The Top 10 Sexiest Movie Villains

by Audrey Andrews

on Oct 29, 2019


Truth, justice and saving the world? *yawn* How predictable!

Why would anyone fall for the hero when it's the villain who's always far more interesting?

Think of the antagonist in your favourite movie or TV series, and we guarantee they'll be way more seductive while walking on the wild side than the clean-cut leading lad or lass trying to clap them in handcuffs.

After much deliberation, we've managed to rank 10 of the sexiest fictional characters ever to grace our TV screens.

Without further ado, here are our favourite bad guys.


These days Catwoman is more of an anti-heroine, but this feline femme-fatale started out life in Gotham City as a bona-fide felon.

Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, has a complex love/hate relationship with Batman, and the ensuing tension between her and millionaire Bruce Wayne never fails to heat up the silver screen.

Many distinguished actresses have taken on the role of Gotham's sexiest cat burglar over the years. Eartha Kitt, Michell Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway – each leading lady has brought something new to the role.

Consistent costume features we can always count on are Catwoman's distinctive skin-tight catsuit and her intimidating bullwhip. If you're stuck for sexy Halloween costume ideas, this could be the purrrfect solution!

Jim Moriaty

What would history's greatest 'consulting detective' be without a rival 'consulting criminal'? Sherlock Holmes' ultimate nemesis, Jim Moriaty, is a criminal mastermind responsible for a multitude of sins in the TV series.

Played by Andrew Scott, Moriaty is terrifyingly intelligent. He had psychopathic tendencies and he's a master manipulator, but his ringtone is set to 'Stayin' Alive' and who could possibly resist that Irish brogue?

Best quote is: "In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. And honey, you should see me in a crown."

Billy Hargrove

There aren't many Stranger Things antagonists that don't spit venom, but Billy Hargrove is one of them.

We want to hate him, Netflix, but why did you have to go and make this guy so damn attractive?

Lifeguard at the public pool, Billy is rarely without his fan club of local housewives who form an informal spectator's gallery on the sun loungers.

Actor Dacre Montgomery deserves some sort of Lifetime Achievement Award for getting us all to thirst over a character who rocks a 1980s mullet.


Do we fancy Bane because of his super-villain strength and political ideals, or because we know it's heartthrob Tom Hardy behind the mask? It's difficult to tell.

Bane's face is obscured by an analgesic gas mask and, when it comes to attire, he seems to only own one tactical vest and a beat-up shearling coat.

Nevertheless, you can't deny that there's something erotic about him. We think it's because he's giving off a BDSM vibe – that vest could easily be replaced with a harness. Have we uncovered what Bane does on the weekends?

Santanico Pandemonium

It was only a matter of time before a vampire made the list. When From Dusk Till Dawn's bank robbers Seth and Richie planned to hide out in a strip club until daybreak, they didn't count on meeting the Queen of the Undead.

Turns out the adults-only bar is home to blood-sucking bartenders, and dancers who are vampy in more ways than one.

Salma Hayek writhing on stage with a python is the living embodiment of seduction, and if you've got a thing for feet you'll love her now iconic scene.

But what you may not know is that Salma's seriously afraid of snakes, and was going to turn down the part completely.

It took director Quentin Tarantino claiming that Madonna wasn't scared of reptiles and was interested in playing Santanico to convince Salma to face her fear and snatch up the role for herself.

Hannibal Lector

Are you Team Mads Mikkelsen, or will Anthony Hopkins forever be your Hannibal?

If you overlook his questionable eating habits, Thomas Harris' character has a lot of qualities we'd swipe right for.

He's intelligent, cultured and has sophisticated tastes in art and music. He abhors rudeness, and in the film Silence of the Lambs he's the only male character who doesn't objectify or underestimate up-and-coming FBI trainee Clarice Starling. We'd go out for drinks with this brilliant psychiatrist, but we'd probably draw the line at dinner...

Pussy Galore

Actress Honor Blackman made Pussy Galore famous in the 1964 film Goldfinger, but so much more info on this dangerous woman can be found in the original 1959 novel.

First of all, she's the only woman in the US known to be running an organised crime syndicate – we love an enterprising businesswoman! Secondly, Pussy and her gang are all lesbians. Author Ian Fleming's understanding of LGBTQ+ people would not cut it today, but it's wild to think Pussy created a safe space for her and other lesbian women in an ultra-conservative era.

Thirdly, did we mention that Pussy knows judo, and puts handsy James Bond on his ass without a moment's hesitation? Now that's hot!


Just when you thought Norse mythology couldn't get any steamier, Tom Hiddleston stars as Loki in six blockbuster films. What did we ever do to deserve such a gift!

One of Thor's arch enemies, Loki's penchant for mischief and deceit is only rivalled by his lust for power and revenge.

A powerful sorcerer who wields black magic, Loki's phenomenal power is perfectly complemented by his lithe figure and knowing smile. Sorry Thor, it's nothing personal, we just can't resist your stepbrother's charm!


He's an anti-hero, but this catalogue of criminals would be incomplete without Dexter Morgan.

Forensic blood splatter analysis by day, vigilante serial killer by night, Dexter satisfies his homicidal urges by vowing to only hunt other murderers.

The entire show is a moral dilemma sandwich served with a side of smokin' hot actor Michael C. Hall.


A psychopathic assassin with good taste in perfume – what's not to love?

Critics have called the Killing Eve character Oskana Astankova, aka Villanelle, 'femininity weaponised' and they aren't wrong.

Although she doesn't make the best life choices, Villianelle always backs herself and never wastes time regretting her actions. She's revengeful and cunning, but Villanelle is truly at her most dangerous when she's feeling bubbly and playful.

Her emotional immaturity and her skills as a contract killer make for a dangerous combination – and her relationship with M15 agent Eve is a complicated one. Are they rivals? Are they friends? Potential lovers even? Villanelle always keeps us guessing, and that's why she's our Number One Sexiest Villain!

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

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Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on Oct 29, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020