1. 21 Ways to Get the Most from Your Wild Weekend Sex Toy Kit

    "You don't need a penis to use a cock ring..."

    If you haven't seen our Wild Weekend kit yet, where on earth have you been?

    Packed with our best-selling beginner's toys, this bundle boasts a whopping 11 products to fill a whole weekend (and some) with sexy adventures.

    But the fun doesn't stop there.

    Beyond their obvious skillset, each toy in the Wild Weekend kit boasts an unexpected talent, and it's up to you to unleash it.

    For example, did you know that a G-spot vibe isn't limited to G-spot pleasure?

    Or that you don't need a penis to use a cock ring?

    Read on to discover how to unleash your sex toys' full potential, and ensure that next weekend is your wildest yet.



    G-Spot Vibe

    Forgo G-Spot stimulation, and try...

    • Slipping the slim shaft between the labia, allowing the bulbous tip to rest against the perineum for front-to-back tickles.
    • Pressing the rounded tip against the anus externally for buzzy rimming pleasure (not suitable for anal penetration).
    Rabbit Vibrator

    Skip blended vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and instead try...

    • Inserting your rabbit "backwards", allowing the ears to stroke your perineum.
    • Inserting anally with the ears facing forward to caress the perineum/balls, or backwards to stimulate the Kundalini spot*.

    *an erogenous zone located at the tip of the tailbone.

    Love Egg with Rabbit Ears

    Explore more than clitoral fun, and try...

    • Using the ears to stimulate other areas, such as nipples, the scrotal raphe*, the banjo string and anus (externally).
    • Remove the rabbit sleeve and use the egg for internal vaginal play.

    *the visible line which passes through the middle of the scrotum.

    Jiggle Balls

    Make your workout more exciting by...

    • Wearing your jiggle balls in public for delicate arousal all day. Increase the challenge by wearing them with crotchless knickers (or none at all!)
    • Hiding them in your partner's bag/coat pocket. Leave a note instructing them to wear them. Now, practice your sexting skills and work them up all day.  
    Stretchy Cock Rings

    Stretch the fun even further and try...

    • Wearing each cock ring at different points along your erection to add texture. (Top tip: Wear a condom on top to prevent slippage)
    • Stretch 1, 2 or all 3 rings around the stroker in this kit to enjoy tighter sensations (see below).

    No penis? Try...

    • Adding texture to your favourite classic vibrator by slipping each ring around the shaft (check material compatibility).
    Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

    No penis? No problem! Try...

    • Slipping the ring around 2 fingers or a classic vibrator to transform it into a custom rabbit vibe.

    No clitoris? We got ya! Try...

    • Rotating the ring so the ears are positioned on the underside/side/top of the penis to stimulate other areas of your partner during sex.
    • Wear the ring so the ears stimulate the wearer's balls for added "wahey!" during masturbation or sex.
    Butt Plug

    More than a wearable butt toy, try...

    • Using this slender plug as a beginner-friendly vaginal dildo for first-time internal sex toy play.
    • Sticking the strong suction cup to any smooth surface for anal probe teasing.
    Anal Beads

    Get more from your anal beads by...

    • Resting a bullet vibrator against the T-bar base for buzzy thrills.
    • Inserting the beads at the beginning of play, and slowly removing them at the point of climax.
    Realistic Stroker

    Get creative with your strokes, and try

    • Covering the hole in the end to increase suction.
    • Heating the stroker in warm water before play to enhance realism.
    • Using during couple's play for voyeuristic pleasure (without a third person!).
    • The 'cock ring trick' (see above).

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