18 Non-Cringey Songs to Add to Your Sex Playlist

18 Non-Cringey Songs to Add to Your Sex Playlist

by Nina

on May 8, 2018

18 Non-Cringey Songs to Add to Your Sex Playlist

When we think about a sexy night in, we probably think of different things.

Some of us will think about massage and rose petals after a candlelit meal for two, followed by hours of sensual lovemaking.

Some of us will think of striped butt plugs, hoods and French maids.

But one of the things we can probably agree on is that there is a song that fits our mood in the bedroom, whether it be a raspy love ballad, throbbing trip hop or an upbeat pop tune about underwater life sung by a Trinidadian crab (what?).

However, not every playlist is a suitable score for sexytimes. So to help you put together your perfect playlist for playtime, we've picked our top 18 sex songs - and there's no Barry White in sight.

Have a listen and tell us your favourite sexy songs in the comments below:

1. Drive by Melissa Ferrick

2. Dirge by Death in Vegas

3. Human Nature by Madonna

4. Back to Black by Beyonce and Andre 3000

5. Pony by Ginuwine

6. All I Need by Air

7. Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray

8. Need You Tonight by INXS

9. Closer by Nine Inch Nails

10. The Hills by The Weeknd

11. You Look So Fine by Garbage

12. In Your Room by Depeche Mode

13. Confide In Me by Kylie Minogue

14. Angel by Massive Attack

15. Cream by Prince

16. Love To Love You Baby by Donna Summer

17. Only You by Portishead

18. Papi Pacify by FKA Twigs

Looking for even more inspiration? The Lovehoney forum members have been sharing their sexy mood tracks for years (not continuously, though) and they have awesome taste. It looks like they have a lot of stamina, too.

Nina is a postgraduate art student in Brighton. Which means she can make origami genitals and pass it off as work. She likes thinking about gender, consent and body positivity.

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Written by Nina.

Originally published on May 8, 2018. Updated on Aug 5, 2020