1. Win A Sexy Lovehoney Lingerie Look for Valentine's Day

    Lovehoney Spoil Me Satin Babydoll Set RedHave you seen our gorgeous Lovehoney Lingerie? We launched our own lingerie brand last year with beautiful underwear like bodystockings, stockings and crotchless panties and our most-wanted Covet Me, Love Me and Spoil Me styles.

    Our latest additions to the line are perfect for some Valentine's sexy time: Adore Me and Thrill Me indeed! Plus, the new line offers sequin pasties, satin bustiers, and lace blindfolds too.

    Now, we want to hear from you and we're giving you a chance to win!

    We'll be choosing one person to win their top picks from our Lovehoney Lingerie line, and all you have to do is tell us which pieces you want and why.

    Click through to find out how to enter and share your favorite styles and sexy combinations in the the comments below:

    Lovehoney Spoil Me Satin Cage Brief Red

    Step 1: Peruse our beautiful Lovehoney Lingerie brand.

    Step 2: Decide which combination of sexy lingerie would be your dream bedroom outfit.

    Step 3: Post the links of your chosen items in the comments below and tell us why you love the look of them. Feel free to mix and match different styles - whatever you think would look great!

    Step 4: We'll choose our favorite sexy combination and contact the winner via email on February 4, 2015 - so that we can get your prize to you just in time for Valentine's fun.

    Step 5: Enjoy!

    Please note: OnlyLovehoney Brand Lingerie is eligible for this giveaway.

    Lovehoney Lingerie

    Still looking for your favorite new lingerie?

    Customer Care can also help you find the perfect Valentine's lingerie for you or your sweetheart. You can send an email any time, call or live chat to an experienced advisor from 24hrs a day 7 days a week!

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    Comments (30)

    • Victoria Holmes: January 28, 2015 01:33
      My favorite items are: http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31040

      I think these three make a perfect combination of sexy and sultry for a hot evening in ;) and in all black its perfect for a little darker play time... :)

    • Scott Robertson: January 28, 2015 02:53
      http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=22984 would look awesome on her
    • Hayley Nicholas: January 28, 2015 05:06
      My favorite lingerie is http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=29861 with http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32469 and http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=26252 and http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31968 together would be lovely
    • yomalis: January 28, 2015 06:14

      i really like this one . being plus size it's always hard to find sexy lingerie that fits me right and this looks like it might

    • Pete James: January 28, 2015 16:18
      Lingerie is something that at times can be quite difficult for my lady and I to get right because something isn’t fitting right or the materials are scratchy and not comfortable enough on the skin to wear. These Lovehoney pieces we've chosen however look exquisite and appear to be of good quality material that would comfortably adorn her. Our dream lingerie set for her would look something like this:
      1.   Hide her sensitive nipples with http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32640
      2.   Embrace and support her breasts with http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31027
      3.   Slip on this to accentuate her curves and leave open a naughty secret that only her and I know about http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31029
      4.   Roll up these on her legs for that elegantly sensual appeal http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=30685
      5.   Finally, seductively remove her sense of sight with http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32251
      Aside from the blindfold, she would wear all of this under a long red trench coat and we would stroll around the city with a naughty secret that no one else would suspect.
    • dv8: January 29, 2015 01:08
      I like the following combo because it has a fun burlesque appeal:
    • Chelsea M: January 29, 2015 08:41
      I want these items to surprise my boyfriend on Valentine's day. But more importantly I want them for myself, so I can feel sexy and look hot. It would definitely make me have more confidence.





      I chose the red bustier because it's balwntines day and I've always wanted to own red & black lingerie. I chose the thing because it's cute and simple. And I have a pretty great butt. I chose the cleavage enhancers because I'm an a cup and the bustier is a size b, plus it'll make me feel more confident of it fits better. And last but not least the stockings. I love the line in the back and the black lace tops. Besides it wouldn't be complete without them. Thanks so much! And Happy VDay!!

    • Krista: January 29, 2015 15:30
      Thanks for all of your great ideas so far! Scott, Hayley, and Chelsea please note that this giveaway only includes the Lovehoney brand styles linked in the post above. http://www.lovehoney.com/brands/lovehoney-lingerie/ Other brands are not part of the giveaway, so if you want to win please choose styles from the Lovehoney line. Thank you!
    • Hayley Nicholas: January 29, 2015 16:01
      ok a retry , I love this set and it is plus size to .Very fond of the lace blindfold restraint set. fun stuff.http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32774,http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=30686,http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32068,http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=30987
    • Kyra Noelle: January 29, 2015 17:33
      You guys at Lovehoney are genius!! The lingerie is simple yet absolutely gorgeous! I would love to win the Lovehoney items below because it would be quite the Valentine's surprise for my honey. 


      I chose the bustier, panties and thigh highs because they give you a look that's both beautiful and powerful, perfect for the bedroom shenanigans that will come from the  lace restraint and eye mask!! Also, it would boost my confidence to wear it out on our double date under my dress (a huge turn on for both of us!) It would definitely be a memorable Valentine's Day for years to come.

      I hope whoever wins their dream lingerie line up enjoys it!
      Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! 

    • Beck: January 30, 2015 15:57
      I think that these would pair nicely together.



      I love these because they are black, red, and lacy. They are very sexy.

