"Instant Tingle" - Review of the Month, August 2013

"Instant Tingle" - Review of the Month, August 2013

by Lovehoney

on Sep 9, 2013

Bombshell Balm Wins Review of the Month

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This month's winner reviewed the Pin Ups Betty Bombshell Balm in Cherry. We loved her enthusiasm and helpful tips about using the orgasm balm to get in the mood.

She notes: "I wasn't expecting this balm to do much, what with my one week refractory period and all. I was wrong. It instantly tingled on application, and a warmth spread through the area which made me instantly aroused. Blood was flowing to the area, my clit was throbbing… I was getting horny, whether my stupid brain chemistry liked it or not!"

Read the entire review by lmrlh.

Read on to find out if you're a runner up…

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Runners Up

WildThing's review of TENGA Hard Boiled Egg Shiny

"The egg might be small, but it is incredibly pliable and stretched for the entire length of my manhood. It does seem as though the tip might break at any second… But rest assured that it is more flexible and stronger than it appears. Inside a selection of waves, bumps and miniature "craters" milk at the head of the penis, while its stretchy skin allows for the feeling of hands through the material as well."

TheMajesticWorm's review of Icicles No 25 Smooth Glass Butt Plug

"Now, for the fun part. The smoothness of the glass means that despite the larger size of the plug, it's extremely easy to insert - just a touch of lube does the trick. My only complaint would be that the anchor of the plug is slightly too narrow, I would prefer it to be slightly wider for better peace of mind."

taraman's review of Adrien Lastic Ocean Dream 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Egg

"This toy is absolutely amazing! My OH and I have not laughed so much for so long than when using this toy! I can not think of anything funnier than flicking the egg from gentle crescendos to rapid pulses just as the OH is bending over to select a product from the shopping aisles. The resulting spasm and look of shock is worth every penny of the toy!"


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