1. Little Known Ways to Orgasm

    Tease Me PaddleHave you ever had an orgasm when you least expected it? Much of what turns us on is the visual or sensual experience. The ultimate climax comes from combining all of our senses and enjoying the experience; touch, smell, sound, sight, and even taste. We've found seven little known ways to achieve the big O or even gigantic multiple Os.

    You may be able to get off from breast stimulation, massage, prostate stimulation, or even a good old spanking to name a few. Look over the whole list below. Have you ever came in any of these unexpected ways? Watch how one man has found a 'surrogate penis' after he lost all feeling below the waist. Can you guess what he likes to have sucked and caressed?

    These sometimes new and exciting kinds of stimulation might just have you inspired. Read on and tell us in the comments if any of these kinds of stimulation make it happen for you. Comment before July 22nd for a chance to win a Lovehoney Tease Me Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle. Get spanked or spank your lover to your next climax with this sensual toy.

    • Breast Stimulation and Massage: "Researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix. What this means is that women's brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way." via The Truth About Breast Orgasms. Try: Nipple Clamps & Suckers or Fun Zone Doki Doki Vibrating Breast Massager. Full body massage will also touch some of the mysterious erogenous zones that cover our bodies. Massage is often a blissful experience, enjoy the build up in intensity and touching places that don't often receive attention and love.Breast Massagers
    • Spanking: Spanking can stimulate the prostate, G-spot, vulva and clitoris, felt both externally and internally as well as sensitive buttocks and thighs. All of your most sensitive areas can be engaged via spanking. It's all about the build up in intensity. Hitting just the right spots in just the right ways. There's also quite a bit of erotica on the subject of spanking. For some people it might be a turn on that builds to climax, but for others it can take them all the way there.
    • Anal Sex and Prostate Stimulation: People with all different kinds of bodies can orgasm from anal sex. Female bodies can receive G-spot stimulation through anal penetration. Male bodies and folks with prostates can also receive amazing pleasure from anal stimulation. The anus is ultra sensitive, with the right lubricant and some fun toys you can elicit mind blowing orgasms. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men by Bill Brent and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2nd Ed by Tristan Taormino to learn more.
    • Giving Oral and Breathing: A G-spot in the back of your throat? That's not only a movie plot, it also plays out in real life. People have reportedly orgasmed due to the extreme pleasure they receive while giving oral. By incorporating deep breathing and allowing pleasure to transfer through your entire body you can build to powerful orgasms without ever touching your own naughty bits. - How To Orgasm From Giving A Blow Job. Thinking about breathing might not seem very sexy, but it can be the key to pure orgasmic pleasure for women and to lasting longer for men. - Enlightened Sex: Women's Tantric Breathing And Orgasm
    • Riding a Bike and Exercise: "I began experiencing this myself after spinning for several months. The first time it happened was quite a surprise, since it hadn't happened before and I was a weekly spinner. I find it happens usually about 40 minutes in on a high resistance sprint" - I think I had an orgasm while riding a bike. Is that even possible? Exercise in general is great for your sexual health. Have you ever orgasmed during exercise class?Purple Paddle
    • Giving Birth: "Though childbirth is frequently spoken of in terms of pain and punishment, some women do experience what are known as orgasmic or ecstatic births. A new survey, available online May 3 in the journal Sexologies, finds that midwives report witnessing orgasms in about 0.3 percent of births." Orgasmic Birth: Orgasms During Childbirth Are Real, Study Suggests
    • Through Other Extremities: People are always finding new and creative ways to orgasm, Rafe does it through his thumb: "A quadriplegic who has been paralysed from the chest down for nine years has learned to experience orgasms through his thumb. Rafe Biggs lost all feeling below the waist after tumbling from a roof terrace in India in 2004. Yet just a year after his accident Biggs found himself nearing an orgasmic-like high as a girlfriend gently massaged and sucked his thumb." (See the video below) - Rafe Biggs, Quadriplegic Learns To Orgasm Through His Thumb
    1. Check out this video about Rafe and his organization - Sexability.org: Strange Sex - Surrogate Manhood:

    Wow! Have you ever had an orgasm any of these intereststing ways? Tell us about it in the comments.

