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    Crystal Delights Plug GiveawayI'm very excited to share this post and giveaway with all of you! I learned so much in this interview with Shellie Martin, founder of Crystal Delights. Plus we have one of these fascinating and functional Crystal Delights plugs to giveaway!

    The Crystal Delights Aurora Borealis Frosted Crystal Butt Plug is just gorgeous. I've seen this beauty in person, both the toy and the lovely quilted black storage case are true luxury. You can read my review on the product page.

    We also offer this playful award winning Crystal Delight Minx Glass Butt Plug with Faux Fur Tail - perfect for a frisky role-play. Read on to learn more about Crystal Delights, the interesting way the products and company came to be and what makes them all so awesome.

    Plus, you can enter to win your very ownCrystal Delights Aurora Borealis Frosted Crystal Butt Plug with just a comment on this post before September 20th, 2013.Many thanks to Shellie and Crystal Delights for sponsoring this giveaway and answering my questions:

    Krista -How does one get started in the business of making gorgeous butt plugs?

    Shellie - This is kind of an interesting story! Crystal Delights actually started as a digital product in the virtual world Second Life! The virtual world is built on the use of personal avatars that let you interact with other people and objects virtually. We developed a digital dildo that allowed your avatar to orgasm. Many companies today want a presence in virtual worlds and they take their product or service and have it made into a virtual product, we on the other hand did exactly the opposite and took our digital product and turned it into a real life product! With my previous employer I was looking for new products that could be carried on the website, one of the places that I went to source some great new products was the Boston Fetish Fleamarket sponsored by NELA (The New England Leather Alliance) - there I saw a metal plug with a beautiful crystal in it and I said to the owner, you should make these in glass too, she said she wasn't interested but that I should do it, well… here we are!

    Crystal Delights Frosted Plug

    K -You support a lot of causes with your work, how did that come about?

    S - Again, this is something that started along with Crystal Delights in SecondLife, we had a "dance club" that people would come to just hang out and interact, on the dance floor we had a donation box where people would donate "Lindens", the money source in Second Life, for their appreciation for good music and good conversation with others, there was a group in Second Life that held a fundraiser for charity, Relay for Life, we would make donations to them. It was just an easy decision to continue our charitable causes in real life as well. The Colors Against Cancer campaign is something close to our hearts, we all know someone that themselves or a family member is or has suffered with cancer. Even within our own family this has personal connections. My uncle died from a long battle with colon cancer and Andrew's mother is a 30 year plus breast cancer survivor, I myself have 5 plus years after a malignant melanoma removal so our new black glass has a special significance to me!

    K -You also haven't shied away from aligning yourself with porn stars, have you had any doubts about that or was it a natural connection?

    S -It does seem like a natural connection to me, we want to maintain a classy image, but it seems like a win-win situation when you consider the possibility of being able to get good quality toys to replace unsafe unhealthy toys in movies, and there is nothing like a porn stars fans, they are a very loyal and appreciative audience! Also, we have seen the movie industry changing, there are many more sex positive and women owned film studios making quality "art" that we want to make sure we stay involved in!

    K -What are your favorite types of feedback or product reviews? Do you have any funny stories you can share?

    Crystal Delights Plug

    S - I LOVE customer feedback and reviews, we have made changes and I believe have better products because of interaction with our customers, it isn't really a funny story, but one of my favorites is that we started with a long stemmed small bulb plug, it sold really well and we were really happy with our sales, I had a person on twitter who asked to review our plug and after her extensive testing she came back to me and said its good, BUT, it could be much better if the stem were shorter! We shortened up the stem and it wasn't long before the short stemmed small bulb plug was and remains our leading seller. A funny story…we were vending at a show and a customer came up to me to tell me that she had purchased a plug off of our website for her mother, she said, its not like my mother uses butt plugs, but it sits on her desk in her office as a pretty paperweight, she said every time she walks into her mothers office she has to smile because she sees the butt plug and knows that her mother has no idea what it really is!

    K - That's hilarious and wonderful! What's your favorite thing about your job?

    S - This is an easy one! The creativity is my favorite part of my job, it is amazing to have boxes of sparkling crystals at my fingertips, to have the ability to dream up products that will bring so much pleasure to so many people, I am very grateful to have this be my "job"

    K - Thank you so much Shellie! Your products really do bring so much pleasure to so many people.

