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    Friendly Fingers

    The season of giving is around the corner, and the time to give thanks for the things that make us (sexually) happy is upon us.

    This year, I wanted to indulge in our great American tradition of sharing something we are thankful for with our family and friends - you guys - this time around with a Lovehoney twist.

    At Lovehoney locations around the world we are all eternally thankful to our fearless leaders, Richard and Neal, for their thoughtful creation of our home base for sexual happiness, award-winning customer service and an unprecedented satisfaction guarantee. Without them none of us would be here doing the work that we love.

    We are so very thankful for the fun products, sex toys and lingerie enjoyed by our customers, but, ultimately, we're most thankful for all of you.

    Read on to see the products that make us say thank you, oh oH OH THANK YOUuuu, from Bath in the UK, to Brisbane in AU, to right here in the good old USA.

    Paige: Customer Care Manager, Lovehoney Australia

    Paige"I am thankful for the Iroha Plus by Tenga Tori Lovebird USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator, as it has never let me down, always makes me happy and provides me with an immense amount of happiness!"

    Find out more about Paige and our friends down under at @Lovehoney_au

    Rebecca: Graphic Designer

    Rebecca"I am thankful for Lovehoney's Happy Rabbit Ears as someone who isn't interested in the internal functions of a traditional rabbit vibrator but still wants to enjoy the best part - the ears!"

    Read Rebecca's full review for the Happy Rabbit Ears right here

    Sammi Cole, Lingerie Expert

    Sammi Cole"'I love the shape that the Lovehoney Seduce Me Push-Up Chemise Set creates! With its push-up cups, contoured paneling, and cute pink bow trim, it's an absolute essential for every lover of vintage lingerie."

    You can see Sammi on Undie Mondays talking lingerie at LovehoneyTV

    Nadia: Head of German Content

    Nadia"Rabbit vibrators are the bomb, they say, but something they don't tell you is that they may not fit everyone's anatomy. I used to hate rabbit vibes because they just didn't seem to do what they were meant to do. I mean, do women really have their clitoris there? Is mine in the wrong place? But then I found the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Vibrator. All of a sudden I understood what all the fuss is about! So if a rabbit vibe doesn't do it for you, it may be simply because it isn't the right one for your body. Give this one a try: it's smaller and shaped in a way that may suit you better, stimulating your pleasure points just as you like it best."

    Sprechen sie Deutsch? Follow Nadia at @Lovehoney_de

    Carly: Customer Care Agent, Lovehoney Australia

    Carly"I am most thankful for the Fun Factory Cayona USB Rechargeable Mini G-Spot Vibrator. This mini vibrator is my new favourite toy. Fun Factory produce amazing toys and this one is no exception! The vibe is encased in beautiful sleek packaging, boasts a very easy to use magnetic USB charger and is made of the softest silicone. I love the pretty blue color as well. It really hits the spot in every way. It’s easy to use and is perfect when you just want some stress-free play. Amen!"

    Jess Wilde: Bondage Expert

    Jess Share"Why am I thankful for the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo? Where do I begin? I love everything about this dildo. Of all the toys I own, this one has to be the most versatile and the best for experimenting with new things. Not to mention it's one of the only toys I find that works for me for direct, firm G-spot stimulation. I've been able to experiment with so many new things with this toy, including temperature play, couples exploration and testing different lubes, all made possible because it's made from glass. I am particularly thankful for its firm, curved shape and bulbous end that's amazing for internal massage, and its non-realistic design that's wonderful for couples play."

    Find Jess every Friday on LovehoneyTV for Bondage Gone Wilde

    Krista: Social Media Marketing Executive, Lovehoney USA

    Krista"It's hard to choose but I know for sure that I'm thankful for my We-Vibe Tango Lipstick USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, it has stuck by me for years and I can take it anywhere. Tango is truly the strong silent type, I can use it with any kind of lube I want, even oil based or silicone since it's made of hard plastic. Plus, it's small and unassuming so it's perfect for adding to the mix during partner play."

    Love to connect? Find me tweeting at @Lovehoney_com

    Matt Curry, Head of Ecommerce

    Matt Curry"I thought I'd choose a USA-Made toy for the product I'm most thankful for - the Doc Johnson American Bombshell B7 Tango. I have an expanding (!) collection of butt plugs, from the Doc Johnson Rumpy, The Dash, The Tantus Curve (which is more of a plug than a dildo if you ask me), all the way to the giant TitanMen Intimidator. I love the B7's material, it's got a little give in it, a little squishy, but firm enough to do what it needs to. It's also more forgiving than the B10!"

    Now it's your turn! Tell us about your favorite products in the comments below.

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    Comments (3)

    • CoupleLTSTU: November 24, 2016 07:38
      Wow, choosing was harder than I thought but two toys stand out! Especially my first choice as it's brightly coloured. The Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Dildo With Suction Cup 7 Inch. It's amazing. Nothing else I've put up there has compared to this. The dual core is something else, I assure you and well just look at it. Yes, I have hearts in my eyes for this toy.
      Secondly the We-Vibe Tango. This gem is not only great for my solo sessions but also when I'm engaging in sexy-time with my partner. The power this baby produces makes you go weak at the knees.
      Anyways these are my personal favourite toys. Mwah.
    • NatandTom: November 24, 2016 11:50
      My favourites that I'm thankful for? Doxy Die Cast because it's frankly the best wand available, the Rosa Rouge for those glorious heated sensations and Sliquid, for body-safe, high-quality lubricants and massage oils!
    • Carla: December 22, 2016 02:22
      I love playing with my clit with my big new toy. It was the best thing ever!
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