1. 5 Halloween-y Fetishes You May Not Have Heard Of

    LH Halloween Rabbit Ears

    With Halloween sneaking up on us fast, many of us across the world are turning our thoughts to which mind-blowing costume we should be donning for the big night.

    But, even if you don’t dress up as a sexy traffic warden or a slutty bag of Skittles, there’s a chance that your simple ghost outfit or creepy clown make-up could be causing a stir for someone.

    Sexual fetishes and fantasies come in all different forms, so it comes as little surprise that if you’ve ever had an X-rated daydream about a good-looking Georgian ghost, or a frolic with Frankenstein’s monster, you’re definitely not alone.

    So, if white sheets make you moan, or detailed zombie make-up brings on a very localised case of rigor mortis, read on to learn more about five particular proclivities that thrive at Halloween…


    Remember 2016, when the news was awash with stories of people dressed as killer clowns jumping out at people all over the world? What a time.

    But if you remember feeling excited rather than terrified, you may just have a fetish known as coulrophilia, which is defined as a sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, and jesters.

    Honka honka.


    Far from being an attraction to certain notorious American record producers, spectrophilia actually refers to a penchant for ghosts, spectres, and other spirits from beyond the grave.

    This particular fetish is one of the oldest in the history of civilisation, with reports of 'encounters' with spectral lovers dating back as far as classical Greece.

    (It also refers to sexual arousal from reflections in mirrors, meaning the Pepper's Ghost illusion is a real double whammy).


    Unlike necrophilia, which is specifically sexual attraction towards corpses, necroanimatophiliacs are compelled towards sex with a reanimated corpse (such as zombies).

    Each to their own, of course, but to me, this is the sexual equivalent of preferring morning-after reheated pizza to a fresh, cheesy takeaway.


    We all know the trope of women always falling for the bad boy, but hybristophilia takes this to a whole new level. This form of sexual attraction leads to a person (most commonly a woman, by all accounts) to fall for someone who has committed a moral or legal crime, be it cheating, theft, or even murder.

    The Charles Manson effect, if you will.


    Defined as, 'Sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people', teratophilia is the name behind your long-held longing for the Elephant Man.

    While some people check for monsters under their bed, teratophiliacs prefer to look for them in it.

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