1. A Customer Sent Us A Love Poem - And We Wrote Back! (AKA: Lovehoney Rap Battle)

    A Customer Sent Us A Love Poem - And We Wrote Back! (AKA: Lovehoney Rap Battle)It's a well known fact that Lovehoney customers are the best around, and I love sharing with you the nice comments our team receive daily, as well as the occasional hilarious drawings we get in the post.

    Just last week, Customer Care advisor Chelsea (right) was manning the Live Chat function when she received a veritable Lovehoney love poem from a kind customer:

    Lovehoney.com is THE one
    Clothes to please and some to tease
    Silks and satins I don't look fat in
    Frills and bows, for anything goes
    Men and women both enjoy a
    sexy Lovehoney toy
    Thank you Lovehoney
    You can have my money
    You give me pleasure
    For my leisure
    You help me feel in the mood
    All is fun and never crude.

    Of course, Chelsea couldn't not return the favour… Read on below for her hilarious response!

    Chelsea not only wrote a poem back to the lovely customer, she also gave them some cheeky Oh! Points for being such a good sport. Here's her response:

    Hello there,
    This is 
    Customer Care
    We are so glad
    You find our stuff rad
    Lovehoney is our name
    Pleasure is our game
    Be it 
    satin or lace knickers,
    Our service couldn't be quicker
    Or our 
    lubes any slicker!
    For effort, we deserve a gold sticker!
    Where compliments are due
    Let's give some to you
    For your honesty and loyalty
    You deserve some royalties
    Please check your account
    And find a 
    dildo to mount
    For you have earned some 
    Which we are happy to anoint
    So have a good day
    And have a little play
    And let me just say
    We hope you and your pleasure is here to stay!

    Feeling inspired? Leave your own rhyme about Lovehoney in the comments (no bad language please!) and we'll choose our favorite to win a Small Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case.

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