1. 4 Spooktacularly Sexy Role Play Ideas for Halloween


    We're over halfway through October, which can mean only one thing: Halloween is almost here!

    And whether you've been counting down the days since last November 1st, or you're locking the doors and hunkering down to avoid trick-or-treaters, one thing's for sure: the internet is brimming with sexy Halloween costume possibilities.

    We've packed our new Halloween shop full of flirty costumes and spooky-style toys, but how can a night associated with ghouls, ghosts, and wee demon beasties be erotic?

    We're glad you asked.

    Here, we've collected our favourite Halloween-esque role play scenarios to take your night from frightful to delightful (without a drop of fake blood in sight).

    Don’t forget, before any role play, it’s always a good idea to agree on a safe word with your partner so that if things get too intense, you can cease play immediately.


        Fever Red Devil Headband

        If the thought of a pitchfork gets you hot under the collar, then this is the role play for you.

        One of you plays a devil, while the other is the hapless mortal who sold their soul to them. Trouble is, now they want your body, too...

        You must do anything your diabolical master or mistress commands (as long as it's consensual, of course) to get them to set you free.

        Try adding the Fever Metallic Red Catsuit and the Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator to complete your look.

        We recommend: Fever Red Devil Headband


        Leg Avenue Black Naughty Nun Set

        If you'd rather stick on Sister Act than a porn flick, we've got just the thing to feed your habit.

        You or your partner dresses as a nun (or priest). The other person is the repentant sinner, come to confess all in search of absolution.

        As they reel off the list of their misdemeanours (which can be real or imaginary depending on your character), the other person must administer punishment or order them to atone in any manner they see fit.

        Just hand them the Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle and you're ready to repent.

        We recommend: Leg Avenue Black Naughty Nun Set

    Favourite Fictional Character

        Dreamgirl Gold Captive Princess Costume

        Whether you're the king of cosplay or just have a penchant for Dumbledore, dressing up as your favourite fictional character can be a very liberating way to discover new desires with your partner.

        Each choose a character that turns you on (be they from film, TV, or book). Then take it in turns to dress as each other's choice, before acting out your very own scene from the cutting room floor.

        Looking for a little inspiration on how to act it out? Try searching the internet for some saucy fan fiction to get the creative juices flowing.

        We recommend: Dreamgirl Gold Captive Princess Costume (for fantasies from galaxies far, far away)


        Fever Red and Black Mini Vampire Cape

        Thanks to Stephanie Meyer and pretty much any US TV show from the last ten years, vampires have now been established as the sexiest of all otherworldly monsters.

        There are tons of ways you can play this one. Perhaps you're a mysterious creature of the night who has taken a helpless victim prisoner, and you intend to 'feed' on them until you're totally satisfied?

        Or you act like the perfect lady or gentleman out in public until you get your partner alone, when your true nature is revealed?

        Or perhaps you want to go full Cullen and just sparkle at them from a corner. You do you.

        We recommend: Fever Red and Black Mini Vampire Cape

    Got any ideas for your own sexy-but-spooky role play? Let us know in the comments below!

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