The Top 10 Fleshlights & How to Choose Between Them

Written by Jen Schwartz, Lovehoney Editorial team. Originally published 01/14/2024

Fleshlights are one of the most recognizable penis pleasure products on the scene and with good reason! Comprised of hyperrealistic sleeves housed in portable, hygienic cases, these strokers are a classic sex toy staple.

So, what exactly is a fleshlight? Technically, Fleshlight is a famous brand of strokers and compatible accessories. However, the stroker company’s brand recognition became so enormous that the word “fleshlight” has somewhat transcended the company, frequently being used as a catch-all term for all strokers in that particular style.

As a sex toy category, fleshlights are characterized by their removable sleeves made from supple skin-like materials that mimic the feel of a real lover. While once associated with cases that look like flashlights to the untrained eye, design innovations have expanded stroker case styles for varying consumer needs.

Fleshlight Features and Differentiators

You may think if you’ve seen one fleshlight-style stroker, you’ve seen them all, right? Nope, not even close! There are so many variations out there to suit a wide array of desires. Consider the following fleshlight differentiators when making a purchasing decision.



Sleeves are arguably the most important component of fleshlight strokers, as that’s where the magic happens - more specifically, the internal portion of sleeves. Fleshlight sleeve interiors differ mainly in texture and size.

Texture is a big player in fleshlight enjoyment, and boy, are there plenty to choose from. Sleeve interiors can be smooth, ribbed, dotted, spiraling, or a combination of various textures. Each variation produces different sensations; some designs are a close replica of vaginal or anal walls, while others simply focus on patterns that feel fantastic.

The left photo is only a small example of how different sleeves may be on their insides. Intrigued by the pictured sleeves? Go grab the one that speaks to your peen! Shown from top to bottom: THRUST Pro Ultra Kelsi Realistic Vagina Cup, THRUST Pro Ultra Coco Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup, Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU, and Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Texture.

Fleshlight sleeve size, ranging in insertable length and circumference, is a major factor for both stimulation preference and comfort/usability. Longer sleeves may accommodate the entirety of the penis from base to tip, whereas shorter ones might leave some of the base or shaft unstimulated and provide flexibility of stimulation location if they’re open-ended.

The circumference of a sleeve’s interior will impact fleshlight tightness. Some sleeves offer an extra-snug grip, while others may feature a looser fit with more give. Your own girth (paired with sensation predilection) will determine which size is a better match for you. Those with thick schlongs might require a wider circumference to avoid a painfully tight squeeze. Likewise, individuals with thinner johnsons may seek out super narrow sleeves to ensure they get enough stimulation.

Entry Points


Hole size, aesthetics, and the number of entry points all play a part in finding the right type of fleshlight opening for you.

Just like stroker sleeve interiors, fleshlight openings deviate in size offerings. You’ll want to consider the same aspects you did regarding sleeve size when determining how snug of an opening you’ll appreciate.

Fleshlights will either have a single-entry point or be open-ended, the latter providing two possible holes to penetrate. Traditional fleshlight strokers with only one opening are ideal for folks who are all about penis head pleasure, as the sleeves maintain their soft, squishy stimulation even at their ends when users bottom out.

What dual-entry fleshlights lack in comprehensive stimulation they make up for in versatility. Strokers that boast two different lifelike openings, like the Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Stamina Training Unit Compact Male Masturbator, make it easy to simulate multiple penetrative sex acts in a single session. Open-ended strokers are also popular amongst couples, making BJs and HJs easier for the giver and even more stimulating for the receiver.

And then, of course, there’s the visual appeal of the opening’s face. Fleshlights offer two main design options: anatomical and non-anatomical. If you prefer toys that look like toys, you can choose from sleeves with unobtrusive, sleek holes that don’t resemble body parts in the slightest. Those who do enjoy a realistic look are in for a treat. You can find anatomical fleshlights that mimic the appearance of any human hole you please with designs so detailed they rival the real thing. You can even find fleshlights modeled after your favorite adult film stars that use their actual parts as a mold for your toy!


Excluding size, which is more of an overall product factor than that of just the case, fleshlight cases differentiate primarily in opacity. Stroker cases will either be opaque or translucent, each with its own draws. See-through fleshlights are great for those who like to watch the action, adding another level of stimulation to your stroker fun, while opaque cases are best for discretion. Essentially the choice boils down to whether you place a higher value on stealth or visual stimulation.

