adventures. Yes, please.

What customers say: "This has to be my favourite dildo at the moment, it's hardly been away since it was delivered."

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Best for: eye catching hands-free fun

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Multicoloured Silicone Dildo 7 Inch

Time for a new hobby? Have you considered dildo play? Lovehoney's Lifelike Lover features a very satisfying 6.5 insertable inches and slender two-tone silicone shaft, amped up with raised veins and a seriously pronounced head.

What customers say: "Great suction, feels amazing, and the design is cute! definitely would recommend!"

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Many realistic dildos are molded straight from the penises of porn stars including the Doc Johnson Jeff Stryker Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo. Realistic dildos are anatomically correct in size and shape, and many of them feature realistic-looking balls as well. Some are even soft, like a penis without an erection, and are called packers, like the Lovehoney Easy Squeezy Soft Packer, worn for fulfilling gender expression or to explore gender-based play.

Others are made of dual-density materials, which are the most realistic feeling of all dildos. Dual-density dildos, like this Doc Johnson The D Perfect D Dual-Density Realistic Dildo, have a harder, yet flexible inner core, that feels like a real erection, with a faux flesh outer layer that feels like real skin. One of the most interesting dildos we carry is very realistic, but it is not a penis. It is a realistic fisting dildo molded from the hand of female porn star Belladonna.

Some dildos are shaped like real penises, but are available in whimsical colors, like Lovehoney Super Soft Silicone Galaxy Dildo, with glittery, purple-pink swirls of color, resembling the cosmos. Or, the Lovehoney Glitter Silicone Dildo that treats your hot spots to some serious sparkle.

Most realistic dildos also feature a suction cup base, which means you can stick them to any hard, flat surface for hands-free penetration. Then there are those that are inflatable for stretching, and others that you can clone yourself from your own penis or that of your partner.

Our best realistic dildos include the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 8 Inch, available in a variety of lifelike flesh tones, and the King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo 8.5 Inch, also available in flesh tones.

Best Dildos for Temperature Play

As mentioned above, glass and metal dildos are the best for temperature play. Glass and metal can both be heated or cooled by immersing them in hot or cold water (or the fridge or ice) before use. Glass dildos come in an array of artistic designs and are beautiful to behold.

Best for: temperature play

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch
$24.99 $39.99 You save: $15.00 (38%)

Versatile and beautiful, this beaded dildo's row of pronounced bulbs and its smooth curve add a new dimension of pleasure to shared and solo and play. Indulge in a firmness that's uniquely satisfying for both internal and external massage.

What customers say: "I personally love the curve on this. I benefit from G-spot stimulation so much, and it's perfectly angled to push on the sweet spot if I use a rocking motion."

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Be sure to also check out the Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo, perfect for massaging your G-spot.

Best Strap On Dildos

Another great use for dildos is for strap-on sex, such as pegging your partner, or female-to-female strap-on play. Dildos that are compatible with a harness have a flared base to fit them into the O-ring of the harness. Some dildos come with their own built-in harnesses in strap-on kits, while others are strapless strap-ons.

Best for: strap-on play

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 7 Inch

With a flared base, curved shaft, semi-realistic head and a smooth silicone finish, this dildo is built to please and has one wish only: to seek out your G-spot or P-spot and show off its world-renowned intimate massage skills. Get ready for fireworks.

What customers say: "This feels amazing whether it's used by hand or in a harness. We've tried both ways multiple times and I can't fault it."

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Best Dildos for Squirting

Did you know that there are dildos that can squirt? Yes, these types of uber-realistic dildos (appropriately named “ejaculating dildos”) have easy-squeeze 'semen' dispensers for come-play fantasies.

Best for: squirting

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Firm G-spot stimulation is often a key ingredient for a squirting orgasm, and this stainless steel dildo from njoy is great for hitting all the right spots.

What customers say: "What I love about this toy is I squirt like I never have before."

