1. Men: 8 Surprising Reasons You Should Get a Sex Toy

    Men: 8 Surprising Reasons You Should Get a Sex ToyDo you guys ever get jealous of all the cool toys made for women? You don’t have to be. Sex toys are for dudes too. You can use them to add variety or simply to enhance your experience. Toys can be used alone or with a partner. Women love it when men are enthusiastic about our vibrators. Your ultimate fantasy is a three-some, you say? How about you, me and some toys?

    Penises and testicles love sex toys just as much as vulvas, clits and vaginas do. Everyone has a booty, which might just love the feeling of penetration and fullness. You never know until you try! I believe men will continue to embrace sex toys this year. It’s just a matter of time before male celebrities start endorsing sex toys and adult products the same way some famous women have recently. Which male celeb could you imagine buying one of the items below?

    Check out this list of 8 ways men can enjoy sex toys, and add your comment below:

    Reason 1. To Improve Your Style

    You wouldn’t use a household item to replace a vibrator or butt plug, so why use hand lotion when it’s time to masturbate? Lube and specially-formulated masturbation creams are awesome, safe and feel great.

    Add some style to your solo play with this Stroke 29 Masturabtion Lube (pictured above). It looks much better on your bathroom shelf than a tub of petroleum jelly. Trust me.

    Reason 2. To Give Your Hand a Break

    Tenga EggHandjobs and masturbation are great, but sometimes you crave a new sensation. That’s when it’s time to try a masturbation sleeve.

    The compact and convenient Tenga Egg is perfect for experiencing a new feeling on a budget. Tenga Eggs are discretely-packaged, convenient and fun. They also come in a selection of textures, so you can experiment to find your favorite.

    If you want a full-on 21st century masturbation experience, try the Tenga Flip. This masturbation sleeve is easy to clean, looks like a sci-fi techie gadget and guys say it feels AMAZING.

    Reason 3. To Can Gain Size - and Pleasure!

    Pump it up! male sex toy. With continued use and dedication, some penis pump users say that pumps can help you increase the size of your penis while enhancing and strengthening your orgasm.

    British-made Bathmate pumps are among the most popular, because they use water to create tight, safe suction. And yes, you can use them in the bath!

    Reason 4. To Get Off Without Even Moving

    Cobra LibreI'm not insinuating that you're lazy! I know from personal experience that sometimes doing all the work makes it harder to relax and focus on how good something feels. Enter the Cobra Libre, the world’s first vibrator for men. When I watch this thing in action, I get pure penis envy.

    Everyone with a dick seems overcome by the urge to insert it into this racecar-shaped sleeve, sit back and go for a ride. Cobra Libre has a modern, masculine design and gives you a high-tech, hands-free experience with a very big finish.

    Reason 5. To Discover Your Prostate

    You have a prostate, so why aren't you using it? Prostate stimulation promotes sexual health and could lead you down the road to stronger orgams—even multiple orgasms!

    Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, but the innovative designers at Aneros have created toys specifically to target and massage the prostate. Discover the pleasures just waiting to be uncovered in your butt with an Aneros toy.

    Reason 6. To Have a Three-Way with Toys!

    Some women are just insatiable. It's been said that the more sex women have, the more they want. With the right toys handy, you can give her even more. Keep a quality silicone dildo around to double her pleasure or keep the action going after you have your climax or if you need a break.

    Want to give her a truly fulfilling experience? Add the Sportsheets Double Penetration Harness to your arsenal. (Pun unintended but I'll take it.)

    Reason 7. To Make It Last Longer

    Stretchy Cock RingsCock rings are awesome. You and your partner will both enjoy the benefits of these small but mighty devices. Cock rings restrict blood from flowing out of the penis, keeping erections harder longer.

    For an introduction, try this Three Snap Leather Cock Ring or these stretchy Lovehoney Magic Cock Rings. Want to kick it up a notch? Add vibration with one of these Beginners Basic Chunky Waterproof Vibrating Cock Rings.

    Cock rings come in a dizzying variety of different sizes, features, colors and materials. Contact Customer Service if you need help finding the best one for you.

    Reason 8. To Do Something You or Your Partner Don't Want To Do.