    Win Your Very Own Frosted Glass Crystal Delights Plug!

    Here's a chance for you to enter to win one of these gorgeous Crystal Delights Aurora Borealis Frosted Crystal Butt Plugs. All you have to do to be entered is comment below before September 20th, 2013. We'll choose the winner at random and contact them via email. Best of luck to you all!

    About Shellie and Crystal Delights

    Shellie - Crystal Delights

    VirtuallyAbout LLC began in 2008 as a result of a successful line of digital toys in the virtual world of Second Life. Out of the “Crystal Delights” virtual adult toy product line, the idea grew to create a real-life “Crystal Delights” line.

    Each Crystal Delights sex toy is handmade from the highest quality natural materials. These natural materials are transformed into erotic shapes and textures by highly skilled artisans. Once completed each unique Crystal Delights sex toy is adorned with a sparkling, genuine Swarovski element.

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    • Sugar Doll: September 03, 2013 18:40
      The Crystal Delights products are truly beautiful and one of a kind.
    • Red Hot Rosaline: September 03, 2013 20:09
      A Crystal Delights giveaway?? That is super awesome!! They have a reputation for awesome toys, and whoever wins this giveaway will be very happy :)
    • nooky: September 03, 2013 20:42
      i have found glass is really nice and a lot more sexual. would love one of these to try as i've only ever used my wifes glass dildo
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      This is totally gorgeous! It would be my first, but who could resist something SO PRETTY!!!
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      3rd day of septembers a charm!
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      These products are all so beautiful and amazing! What a great giveaway!
    • Beanfiddler: September 04, 2013 20:32
      Krista, what a wonderful interview! It's always great to learn more about the people behind the products, especially the more unique and creative ones, like Crystal Delights'. I've been a fan of CD for several years and even got to meet Shellie at an expo. Whoever wins this plug is a lucky person!
    • Emma: September 04, 2013 20:58
      Ahh what a beautiful product! Great article!
    • PS: September 04, 2013 21:53
      Nice, wouldn't mind trying that
    • ScarletRoseFox: September 04, 2013 23:01
      I have always been in love with Crystal Delight toys, I really love the passion that you can clearly see that Shellie has in this article and I adore that.
    • Heaven: September 05, 2013 00:53
      I have been lusting after the toys from Crystal Delight for some time now. I am always amazed to see new reviews on them. This one here is really pretty. Shellie is very talented and please keep making more of these beautiful toys.
    • dizzygirl: September 05, 2013 00:57
      I bet this would look real pretty in my butt.
    • MissKat: September 05, 2013 00:59
      I have been wanting one of the Crystal Delights frosted plugs for awhile now! They are all so gorgeous and the craftsmanship is amazing. Great article too- glad I got to read a little bit of behind the scenes info on such a giving company!
    • Amber: September 05, 2013 01:01
      Crystal Delights has the prettiest butt plugs I've ever seen! I've wanted one for so long! :)
    • Reenie: September 05, 2013 01:02
      Crystal Delight is definitely a great company and Shellie is absolutely amazing. It would also be amazing if those tails plugs can become exchangeable (one plug, many different tails to choose from and can switch tails from day to day)!
      Thanks for giving this wonderful opportunity!
    • Camryn: September 05, 2013 01:46
      Wow, I didn't know they started virtually! Very cool. Also, "boxes of sparkling crystals at my fingertips"? I can only dream of such things. Her job rocks!
    • Renny: September 05, 2013 03:58
      Thanks for hosting the giveaway and for giving insight on the history of Crystal Delights. I've always admired their work and dream about owning one of their beautiful creations.
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      These are always my favorite things to gaze at when I'm visiting my local Pleasure Chest. <3
    • Noëlle Steegs: September 05, 2013 10:05
      I also work with Shellie and she's so lovely!
    • Rayne Millaray: September 05, 2013 17:11
      I love Crystal D Toys. Their tails are absolutely gorgeous. I'm hoping I can pick one up in the very near future.
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      XD Now you too can have a shiny asshole and NOT be a h-manga character!

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      wow it so nice i would love this for my birthday
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      Thanks so much to everyone who commented and enjoyed this post. Nancy was the winner! Congratulations Nancy!
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