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Best for: customised pleasure

Lovehoney Shape Shifter Posable Super-Soft Silicone Dildo 7 Inch
$22.99 $42.99 You save: $20.00 (47%)

With a flexible inner shaft made from metal to help hold its shape, customize the curve of your dildo to target your internal hot spots at an angle that works for you and your body (or your partner's).

What customers say: "Dildos are pretty much a staple when it comes to penetrative play, although they aren’t always the most attractive, or comfortable, in my experience. However, the Lovehoney Shape Shifter Dildo aims to change that, with it’s unique non-realistic design and liquid silicone shaft, that will quite literally bend to your will."

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Best Dildos Double Penetration

Double-ended dildos are another popular sex toy, as they allow you to penetrate both the vagina and anus at the same time, or penetrate two different people simultaneously, for double-penetration fantasies.

Best for: double penetration

BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo

Thanks to its dual heads and curved shape, this double dildo makes experimenting with double penetration play a doddle. Just lube up both ends, and off you go!

What customers say: "Honestly, with or without a sexual partner this toy has been one of the best things I have brought."

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Also check out the BASICS Double-Ended Dildo perfect for partner play, and the Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double Penetrator Suction Cup Dildo which features two dildos for double penetration and two thrills in one. The Lifelike Lover also has a suction cup for hands-free play.

Best Large Dildos

Large dildos are also among the most popular choices for dildo lovers. The exciting thing about large dildos is they can help act out a fantasy, where size plays center stage.

Best for: gorgeous girth

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ballsy Dildo 9.5 Inch

We all know that size isn't everything, but if you're after something that's larger than life, this long and girthy dildo is a great step up.

What customers say: "I've never had a product make me scream and moan as much as this one and I honestly love it! I can't stop using it!"

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Looking for something even larger? Our largest dildo is the King Cock Mega Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo at 14 inches in length. The King Cock Mega Chubby Realistic Black Suction Cup Dildo 7 Inch is ultra-thick for people who enjoy more girth.

Best Dildos for Vibration

If you want a realistic type of dildo that also features vibration, then you’re in luck. Lovehoney also has a wide assortment of vibrating dildos.

Best for: vibration

BASICS Girthy Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch

Typically, a dildo is a sex toy which doesn't vibrate - but if you enjoy the sensations of a lifelike toy with the added buzz of vibrations, then a dildo vibrator might be just the thing for you.

What customers say: "OMG... What I felt while using this toy was out of this world... I was shocked by power of the maximum vibration. Even the first level is a great tease."

Buy it here

For some similar models check out the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator available in 6-inch and various flesh tones and the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Large Black Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator in black and flesh pink.

Getting more out of your dildo

When purchasing a dildo, there are no shortage of options for a variety of preferences or uses. It is worth thinking long and hard about how you wish to use your toy and what you're looking to get out of it before making a purchase.

If you're looking to use your toy for pegging, check out our range of harnesses and strap-on dildos.

Whatever your plans, using a good quality lubricant is highly recommended. The right lube will make the experience of using a dildo smooth and unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a dildo make you orgasm?

Of course! That’s why people love them.

Dildos are ideal for people who enjoy G-spot and P-spot pleasure, and internal full-body orgasms! Anal dildos are also an exciting way to explore anal play with or without a partner.

Dildos are the oldest known sex toys in the world, with some dating back almost 30,000 years ago to the Paleolithic Period, or stone age, when our ancestors lived in caves. For a sex toy to be around that lost, it must be doing something right!

Can a dildo be used with a partner?

Yes, strap-on dildos are designed specifically for use with a partner. However, any type of dildo can be used with a partner for double penetration, mixing up your pleasure, and lots of other reasons, depending on their desired use.

Are glass and metal dildos safe to use?

Absolutely. While glass and metal dildos are hard and can be intimidating, they feel great internally. And, glass dildos are made of solid borosilicate glass, which is extremely durable and break-resistant.

How we choose our best dildos

Our best dildo selections are based on popularity, customer reviews, best features, materials, and price ranges. This way, we can make an unbiased evaluation of which toys are the best dildos for specific uses.

Looking for where to buy a dildo? Check out our Dildos category for a wide range of the best dildos from Lovehoney US!