1. If It Makes You Happy - How to Find (Sexual) Happiness

    Happiness VibeHere at Lovehoney we pride ourselves on doing whatever we can within our means to help our customers find sexual happiness. That's one big goal with a lot of nuance.

    First off, we know a lot about what people like, what's enjoyable and what feels good just from our treasure trove of product reviews. But that doesn't necessarily answer all the questions. As exciting and stimulating as a new sex toy can be, it also is not going to solve all of our problems.

    Recent studies suggest that we might be happier if we made time for more intimacy. Preferably 106 minutes a day and at least a few more minutes than our neighbors. We might be a bit less happy if we paid for sex and a bit more happy if we've learned about ourselves through maturation and communication in the meantime.

    Below I've compiled some information on the elusive feeling called happiness.

    In our attempt to make your lives sexually happier we will be giving away three of these funand cheery yellowShag Factory Happiness Bullet Vibes to brighten your days and nights.

    We didn't make this sexual happiness stuff up. Check out the studies and suggestions and enter to win by telling us what makes you happy in the comment section below this post.

    • Pop quiz: Sex or money: What makes you happier? Money may make for more opportunities to have sex, but sex may actually confer more happiness than money is able to. Researchers found that paying for sex doesn't necessarily buy sexual happiness and more about the pleasure we get from getting it on. - [CNN]
    • Here's another reason why people really hate hearing their neighbors get it on. A new study suggests that we're happiest when we think we're having more sex than others. - [The Key To Happiness Is THINKING We Have More Sex Than Other People]
    • "Studies confirm that having a good sexual relationship with yourself will increase your chances of having a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner." Masturbate tops the list of these five steps to get us on our way to Sexual Happiness, also included: Communicate, Engage in Foreplay, Love your Body, Lose the "Performance" Sex Model - [Save Your Sex Life; Discover the Sectrets of Sexuall Happiness]
    • Lover's DiceIt seems many of us haven't found the true happiness balance we crave and researchers have been looking for answers. "Few of us are living by the optimal 36:106 ratio." according to a recent study “Just a perfect day? Developing a happiness optimised day schedule.” Suggests we would be most happy with 36 minutes of work for every 106 minutes of sex daily. Sounds great, but is it realistic? - [How to have the perfect day: Have sex for 106 minutes]
    • Now for some sexy deals that might help bring some fun back into your sex life: Get free Lover's Choice Cheeky Bedroom Dice worth $15.99 with selected sexy games. Ideal for a naughty night in, simply roll the dice and discover your sexy treat. Do you know about the Lovehoney.com Oh! Points Loyalty Programme? It's an extra way for us to say "Thank you!" for shopping at Lovehoney.com and help your purchases go even further! When you buy sex toys, lingerie and sexy gifts - or anything for that matter you earn Oh! Points which can be used towards future purchases and fun free gifts. There are many more ways we do our very best to make you happy, including discreet packaging, free shipping and 100 days for free no questions asked returns. Seriously, we really want to help you find sexual happiness! - [About Lovehoney]
    1. Our Video of the Week breaks it down into easy steps, How To Be Happy (From Step 6: turn off that Morrissey record and go outside (sex outside?))

    Speaking of finding happiness, the winners of the new Toyfriends from our last giveaway were Sabrina, Kesha, Sarah and Kristine. A successful attempt at Sex Toy match making, if I do say so myself. Remember to comment below and tell us what makes you happy for your chance to win aHappiness Vibe - Three winners will be chosen at random and contacted by email on May 1, 2013.

    Wait! That's not everything

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    Comments (15)

    • johnny: April 20, 2013 22:16
      Talking. Talking with my partner about anything sexual makes me so happy. =)
    • lori quesinberry: April 21, 2013 20:55
      Communication and an open mind to new desires makes us very sexually happy.
    • Lindsay M: April 22, 2013 22:38
      Just being able to hold and express my love in person with my partner makes me very happy. Those that can spend every day with their loved one are very lucky. <3
    • Anika: April 23, 2013 00:49
      Love this video - simple, pithy, cute. What's not to love? Boy, am I feeling GRATEFUL, I'm going to go find a door to open for someone!
    • Ella: April 23, 2013 15:46
      Communication and cuddling X)
    • travelnurse: April 24, 2013 22:51
      Just some peace and time alone together makes me happy
    • Wren: April 25, 2013 02:22
      Being outside in nature, watching birds and going for hikes and climbing rocks and trees makes me so happy and doing that with my partner makes me even more happy
    • Courtney Renee: April 25, 2013 08:46
      What makes me happy is spending time with my lover, we have a great time together. When we fight, we have an even better time :) Thanks for the giveaway.
    • Moxie Hall: April 25, 2013 21:39
      What makes me happy? Being tied up and having my partner hold a vibe on me :)

      And lots of nice cuddles afterwards, of course!

    • Mistress Raeven: April 27, 2013 04:16
      What makes me happy? The mental connection between me and the other...that unspoken connection that leads to a real and meaningful physical encounter.
    • John Patterson: April 28, 2013 17:38
      Just etting any
    • Shadow: April 30, 2013 00:18
      Watching my special someone smile. I know that grin, something fun is coming. :)
    • Dustin: April 30, 2013 00:46
      Watching my wife moan when I please her!
    • elise: April 30, 2013 18:58
      snuggling my partner - it makes me feel so safe/happy!
    • Susan: April 30, 2013 21:37
      Talking and cuddles: the best match! ;)
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