1. Brand Feature: Kiss Me Deadly, I'm in Love

    Girdle GreenKiss Me Deadly is one of my all time favorite lingerie brands. Their lingerie has the quality and classic retro feel that makes it timeless as well as unbelievably sexy.

    On top of offering intriguing one-of-a-kind styles, Kiss Me Deadly is a brand I can appreciate on many ethical levels. I love the diversity of their models, who range in size and embrace their varied looks and curves.

    Plus, the lovely folks at Kiss Me Deadly are not afraid to answer "Indelicate questions about delicates" for example.

    I've chosen my favorite pieces from this brand to help you create a retro bedroom look. Enjoy some selected sets below and delight in gorgeous styles in a range of jewel colors that will enhance any pin-up look.

    Feel free to mix and match the tops and bottoms featured below to style your complete look in luxurious satin with delicate lace and mesh details. Pictured here Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren 6 Strap Suspender Belt in green.

    Retro Tops

    1. Kiss Me Deadly Divine Midline Satin Bra

      A flattering style that enhances and supports your curves, this luxurious satin top can also be worn strapless.

      Divine Midline Satin Bra
    2. Kiss Me Deadly Fifi Satin Bralet

      Pure sex appeal: A soft cup satin bralet offers the ultimate comfort without padding or underwire.

      Kiss Me Deadly Fifi Satin Bralet
    3. Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Bralet

      Infuenced by the original bullet bra, this bralet is featured in our Bettie Page Pleasure Products photoshoot.

      Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Bralet

    Vintage Bottoms

    1. Kiss Me Deadly Divine Satin Girdle

      A sleek and sexy satin girdle defines and shapes for a flattering fit. Includes garters with bow details.

      Kiss Me Deadly Divine Satin Girdle
    2. Kiss Me Deadly Fifi High Waisted Satin Knickers

      You'll love the delicate stitched details and sexy mesh backside on these royal purple panties.

      Fifi High Waisted Satin Knickers
    3. Kiss Me Deadly Longline Vargas Girdle

      Also available in black or emerald green, this classic longline girdle will delight in any color.

      Longline Vargas Girdle

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