1. "This is My 'Desert Island' Toy": June's Review of the Month

    Tantus Realdoe Wireless Strap On Double Dildo Vibrator 7 inch

    Take a moment to read some of the 279,000 sex toy reviews found on Lovehoney and you'll notice that often our customers try out a new toy just a couple of times before posting a review. Meanwhile others use their new toys over a few weeks or months before sharing their thoughts. In contrast, our Review of the Month winner for June really took her time to craft a winning review: summersun has owned (and loved!) the Tantus Realdoe Wireless Strap On Double Dildo Vibrator 7 inch for THREE YEARS!

    In the review, summersun gives a great run down of why the toy works so well for her. She explains the importance of discreet packaging, and gives advice on different ways to use the Realdoe vibrating strapless strap-on dildo:

    "I can't even put into words how hot it is - I have had experiences ranging from so sweet, intense and tender that both of us cried during, to experiences so hot that we both had to high-five after we were finished! This toy makes you feel that you're having the most natural sex possible, and it makes me so happy to be a lesbian."

    Check out summersun's full review.

    Summersun took home our top prize of a $150 Lovehoney voucher for June, read on for more runner up reviews:

    Every month we also chose three runners up who each earn 2,000 Oh! Points for their helpful and thoughtful reviews - congratulations everyone!

    If you've tried a new toy recently, we'd love to hear what you think about it. Submit your review todayfor your chance to win next month. Start with our guide to Writing Winning Product Reviews and you could be next!

    Runners Up:

    Miss Pixie Coco's review of Cupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's Butt Plug

    "The shape of the plug means once in, it will stay in place until you want to take it out. It will not stay in if you jump about, but as a beginners toy, it eases you into anal play (excuse the pun) very nicely."

    Tantus Silk Large 6 Inch Silicone DildoSexy_Name's review of Tantus Silk Large 6 Inch Silicone Dildo

    "The Large one is great for solo play, and I love its size when I'm in the right mood. I also use it for pegging and it feels amazing; you have the feeling of being taken and it's very arousing. This dildo is great to use in a harness, and it's firm enough for this purpose."

    popk1n's review of Seven Til Midnight Eye Catching Satin and Lace Garter Belt

    "Practicality-wise, the hook and eye is super duper easy to do and the suspender hooks are relatively okay too. I was a novice when I first got it, and am still by no means an expert, but over time I've got the knack, and they are sturdy and hold well. The adjustable straps make this a bit easier too."

    The Best Sex Toy Reviews at Lovehoney

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      Hi im a bit unique i have never enjoyed penitrating women or men. I first chemically castrated. Later i hadmy testicals and scotum surgecaly removed. I compressed my penis to perminatly stop the bloodflow till my penis is extremly small. Iwanted this so i could only reach orgasm by deep anal penitration. So the extra large vibrating dildo is perfect for my needs. I only wish you would start makeing even larger modles. Im always persue very large endowed men and unfortunatly i know a few that im still to small for,
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