The best translucent fleshlights

Top-notch covert fleshlights


When fleshlights first came on the scene, you could only find them with manual controls, but now users can set the pace in a bevy of ways. Sex tech advancements allow fleshlight strokers to do all the work for you if you so please. Suction, vibration, milking - you name it, and you can find it in a fleshlight! There are even high-tech fleshlights that connect with VR porn for immersive solo sessions and ones that pair with other sex toys like insertable vibrators for long-distance fun.

Lovehoney’s Top 10 Fleshlight Picks

Best for beginners

ROMP Dash Male Masturbator

With an affordable, entry-level price and intuitive, no-frills functionality, Dash is the perfect intro to the wonderful world of Fleshlights. The soft, skin-like internal canal is loaded with textures to provide a riot of sensations to enhance manual masturbation. Delivering throaty suction that's powered by nothing more than your own thrusts, it's an easy upgrade to your old faithful that adds intense sensation to your sessions.

What customers say: "This is amazing, it feels fantastic, you can take it at your own pace. Easy to clean which is always great."

Buy it here

Best blow job simulator

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blow Job Masturbator

A BJ stroker unlike any other, the Turbo Thrust boasts 3 points of initial insertion that mimic oral sex at its best. Tease your tip with the toy's opening which emulates soft, sucking lips, delve a little deeper and feel the tongue flick against your penis, and experience tight, spine-tingling sensations of deep throat action once you go all-in. Heavily textured with unparalleled details, the Turbo Thrust goes above and beyond fantasy and brings your blow job dreams to life.

What customers say: "The internal sleeve is soft to the touch, and is very creative in the way it has been constructed. It effectively gives you 3 sensations: the initial entry points, to feel like lips caressing you, then if you push a bit deeper it feels like the mouth and lips around your penis; and when you get worked up, you can go in deep, like the deep-throat experience. [. . .] This is quite close to a real blow job feeling, and the different contours and depths of the toy make it great to experiment with, over and over."

Buy it here

Best for anal fans

THRUST Pro Ultra Coco Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup

Add some backdoor bliss to your playtime with Coco, a realistic butt with a lifelike opening leading to a tight canal lined with ribbed and dotted textures. Adjustable suction control enables intense stimulation and a tailored trip down to O Town. Made from soft, supple TPE that looks and feels like the real thing.

What customers say: "Ass-tounding! The ease of use, the ability to control suction, it’s amazing! Feels fantastic!"

Buy it here

Best non-anatomical

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Flight Pilot by Fleshlight is a discreet and fantastically textured male masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior, stealth opening, and an incredibly bumpy canal for pleasure that soars to new heights. The Flight Pilot's internal sleeve is transparent with a non-anatomical stealth opening leaving your imagination to run wild with your own erotic scenarios. Lined with dozens of stimulating bumps, the realistic-feel sleeve offers intense pleasure with the added bonus of suction that is easily controlled via the screw cap base.

What customers say: "This is the best toy to enhance your pleasure. The pattern inside does something incredible to you as you enter it. The little lumps and nibs really pleasures your old fella and you can do nothing to resist it!"

Buy it here

Best for couples

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage Compact Male Masturbator

When not used for solo delights, this open-ended stroker is a blow job’s best friend or a handy hand job helper. Have your partner stimulate your head with their mouth or hand while the QUICKSHOT Vantage engulfs the rest of your shaft for all-encompassing bliss that’s easy on the giver and delightful for the receiver. Featuring a clear case and sleeve, you’re free to watch the action for enticing visuals.

What customers say: "This toy has improved the quality of my partner's blowjobs tenfolds and I love teasing him with it and trying out different techniques and stimulating combinations. -As my hands or jaw don't become tired so easily, I can perform oral sex on my partner for much longer, giving him much more intense orgasms. -Saves your hands getting tired from wanking partner. -Makes my partner orgasm much quicker than using my hands only."

