1. Ep.2: Why Should I Try Something New in the Bedroom?

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    As the saying goes 'a change is as good as a rest', so why not apply that to your sex life? Try something new and exciting, and explore the huge variety of ways you can achieve arousal and orgasm.

    Tune in for ideas and pointers on the hows and whys of trying a new position, sex toy or activity in the bedroom. What's the best sex toy to start with? And, should you suprise your partner or talk to them first?

    This week, Sammi, Nick and Jess share their thoughts and wisdom on breaking out of regular routines and trying something new in the bedroom (or any other room).

    And of course, we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

    Got a question or topic you want us to cover? Email us at podcast@lovehoney.com or comment below.

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    • janet: August 04, 2020 04:23
      I am 58 years old stopped oral sex with my husband some 12 yrs ago, basically no sex for 10 yrs. happened to give a hand job the other day, I did not do well at it, hurting my partner. how can I get the sex back , hubby 60 yrs old but not in great health ed and other items
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