    • Chelsea M: January 30, 2015 17:05
      Oops! Thanks for letting me know.

      I want these items to surprise my boyfriend on Valentine's day. But more importantly I want them for myself, so I can feel sexy and look hot. It would definitely make me have more confidence.




      The thong is cute with the pink ribbon in the back. So it adds a hint of color. I love the bustier silky look with lace. I love tops of the stockings to show off my legs and complete the look!!

      Happy Valentines Day to you! And Thanks again!

    • Erika Lynae: January 31, 2015 02:35
      The Thrill Me Ribbon Slot & Mesh Babydoll is gorgeous and would look KILLER with the Spoil Me Satin Cage Back knickers and some sheer black thigh highs.


    • Sand: January 31, 2015 08:01
      i like this combination: Lovehoney Spoil Me Satin Bustier Set Black, Lovehoney Spoil Me Satin Cage Brief Black, Lovehoney Fishnet Lace Top Thigh High Stockings & Lovehoney Lace & Satin Blindfold.

      Lacy, busty and fun to tease for all night fun!





    • Kelly Commerford: February 01, 2015 21:28
      I like this combination for myself so much because it's not tacky or overstated.

      It doesn't scream, "LOOK AT ME! I'm wearing LINGERIE!!!!"

      Instead, it sashays past your line of vision, an alluring force that begs to be known.

      All at once sexy, classy, feminine, yet subtle.

      Simple, Elegant, Perfection.



    • Victoria: February 02, 2015 19:17
      These items would be a great look to boost my confidence for some bedroom fun with my man this valentines :)
      My favorite items are: http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31040
    • Sarah c: February 03, 2015 00:02
      I would love these


      It's not easy to find sexy stuff for my body type so i would love to pair these together to show off my sexy curvy body

    • Dayna: February 03, 2015 00:12
      The small ribbons say to unwrap me but the restraints say tie me up first.
      I find it playful for that special night.


    • Angela P.: February 03, 2015 01:54
      Wow!! They have so much to chose from. They have a lot of sexy outfits.
      I would chose






      My husband would go crazy if I wore this outfit.. he loves me in black and red! The only thing I wish is that they had a pair of sexy heels to complete the outfit.

    • Stacy White: February 03, 2015 10:55
      I have always been a person that has never been comfortable in my own skin . I have never wore any kind of lingerie . Or owned any ? But everything I have seen on your your website is beautiful !! And the reviews are awesome !! I would love to see the look on my fiances face . we have been together for almost 4 years . and I would love to give him a valentines to remember :) these are the items that i found that i know i would wear with confidence and own the night !!!!
      http: //www. lovehoney.com/product. cfm? =32057
      http: //www. lovehoney. com/product. cfm? p=32069
      Keeping my fingers crossed for a minding blowing V-DAY !!!!!
    • Avril: February 03, 2015 20:27
      What a great contest!

      My beautiful partner just came out as genderqueer and swapping clothes is part of the fun! This set that we could both wear would be a perfect way to support zir feminine side.

      I think zie would look ravishing in a
      Lovehoney Plus Size Adore Me Lace & Microfiber Chemise Set

      The Lovehoney Love Me Lace Crotchless Boyshort with Suspenders Black is much sexier to me than a G-string http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31029

      My partner's fabulous legs would rock the Lovehoney Plus Size Sheer Lace Top Thigh High Stockings http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=30686

      And the Lovehoney Lacy Eye Mask and Restraint Set is a must - because of you dress either like this we won't stay dressed for long!

      Thank you for doing plus sizes too. Love that you recognize that sexy comes in all sizes!

    • Trix: February 03, 2015 23:11
      The satin plus-size Spoil Me babydoll set appeals:


      So do the plus-size lace-top thigh-high sheer stockings:


      And hey, why not throw in some plus size black crotchless boyshorts with suspenders, just because?:


      *LOVE* the variety of sizes and model body types presented--keep up the good work!

    • Julia Sangsara Autumn Brown: February 04, 2015 03:37
      http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32064 bra
      http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=32774 mask and restraints
      http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=31422 cage brief
    • ashley ravenscraft: February 04, 2015 03:43
      I really enjoy this combo due to the factor of black goes with anything, and on a plus side they are top quality just by the looks and the descriptions put out. I have never had a legit set besides what I have pieced together from different stores and thrift shops when I knew it was never touched.
    • Rachel S: February 04, 2015 04:17





      I love the set I've put together because it has a classic, sexy feel to it.
      My master is a huge fan of stockings with a garter (who isn't), and he'd be rather pleased to have me present myself in this outfit.

    • betty m: February 04, 2015 04:23
      I am in love with this full set! its kinky , cute , dirty , slutty for a night full of freaky sex! However , its also sensual and intimate for a nightof slow passionate sex!
    • KK: February 04, 2015 16:16
      Is this US-only?
    • Alliebug: February 05, 2015 01:42
      http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=28693 and http://www.lovehoney.com/product.cfm?p=30698
      Because my man and I are DYING to play "sexy librarian" ;) and with this we would be guaranteed to have a rocking sexy time. Plus I have new black glasses that would look great with this.
    • cole: February 11, 2015 08:53
    • Krista: February 11, 2015 17:00
      Thanks for all of your awesome entries and ideas! This competition is now over and the winner is Victoria Holmes. Look out for more fun giveaways coming soon!
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