1. Position of the Week: Up Against It

    Position of the Week: Up Against It

    This position is great for a quickie and can be adapted by the use of a sex swing or a sturdy countertop.


    She jumps up and wraps her legs around his waist, he manoeuvres her so that her back is against the wall.


    It's perfect for drunken hallway sex when you're both so desperate you can't even make it to the bedroom.


    Leaving clothes on and merely unzipping and pulling panties aside makes it more exciting.

    Make it even better…

    It can take women a little longer than men to build up arousal, so with quickie positions like this one, make sure to use a good quality lubricant.


    This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a strap-on dildo. It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a male masturbator into the mix if the receiver has a penis).

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    • Randall Wheeler: May 29, 2019 18:56
      Me and my wife like him
    • Cyd: July 16, 2019 11:04
      Am I the only one who gets jealous husband wants to see other girls get off on chat l9
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