Mirror Sex: 12 Reasons to Try It

by Lovehoney

on Feb 19, 2019

12 Reasons to Try Using a Mirror During Sex

I often find that people have a similar reaction to looking at themselves in the mirror as they do when discussing sex.

People get awkward, shameful, and embarrassed. So, sex in front of a mirror might sound a bit uncomfortable, maybe even narcissistic.

But trust me, watching yourself get down and dirty might just be some of the most erotic and sensual experiences of your life.

Having sex in the mirror is a low-effort, low-budget accessory that anyone can try out.

They can have a huge impact on your sex life... time to find out why.

1. Check yourself out

When do you get the chance to see yourself in a sexual way, in sexy positions, and from even sexier angles?

You might take the occasional nude, but using a mirror during sex and having it a few meters away gives you the opportunity to see what you look like in the moment.

2. Confidence

You might absolutely love what you see and notice that you are a show worth watching.

Positive affirmations are key to loving yourself. Give it a go, if you hate it – just turn away or close your eyes for a bit of a break.

3. Check them out

Just like checking yourself out from a new perspective, having sex in front of a mirror can also give you totally new angles of your partner. And who doesn't want that?!

The more angles the better.

4. See each other together

Sex with a mirror allows you to see yourselves from an 'outsiders' point of view.

You can watch them kiss your neck, or they could see a whole lot more of you than just the top of your head during oral sex.

Mirror sex can enhance intimacy and allow you to see the lust you're creating while experiencing it. Plus, watching each other undress and touch each other is a great form of foreplay.

5. Reminder: you are a sexual being

Seeing your reflection(s) during sex is a great reminder that you are in fact a sexual being. I don't know about you, but I find that my sexuality can fade through the hustle and bustle of life.

Pleasure is stunning, and seeing yourself in that relaxed/filthy/sexy/submissive/dominant way is a nice reminder of who you can be beneath the exterior you present to your colleagues or peers.

6. Be both the voyeur and the exhibitionist

Using mirrors during sex is like voyeurism and exhibitionism combined, but with a twist.

You are watching, but watching yourself play.

It's a great way to experiment with this kink or fetish, in a 'my/our eyes only' sort of way.

7. Be your own favorite pornstar

Watching your reflection is like watching an erotic film, but you're the performer.

You can choose exactly what happens and you experience it simultaneously.

The best part is – it's in real time so there's no awkward viewing party afterwards.

Plus, there's no risk of video or photos winding up somewhere online. You're in complete control.

8. It's all about positioning

Mirrors allow your favorite positions to get even hotter. One of the best mirror sex positions is dpggy style, as the 'receiver' can get more of a view from both a front and side angle.

Or, a strip tease with a mirror positioned behind the performer (on an angle, like in a dressing room) can allow the viewer to see the action front and back, simultaneously.

9. Exploration central

You might be doing the deed while looking in the mirror and notice someone's leg lying a certain way that you've never seen before.

Maybe, moving that leg a few inches could land you in orgasm heaven. Mirrors can help see how a position could change slightly to experiment with new sensations.

10. Location, location, location!

You might have to venture away from your usual bonking spot to find a mirror. You could position the mirror in the bedroom, bathroom, or even try ceiling mirror sex.

Changing up your location might just be the spark you didn't know you needed.

11. More visual stimuli

It's no secret that visual stimulus can get a lot of people in the mood.

Erotic film, adult magazines and burlesque dancing are all very popular for a reason.

Adding another form of visual stimuli to your session can make the whole experience even more arousing.

12. Eye contact

Eye contact can be hugely important to many people during sex. It's insanely intimate and brings the connection with your partner(s) to the forefront.

Some positions don't allow for easy eye contact but mirrors can come to the rescue.

You can still look at each other, just... through a pane of reflective glass.

It solves the problem for me and I am able to connect with my partner through all our favorite positions, no matter what.

The next time you want to gain a little more intimacy with your partner(s) or yourself, seek out a mirror and experience pleasure from a new perspective.

Eleni is a health communications student from Sydney. Her favorite topics to communicate are sexual health, gender and sexuality; she spends her time smashing taboo topics everywhere she goes.

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