1. Are You Celebrating #AnalAugust? Enter to Win a Luxury Bumdle (Worth $111)

    Anal August GiveawayCould anal sex be going mainstream?

    According to a recent survey by the CDC, 44% of American men and 36% of American women have had anal sex at least once in their lives. These statistics prove that anal play is becoming much more popular than previously thought, with sex acts like rimming, pegging and fisting finding their way into our everyday sex lives.

    #AnalAugust is a hashtag for Anal Pleasure and Health Month, the perfect time to learn more about anal play. To celebrate we've compiled some of the most common anal sex questions and answered them below. Plus, enter to win our Deluxe #AnalAugust Bumdle, with everything you need for mind blowing anal adventures.

    The special prize Bumdle includes everything pictured here: The luxury Lelo Bob Luxury Anal Toy, crystal clear Lovehoney Sensual Glass Butt Plug, specially formulated Fifty Shades of Grey Anal Lube, and the classic black Lovehoney Anal Douche, That's a total value of $111!

    Competition closes September 1st. Read on to find out more and enter to win.

    See our competition terms and conditions for more details.

    FAQ: Frequent Anal Questions

    There are lots of questions folks have about anal sex. Here's four of the top anal sex questions we receive, along with some helpful links to our guides with much more info. Don't miss our giveaway at the bottom of this post!

    1. "Why do people have anal sex?"

    The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings and situated in very close proximity to all your other erotic bits.

    Learn more: How to Introduce Anal Sex Toys to Your Relationship

    Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant 3.4oz2. "Is anal pleasurable for women?"

    Yes, women can receive intense pleasure and orgasm when anal sex is done right. The clitoris' wishbone shape reaches back toward the anal opening, and you can hit the G-spot (just like the prostate) through her back door too.

    Whatever gender you identify with, make sure you always use plenty of slippery lube. Having anal sex without lube is like running your car without oil. It might kind of work, but you won’t be happy in the end. A thick lube designed specifically for anal play, like the Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant is your best bet as it's formulated to stay slippery for longer.

    Learn more: Lovehoney's Guide to Anal Lube

    3. "Why do people use butt plugs?"

    Lovehoney Sensual Glass Butt Plug

    Butt plugs are great for anal stimulation and fullness when playing alone or with a partner. They can help you to prepare for larger items like a dildo or penis, be worn during partner play including vaginal penetration or coupled with a vibrator.

    Interesting to note: We recently analyzed a year's worth of sales data and discovered that single men buy the most and biggest butt plugs and anal sex toys. Glass butt plugs like the Lovehoney Sensual Glass Butt Plug (right) are particularly popular.

    Learn more: Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex Toys

    4. "Isn't anal sex messy?"

    Anal sex doesn’t have to be messy. Using an anal douche about 45 minutes to an hour before you play will flush out the anal cavity and decrease mess considerably, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride.

    Learn more: How to Use an Anal Douche

    WIN: Luxe Anal Sex Toy Bumdle

    All this booty could be yours: 2 Anal Toys: Lelo Bob Luxury Silicone Prostate Massager and a Lovehoney Sensual Glass Butt Plug. Plus, Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant and Lovehoney Anal Douche - everything you need!

    How to Enter:

    To enter this giveaway, simply use your email or Facebook account to log in to the Rafflecopter widget below and leave a comment on this post telling us how you're celebrating #AnalAugust. Don't worry, we won't save your information. Competition ends September 1st, 2015.

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    Comments (41)

