1. 60 Second Sex Survey - Win 1 of 5 USB Rechargeable Vibrating Bullets!

    Win 1 of 5 vibrators!

    Got 60 seconds?

    Use them wisely and enter our competition…

    Take our super-speedy sex survey and you could win 1 of 5 Lovehoney Silencer 6 Function USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrators, worth $39.99 each!

    Completely silent and discreet, this teeny gadget can be charged via USB, either in your computer or through an adapter charger.

    Its long-lasting charge means you'll never have to use batteries again. Bliss!

    For your chance to win, take the survey and enter your email address.

    Competition has now closed.

    Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

    Congratulations to our winners! Sarah-Beth, Gena, Phil, Kelli and Jo R.

    Looking for your new favorite sex toy?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the perfect item for you. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Contact Lovehoney Customer Care

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    Comments (40)

    • Nikki: September 03, 2014 00:25
      Looks like a great product. I could definitely use one of these, as I don't have one in my collection yet!
    • Heather: September 03, 2014 04:36
      Looks like another high quality product from Lovehoney!
    • Krista: September 03, 2014 17:13
      Thanks much for your comments Nikki and Heather. Yes! the new silencer vibe is getting some great reviews and we love all the modern features. Best of luck to you in the competition. :)
    • Kat: September 03, 2014 22:28
      Not paying for batteries? Happy day! This would be my very first item from Loovehoney, if I'm one of the winners, as I've only just found them. I'm in the middle of watching the burlesque show & moldy leathers episode of Frisky Business as I write this, actually! :)
    • Melanie: September 04, 2014 05:00
      Just discovered the show and this website. Now, decisions decisions.
    • Jorge macias: September 05, 2014 00:35
      This is nice
    • Matt: September 05, 2014 00:39
      Battery free sounds nice
    • Raul: September 05, 2014 00:54
      Battery free would be the biggest reason to own this bad boy... Plus it's compact and makes a statement in th bedroom, can't wait to win! #Englishvibes
    • Kris Rotcavich: September 05, 2014 00:58
      This appears to be a product that we could enjoy together and I would love to own one.
    • Chianne: September 05, 2014 01:01
      I simply must have one, one of my all time favorite toys is the bullet! Rechargeable and completely silent hooray!!!
    • Courtney: September 05, 2014 01:06
      I would absolutely love to have this lil handy piece of joy in my life (well bed) lol I've never even heard of a toy that you only have to charge with a USB. Makes since since everything else in the world is USB compatible. PERFECT..!!!!! Can't wait to try it hopefully I'll win and write a review and order some for friends for Christmas presents.?? p.s. I absolutely love Frisky Business I can't wait for the next season I love everyone accent and how they make the show sexy and funny. Very classy website also.!!
    • Amy Bourn: September 05, 2014 01:29
      This looks a product I might enjoy.
    • Debbie: September 05, 2014 01:31
      Would love to have this. Silent and no batteries how awesome!
    • Rock Hard Rex: September 05, 2014 02:33
      Nice little unit to play with a girls clit at a fancy restaurant.
    • Jim Marston: September 05, 2014 03:01
      The Wife Has Very little interest in Sex , I'm The opposite , Very Frustrating for Me . One of These Might Strike Her Fancy !
    • Daniel: September 05, 2014 03:04
      looks AWESOME bet my wife would love to have something that small.
    • Emily: September 05, 2014 08:21
      USB rechargeable! What!? That's a new one! I have a huge sex toy collection but it doesn't have one of those! I need one to keep up to date with new technology in sex toys! I have always been happy with my love honey purchases so I would love to win this!
    • Chrisy: September 05, 2014 08:38
      So would love to win something for once as aye never win nothin
    • Arnel: September 05, 2014 09:06
      Netflix show is entertaining!
    • Suzanne: September 05, 2014 18:02
      Love honey toys are well thought out and classy.
    • Gidget: September 06, 2014 00:05
      Humm... I like the comments, got at least one idea from here. It's silent so would be good to play with at a restaurant, thanks for the tip o.~
    • aspyn: September 06, 2014 04:38
      This looks like an amazing discreet toy hard to find something so high quality
    • Melissa: September 06, 2014 16:35
      It looks like a good toy to take anywhere I would go... It would be nice to win it and try this amazing toy..
    • Jennifer Hawker: September 06, 2014 23:17
      I would love it! There are so many fun ways i could use it with my hubby?
    • Joyce: September 07, 2014 04:48
      I've never had a sex toy in my life but since watching Frisky Business I have been going through your website a lot! I think it may be time for me to explore me and think about sexual healing from past abuse. Something small and not scary like this beautiful pink bullet might be just what can help me begin my journey to find myself again. I sure hope I win one as I'm so scared to make my first order. Fingers crossed!
    • Chris: September 07, 2014 05:59
      This could be a nice surprise for the wife on one of out little trips away ;)
    • Ronnie Beck: September 09, 2014 05:21
      Can't wait! ;-)
    • Arrow Shaw: September 14, 2014 02:03
    • jamie: September 14, 2014 02:53
      Love charging my bullet usb. So easy and non wasteful.
    • Januari: September 16, 2014 21:32
      I NEED that for my collection :)!!!
    • Jenna: September 17, 2014 05:43
      I'll take it
    • Lex: September 17, 2014 06:17
      Omg I could totally use one of these
    • denise smith: September 21, 2014 03:24
      love to win this thanks
    • Gordon Fyfe: September 30, 2014 07:47
      Would love to win this for the better half lol xx
    • Amy: October 20, 2014 18:15
    • ToyWithMe: October 20, 2014 22:16
      We love the Bullet at ToyWithMe.com!
    • thesindoll: October 20, 2014 22:56
      I'd love to carry this in my purse for "bathroom breaks." ;)
    • Blayr: October 20, 2014 23:24
      Bullets are a God send! Just sayin' :))
    • baiey: October 21, 2014 03:28
      I'm looking for a new vibe
    • Smity: October 21, 2014 05:23
      Can use a new toy to play with that wet pussy of hers I'll make her squirt
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