1. The Spookiest Searches on our Sex Toy Website


    Remember when we shared our 101 Funniest Sex Toy Searches with you back in March?

    Well, now that October 31st is creeping closer and closer, we thought we'd do a Halloween version.

    There have been over 600,000 unique terms typed into the search box on our website in the past year.

    And some of them are a little... strange.

    "Handcoffins"? Sorry, we don't sell those (and we're a bit frightened)!

    Here are 54 of the scariest searches we found.

    Happy Halloween!

    Eye of newt and...

    1. powdered clit

    2. mouldy willy

    3. rat eggs

    4. g spot slime

    5. alien tentacles

    6. goblin head



    Oof, that sounds uncomfortable...

    7. teething butt

    8. the feeling that a man is eating you

    9. spider condom

    10. anal monster

    11. worms in bum

    12. vagina hell

    Do you need a cream for that?

    13. tentacle butt

    14. munster cock

    15. rimming horror



    A very specific Halloween costume!

    16. Lucifer

    17. Gruffalo costume

    18. kelis teeth bracelt

    19. something sexy to were with a howl in it were the duck goose



    Sorry, we don't sell that...

    20. anal bat

    21. biting cream

    22. Handcoffins

    23. bodybags

    24. malice wand

    25. slender man toys

    26. toadstool dildo

    27. pumpkin curver



    28. misery sticks

    29. misery bundle

    30. boob enchanters

    31. vaginal deadening creams

    32. skeletons

    33. crucafix

    34. body witch dick

    35. fear replacement

    36. soul vibrator

    37. chainsaw



    On the to-do list for today...

    38. mean pills

    39. replace body

    40. keep burning cock skull

    41. harness gates of hell

    If that's what you're into!

    42. mummified tickling

    43. beast massages

    44. kinky misery

    45. sexual sorcery

    46. Tragic downfall



    If you've got it, haunt it

    47. black underworld basque set

    48. latex scare dress

    49. slik and satan underwear

    50. undead wear

    51. stockings and hells

    52. black satan robe

    A subscription box for the zombie in your life

    53. year of organs

    And finally this person, who should work at Lovehoney...

    54. let's gool around

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