    • kinkykittenkim: August 18, 2015 22:00
      fab giveaway fingers crossed xx
    • purpleelysium: August 18, 2015 23:26
      Looks like a cool giveaway, been meaning to try out that LELO...
    • Moops: August 18, 2015 23:56
      Getting ready for a birthday pegging!
    • PetomanTheGreat: August 19, 2015 01:28
      I am celebrating anal august by practicing my anal relaxation techniques.
    • Melanie Miller: August 19, 2015 02:01
      I've had problems with my backdoor for years and years, so the thought of any kind of anal play was a no-no. This Anal August, I am thoroughly enjoying my partner's booty, and I have ordered healing oils to work on getting mine all fixed so they can enjoy mine as well!
    • Koren: August 19, 2015 04:38
      I love love honey products and would love to win
    • ThisSinner: August 19, 2015 19:14
      I've had anal sex before, and talked about it with my fwb last night. He was super intrigued by the idea and said that he's down to try it next time we hang out! #analaugust
    • Beck: August 20, 2015 01:02
      I am celebrating Anal August by wearing my minx tail more often.
    • Amber: August 20, 2015 01:41
      I'm celebrating by stretching myself to be able to take larger plugs!
    • Fodra: August 20, 2015 02:02
      I'm going to be trying more anal with my partner. We bought a plug recently and I'm looking forward to trying it myself as well as hopefully getting to try it on my partner more.
    • Kal: August 20, 2015 05:25
      I'm celebrating anal August by using my princess plug!
    • emi: August 20, 2015 09:08
      I've never tried anal before but now I'm really curious!
    • bernie w: August 20, 2015 11:27
      I am celebrating analaugust by making sure to spend extra time with my wife.
    • Haley b: August 20, 2015 13:41
      I'm celebrating my birthday with my partner with a little anal fun!
    • Erin: August 21, 2015 13:01
      I, like many women my age, have tried anal and after years of the "same old thing" with sex it has actually made my and my husbands sex life better! We do it on a regular bases and it helps us trust each other more, there's a lot said for that! For #AnalAugust we will be stepping up our game with toys!
    • Yong: August 21, 2015 17:56
      I've never tried anal but really want to try with my partner.
    • Radi: August 22, 2015 08:06
      I'm celebrating #AnalAugust by recovering from surgery - fissures are no fun! Looking forward to getting back to it, though.
    • Tim: August 22, 2015 23:21
      It's my wife and I's anniversary month so we celebrate by getaways and some strapon play!
    • Sandy: August 23, 2015 01:36
      i haven't done anything, that's why I need to win this bundle!
    • cam: August 23, 2015 03:00
      I've only done it once, I'd love to surprise my bf with this bundle :D
    • Polly: August 23, 2015 03:34
      I am celebrating anal august by trying as many new anal toys as I can.
    • Mitch Evans: August 23, 2015 17:58
      I'm not into anal on myself because of medical issues but I'll hopefully be exploring anal play with my play partner who is curious about it :]
    • Scott Robertson: August 24, 2015 02:42
      trying to add it to the list
    • Tony: August 24, 2015 07:01
      Wife and I are taking the first steps into trying something new this Anal August
    • PrettyFun: August 24, 2015 21:56
      I've been celebrating #AnalAugust without even knowing it! Before I found out about #AnalAugust, I ordered myself some new anal plugs. Now I really can't wait to get them so I can have a little butt play party and celebrate!
    • xploreyourfantasies: August 25, 2015 20:31
      I celebrate anal august by exploring all my fantasies...included crazy , deep and anal ones ;-)
    • BlackAsphodel: August 25, 2015 21:42
      I'm celebrating on my own with glass dildos. :p
    • marsh: August 27, 2015 00:26
      I want that Lelo Bob. A lot. I'd celebrate by whirling it around on a lubed finger.
    • Danielle Magee: August 27, 2015 02:57
      I'm celebrating by wherever the night takes me, all options are open.
    • Shayla: August 27, 2015 16:00
      I'd celebrate more with this bundle!
    • Gigi: August 28, 2015 04:37
      I'm celebrating by adopting an anal only lifestyle for the whole month and achieving the best squirting orgasms using anal toys!
    • Mya Murphy: August 28, 2015 08:38
      Haha I didn't know it was, but I now have the desire of shaving it lol.. Thank you for the chance. I'm addicted to anal!! #AnalAugust
    • J-Hawk Brit: August 28, 2015 13:02
      I love this FAQ and the giveaway. Anal sex needs to be demystified.
    • dv8: August 29, 2015 03:27
      I'm celebrating #AnalAugust by playing pin the buttplug on the butt.
    • angela: August 30, 2015 00:03
      anal play ;)
    • Jasmine: August 30, 2015 15:15
      I just discovered my fetish for anal play and this seems like an awesome set!
    • John Patterson: August 30, 2015 18:03
      Celebrating with prostate massage
    • Bamthetorpedo: August 30, 2015 22:49
      I'm celebrating #analaugust by exploring more with my partner
    • Shadowleap: August 31, 2015 20:12
      Wow, wish I had heard about this one earlier!
    • Shadowleap: August 31, 2015 20:12
      I'm celebrating #AnalAugust with toys of course!
    • Gabrielle: August 31, 2015 22:16
      I'm hoping to celebrate with a new plug or two. Maybe getting some batteries for my little vibrating one. =P
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