1. The 6 Sexiest Male Stripper Outfits (Inspired by Magic Mike XXL)

    I'm not alone in my anticipation for the sequel to Magic Mike, coming this July: Magic Mike XXL has us all hyped. Check out the trailer (below) which is both sexy and silly.

    Is it getting hot in here? Are you ready to bring the male stripper fantasy home? We've got what you want; skimpy outfits, uniforms, and accessories to bring the fantasy to life for you or for the magic man in your life. Watch the trailer and see our suggestions below:

    1. 1. Naked Butler

      The naked butler or half-naked manservant ranks high on the list of female fantasies, plus it's an easy look to achieve. Go for a complete stripper set solution like the Svenjoyment Satin Sexy Waiter Short Set or create your own unique look. Try costume style boxers or a thong teamed with a collar and cuffs.

      The finishing touch is a waiting tray that you can use to bring breakfast in bed, champagne or perhaps some massage oils or candles for an erotic massage.

    1. 2. Provocative Policeman

      There's just something about a man in uniform. The sexiness of authoritarian dominance makes many of us swoon. Imagine being handcuffed to the bed by the long, hard 'arm' of the law. Pick up the entire look: Male Power Officer Frisk 'Em Sexy Cop Costume. To complete the look pick up a playful police baton and get ready to enforce the law.

      Put together a your own version with shiny, tight, eye-popping wet look boxer shorts, don’t forget the cop hat and the oh so useful handcuffs. Add Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves to complete the look.

    1. 3. Fetish, Fantasy, and Easy Access

      Chaps, skin tight jeans, fetish straps and classic tear away stripper styles feature heavily in the first Magic Mike movie. We're hoping to see much more of it all in the XXL sequel.

      Pair a super kinky Bondage Harness with skin tight jeans or zip front shorts, or try on a rip off brief or break away thong for the biggest reveal of all!

    1. 4. Hello Sailor!

      He's been away so long for months at sea. Channel all that pent up sexual energy into a sexy sailor fantasy role play. Keep the look simple with some nautical themed boxers and a 30+ foot length of bondage rope. Put those knot tying skills to use!

    1. 5. Suggestive Soldier

      Protecting you and your country a suggestive soldier has your best and hottest interests in mind. As he fights for his country he'll win your heart. Mesh or cotton camo boxers are all he needs to look the part.

    1. 6. Oh Tarzan!

      Me Tarzan, you very happy Jane. This look is simple and animalistic. The only accessories you need to match your jungle-inspired briefs are messy hair and a dominant sexual attitude.

    Check out the most recent trailer in the video below. Let us know what you think in the comments too.

    Can't find quite the right outfit in the above selection? Browse our full range of sexy male stripper outfits to find the perfect look for you.

    Customer Care can also help you find the perfect outfit for you or your sweetheart. You can send an email any time, call or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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      Absolutely the sexiest men alive, can't wait to get hot & bothered so I can go for some sexual healing
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