Buy it here

Best for hole travelers

THRUST Pro Ultra Full Throttle Realistic Masturbator Cup Set (4 Piece)

How do you like it? In front, round the back, or up top? It's all yours to enjoy in THRUST Pro's Full Throttle kit. Take home three different strokers, oozing with stimulating texture, and always be ready to explore your choice of vagina, ass, and mouth. So who's in your box? Only three of our best-selling THRUST ladies. Each one brings you 6 inches of depth to dive into, while the silky smooth real-feel material and varying internal textures do the rest.

What customers say: "This set has everything you could ask for in terms of selection! With a vagina cup, ass cup and mouth cup masturbators, there’s something for everyone!"

Buy it here

Best kit

Fleshlight Pink Lady Value Pack (5 Piece)

Think inside the box then sink inside the sleeve of your brand new Pink Lady Fleshlight, part of this fantastic value pack. Comprising a Fleshlight, shower mount, adaptor, toy cleaner, renewer powder, and lube, it's an all-in-one set for a top solo pop. Pink Lady's classic vagina style and smooth original SuperSkin canal are just the thing for new Fleshlight users, and the removable sleeve can be replaced with a new one when you wish so you can build on your collection. Everything you need for use and maintenance of your Fleshlight comes included with this kit, including a shower mount for no-handed use when plugged onto tiles or another smooth surface, with an adapter for the Fleshlight Flight model. Also included is a large lubricant bottle to boost glide, a bottle of toy cleaner and a tub of renewer powder to keep your ladypart in top condition.

What customers say: "What a great experience it is. Comes with everything you need to get started. Lube, cleaner, renewing powder, shower mount and of course the fleshlight itself. The overall feel of it is fantastic. Very realistic and pretty much like the real thing. I've used it a few times since purchasing it, solo and with my partner who loves both watching me use it and using it on me. The shower mount sticks well to the shower walls and also a few other surfaces I've tried it on. caring for it is easy."

Buy it here

Best for travel

Arcwave Voy Compact Adjustable Silicone Male Stroker
$79.20 $99.00 You save: $19.80 (20%)

Premium. Compact. Powerful. Introducing the Arcwave Voy, an innovative male masturbator, driven by science, and inspired by sexual pleasure. This first-class stroker has been created using unique technologies and superior materials for the ultimate solo experience. Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, Voy's ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle and store discreetly, while the smooth CleanTech silicone envelops your member with superior softness. This cutting-edge material is hygienic, exceptionally durable, and provides enough flexibility to accommodate most sizes. Equipped with a pleasure-inducing Tightness Adjustment System (TAS) - specific to Arcwave - the Voy can be adjusted within 8 different pressure settings to achieve the perfect fit and feel. Engineered to target the Merkel-Ranvier receptors (highly sensitive pleasure receptors) in the penis, the Voy applies just the right amount of pressure to your sweet spots, adding new waves of sensation to your regular masturbation regime.

What customers say: "Tiny but mighty! [. . .] The product actually looks kind of like a camera lens and would easily blend in in a camera bag or something, if you were to take it on your travels! [. . .] Overall a great stroker, especially if looking for something small and discreet to take on your travels!"

Buy it here

Best for boy-crazy booty fans

Fleshjack Boys Colby Keller Lumberjack Butt

Made from patented real-feel SuperSkin and modeled after some of the hottest male porn performers, Fleshjacks are designed to look and feel as close to the real thing as possible, fulfilling all of your fantasies and desires. Everything from their hyperrealistic aesthetic and openings to the tight textured inner sleeves emulate a sensory experience akin to having anal with the man of your dreams.

What customers say: "I really appreciate that the Fleshjack range mimics a realistic backside by being tightest at the entrance like an actual anus. This allows the sensation it delivers to really feel lifelike and not to over-stimulate your penis."

Buy yours here

Best vibrating

THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vibrating Masturbator

Your one-stop toy for vibration, texture, and lifelike feels. Featuring a soft vagina opening and a 15-function motor, your peen never had it so good. Solo play has never been more fun with 7 speeds and 8 patterns to explore, and a handy slot at the top of the case for placing your smartphone, so you can watch your fave turn-ons while your toy does all the work. Slide your schlong into the lifelike sensation of the 7-inch bumpy-textured canal and use the four buttons to flick through each pattern.

What customers say: "Very easy and straightforward to use, very simple button activation, charging is a breeze. Myriad of patterns and intensity settings, perfect for all likes, and intense enough on full power."

Buy it here

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