10 Times Abbi and Ilana from 'Broad City' Were BFF Goals

by Guest

on Jun 7, 2018

20 Times Abbi and Ilana from Broad City Were All of Us

For any fans of irreverant, cutting-edge comedies featuring kick-ass female characters who haven't watched Broad City yet - where have you been?

This Comedy Central sitcom stars BFFs Abbi and Ilana as they navigate life and love in New York City, often with hilarious results.

And with this Thursday (March 28th) marking the very last episode *sob* of the show, we decided to take this moment to look back at some of the finest moments in Abbi and Ilana's friendship.

(And hey, if you and your bestie fancy living life Abbi-and-Ilana style, we've even created an official range of Broad City sex toys that'll have you shouting "YAASS, KWEEN" in no time.)

When Ilana was this supportive of Abbi's first pegging experience

When they said "f*ck it" and nearly moved to Florida

When they literally lifted each other up

When Abbi covered for Ilana so she could skip work

When they dressed up fancy but still talked filth

When Ilana 'helped' Abbi and Jeremy get together

When they solved their housing problem by clubbing until dawn

When they do absolutely anything to help each other out

When Ilana created Abbi a scavenger hunt for their friendiversary

In fact, basically every time they celebrated their friendship.

All the friendship goals.

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Originally published on Jun 7, 2018. Updated on Aug 5, 2020