1. Brand Feature: Everyone Needs a Tantus Sex Toy

    Tantus Silicone

    Tantus is the largest producer of silicone sex toys in America, and the company has a very special relationship with everyone they come into contact with. Once you've bought your first Tantus sex toy you'll want another and another.

    Why do we love Tantus silicone sex toys and dildos?

    Premium quality silicone. Offering much more than quality silicone dildos, Tantus creates toys for all different body parts and experience levels. The Tantus Silicone Cock Sling Ring (pictured left) is a great example.

    Gorgeous color, size and shape options. Tantus offers exceptional strap on sets, butt plugs, dildos, double dildos and now paddles too, in almost every style and color imaginable.

    Check out my six top picks from one of the best in the sex toy business. You can't go wrong with any of the styles featured here. Thank you to Metis Black, founder of Tantus Inc., and everyone at Tantus for these must have silicone sex toys.

    Tantus Dildos: Premium Silicone with Style

    1. Tantus Splash Dildo

      Splash and smaller Splish have a textured shape and dual color fade, making them extra special.

      Tantus Splash Silicone Dildo
    2. Tantus Pack'n Play No 2 Silicone Dildo

      You can take this dildo anywhere. Wear it to pack during the day and pull it out when it's time to play!

      Tantus Pack'n Play No 2 Silicone Dildo
    3.  Tantus Feeldoe More Vibrating Silicone Double

      The largest Feeldoe, this double dildo/harnessless strap-on, is everything and MORE.

      Tantus Feeldoe More Vibrating Silicone Double

    Other Tantus Goodies: BDSM, Booty and Beyond…

    1. Tantus Pelt Oval Silicone Spanking Paddle

      The shape of this paddle is so cute, with a sadistic slap of smooth silicone. It's on my wishlist.

      Tantus Pelt Oval Silicone Spanking Paddle
    2. Tantus Ripple Silicone Small Butt Plug

      A lovely purple flared base (harness compatible) plug with the shape of anal beads for extra sensation.

      Tantus Ripple Silicone Small Butt Plug
    3. Tantus Bend Over Beginner Harness Dildo Kit

      Whether it's your first time strapping on a dildo or you're just stocking up this kit has what you need!

      Tantus Bend Over Beginner Harness Dildo Kit

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    Comments (4)

    • Heaven: October 13, 2013 02:56
      I agree everyone should have some form of Tantus toy in their toy chest.
    • AirenWolf: October 13, 2013 03:08
      I have quite a few Tantus toys in my collection and they are the only ones that are non-negotiable when it comes time to downsize! They are so easy to keep clean and I haven't yet met a Tantus silicone toy that reacts negatively to my favorite silicone lubes. Now they have paddles and stuff too...
    • Pamela Pegwell: October 16, 2013 07:58
      The Tantus Silk Dildo is my favorite pegging dildo ever! Perfect design, texture, and firmness for anal action. Highly recommended.
    • Caitlin @ Marriage Sex Life: December 13, 2013 07:57
      I agree with them, I should have this and add to my collections. Tantus toys are really great! :)
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