    Oh your neck hurts? Don't feel like going down on your sweetie right now? Maybe your lady likes receiving oral sex a bit more than you like giving it?

    The Sqweel 2 is a wheel with spinning silicone tongues that simulates cunnilingus! Dr. Hernando Chaves M.F.T., D.H.S suggests using the Sqweel 2 on your partner to "Sqweel it out" as 10 stand-in tongues, I recommend adding a blindfold to this scene.

    Plus, the Sqweel 2 isn’t just a cunnilingus toy. It offers a willing tongue for any lickable body part. She can also use it on you, by placing the Sqweel 2 on the frenulum - the sensitive spot on the underside of your penis head. Curious about analingus? Add a little lube to the silicone tongues and give it a try.

    What do you think? Are you ready to add some new gear to your repertoire?

    Comments (26)

    • Johnny: February 08, 2013 03:36
      Sounds good to me!
    • lori quesinberry: February 08, 2013 21:24
      we just love Hubby's man toys. They a lot of spice to our playtime.
    • Victoria Elias: February 09, 2013 05:13
      Sounds amaaazing
    • Silverdrops: February 09, 2013 10:38
      I'm not always physically able to be penetrated, due to disabilities, but I can snuggle close while SilverHubby uses a Fleshlight or the Lovehoney Thrust. Sex toys for men are wonderful!
    • Travis: February 09, 2013 11:07
      All of this sounds amazing.
    • InsatiablyTaken: February 10, 2013 04:25
      We use sex toys to keep things alive and sexy in our long distance relationship. I love my vibrators and he loves his sleeves.
    • James-Dean Summerfield: February 10, 2013 09:06
      awesome prize :)
    • AliMc: February 10, 2013 18:42
      My boyfriend and I can definitely vouch for the TENGA Egg range! They've become a staple part of our foreplay.
    • Wayne: February 10, 2013 21:01
      I love sex toys. My wife and I use them all the time.
    • nick: February 12, 2013 00:26
      deffo need some new toys for the wife
    • Debbie Burfoot: February 12, 2013 13:27
      now I have quite a few and hubby doesn't have any...not fair me thinks...so he needs to try some out don't you think
    • LA Pi: February 12, 2013 15:37
      I am needing some new toys
    • Angel: February 13, 2013 03:59
      This is a great article going to share with him. I got my sweetie his first toy as a surprise gift and I would love to add to this collection.
    • buzzvibe: February 15, 2013 12:45
      I love that there are sex toys for men. No reason men can't have fun, too.
    • Angel: February 16, 2013 00:01
      I like men who have toys. It means they are open and naughty minded like me.
    • Michelle G.: February 16, 2013 03:18
      My husband and I use toys for me pretty often but he is just starting to show an interest in something for him. So this would be a nice surprise!
    • DB: February 16, 2013 12:37
      These all sound awesome. I've just managed to convince the boyfriend of the brilliance of male toys.
    • Suzie W: February 18, 2013 21:56
      Going to share this article with my hubby.
    • claire turner: February 19, 2013 13:15
      would love to surprise him with these, they'd make a great addition to our 'fun box' :)
    • Raine: February 24, 2013 04:27
      Great giveaway-the toy box needs more guy stuff! Thank you!
    • Dave P: February 26, 2013 05:34
      Finally something for us men!
    • Pete: February 26, 2013 17:47
      Whenever I hear the phrase "sex toys", I automatically think of things made only for females. Never did I realize there existed all these wonderful inventions purely for men to get off and take their self pleasuring to a whole new level. Very grateful for genius minds who came up with them, makes it easier in long distance relationships to cope as well as a new thing to try as a couple.
    • Mark: February 26, 2013 23:41
      We've used the Tenga Egg, loved it. Also used many different anal plugs, glass and silicone. Cock rings, pumps, etc have all been used in our bedroom. His fav is my strapon dildo, he loves it when I wear it and he can sit down on my cock at his own pace. Awesome rocking orgasms.
    • Rich: February 27, 2013 23:30
      Used toys on my wife but never on me! Would like to try a male aimed toy though
    • david fox jr: February 24, 2015 10:57
      I wanna win
    • Sali Dalton: May 19, 2016 18:33
      i'm 84 and have been fridage until now. i have just discovered the toys.
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