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    Comments (20)

    • Krystal: July 10, 2013 00:43
      I find myself able to orgasm when there is a lot going on at once. My mind is racing with fantasies, usually more than one popping in and out, my nipples are being sucked on, there is a cock either in my mouth or cunt and I am rubbing my clit with all my fresh juices. However, I also find myself getting really wet during a skilled spanking when my butt cheeks are reverberating and sending subtle but intense sensations to my pussy. Ah! Let's do more spanking! :)
    • Krissy Novacaine: July 10, 2013 03:14
      I came in class while thinking about a really fantastic scene with my Dom. It was terribly awkward, but luckily, I didn't make any noise. My Dom has jumped on this to command me to orgasm for him during scenes.
    • John Patterson: July 10, 2013 05:23
      only time was in a wet dream
    • Tara Michaels: July 10, 2013 07:32
      I have found it is common for me to feel the need to orgasm if I have to pee and hold it too long...I have used it to my advantage a few times!
    • Erin: July 10, 2013 16:04
      Many of the above can bring me to the heights of orgasm. A light massage after sex keeps things going for me. Everything is super sensitive then. Spanking, just thinking about it has me squirming but actually having it done, especially if the spanking include between my thighs, I don't usually need any more stimulation than that. With anal play, when my husband includes this with any vaginal stimulation it usually results in some of my most powerful orgasms.
    • lori quesinberry: July 10, 2013 20:43
      A lot of these are great for me to orgasm. I was surprised one night when I found that I could orgasm by having my breasts spanked. :) I love it
    • PropertyOfPotter: July 11, 2013 04:21
      Out of those listed, I've come close with breast stimulation and through giving oral. I wish it would actually happen though. Maybe someday!
    • Eris Urth: July 11, 2013 06:10
      Spanking! And had a new one the other day....Having my neck nibbled on. That was different lol
    • KphotoJ: July 11, 2013 16:01
      I have not... but looking forward to it
    • Tess Danesi: July 11, 2013 17:50
      This isn't so odd, or maybe it is, but the best orgasms I have are when I have multiple levels of stimulation. So, a butt plug that engages all the nerves endings in the anus and presses against the rear wall of the vagina, a toy of some sort in my pussy, usually an njoy Pure Wand and a vibe on my clit. For masturbation, that my friends is the trifecta.
    • T. Wall: July 12, 2013 02:14
      I've totally orgasmed going down on someone else. It was an incredibly intense experience, with lots of chemistry between the two of us. Hot hot hot!
    • Wendy: July 12, 2013 04:33
      Spanking-yes, especially if my pussy "accidenty" gets spanked too. Have also orgasmed from being flogged and from having my inner thighs spanked or flogged.
      Anal sex-oh yes!
      Giving head-yes, the more my lover gets excited, the more excited i get.
      Love being bitten at the point where neck and shoulder meet. Also being bitten on my inner thighs.
      Most unusual -orgasming while having my back tattooed.
    • Victoria: July 12, 2013 07:27
      I've had orgasms during cyber sex and phone sex... I love dirty talk. Also while having naughty fantasies during the day.
    • Despina Rose: July 15, 2013 21:43
      I really struggled with orgasms at first, I put pressure on myself to have them and was annoyed at myself when I didn't. One day I just thought f*ck it, I am just going to enjoy sex for what is it. I did, for several months. Then out of no-where I suddenly squirted. After that I am able to orgasm easily and squirt whenever I want. I am also able to orgasm by kissing, having my neck kissed, my breasts rubbed, my nipples sucked, spanking, giving oral and pegging. I think that I had to just let it happen as it was going to rather than pressure myself.
    • Gabrielle: July 16, 2013 14:06
      I've been able to orgasm from breast stimulation, anal play, biting and sometimes with spanking or electrical play. I've also been able to orgasm from some extremely fantasy fetish related talking/fantasizing.
    • Rayne Millaray: July 16, 2013 18:39
      Sadly, I need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm, usually. I have had an orgasm from having my clit pinned, though! That's yummy.
    • Misskat: July 16, 2013 21:44
      Generally speaking, it takes clitoral stimulation for me to climax. I have had incredible orgasms in my sleep however that have woken me up!
    • Britt in Toyland: July 19, 2013 18:36
      I usually need clitoral stimulation to orgasm but most of the stuff listed above definitely help! I have had an orgasm from anal stimulation alone but that happens infrequently.
    • Killbee: July 20, 2013 04:13
      Using both G and Clit stim in me results in very sticky endings. Thick and wet. Interesting.
      I never 'squirt' though and I am yet to find a girl that does as my current gf does not either. <3 But we are very happy and satisfied whatever the case.
    • Jenn: July 21, 2013 11:15
      Unfortunately, I have a hard time orgasming without toys. Even then it generally has to be by clitoral or g-spot stimulation.
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