1. Upgrade Your Sex Life [1/4]

    Upgrade Your Love Life

    Sex - we love it (obviously).

    Whether you’re a novice between the sheets or a bonafide sexpert, there’s always room for improvement in the bedroom department.

    Practise makes perfect, so we’ve put together this four part series that’ll help you go from zero to hero.

    1: Before You Get To It

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a great sex life - preparation is important.

    ‘That’s not the fun part!’ we hear you cry - we beg to differ. Step up your love game with these top tips for laying great sex groundwork.

    Happy Couple

    Relax and Enjoy

    Worrying about sex makes it difficult to enjoy it.

    Sex can be awkward - laugh it off and carry on! If the mood passes, instead of considering it a failure, take a break and try again later. Get into the lovin’ mood with a romantic massage and forget about life’s troubles.

    Sex is as much about having fun as achieving the Big O. If you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, then you’ll likely find that, in time, orgasms will follow.

    Talk about it

    Talk About It

    There's no shame in letting each other know what turns you on, and the end result is better sex for both of you.

    It doesn't need to be all talk, no action: guide their hands to your hotspots during foreplay, or be vocal during sex: 'speed up' or 'a little to the left'.

    Write lists of what you both like and compare notes - alternatively, we've got plenty of cheeky games that'll accomplish the same thing. This can be much easier than discussing it face-to-face.

    Make it a date

    Make It a Date

    Spontaneity is the spice of life, we get it - but let's take the pressure of performing out of the picture.

    Find a time where you and your partner can focus on each other, and have no expectations. Take as long as you need to explore new things, or improve on the tried and tested - whatever you like, as long as it's fun.

    We hope this gives you a good place to start - keep your eyes peeled for next week's top tips to Upgrade Your Sex Life.

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    • Amanda Fell: July 28, 2017 23:21
      Thanks for the info
    • Kingcharly: July 29, 2017 19:40
      It is so fun as you smooth each other! Cream after and slow cool as it is! Then get your chat and touch on with all toys!!! Lubes are best to ...? Chuckle. As fun goes on it is IMPERATIVE to do more!!!
    • Big Sexy: July 30, 2017 04:06
      As always, listen to your partner!!!
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