1. This Week on YouTube: 5 Alternative Uses for Your Wand Vibrator

    Wand vibrators are classicly used for deep muscle massage and powerful clitoral stimulation, but did you know that there are a mulititude of ways to enjoy this super-powered sex toy?

    Suitable for any gender, any body part and compatible with a whole host of specially designed attachments, there's almost nothing these vibes can't do (it's as if they're magic!)

    Watch 'Sex Toys Ahoy' with Sammi to discover how to make the most of your wand and crank your pleasure to eleven.

    Think we missed a trick? Comment below with your suggestions!

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    Sammi Cole is one of Lovehoney's resident experts on all things bump'n'grindy. She's particularly passionate about lingerie, body confidence, and showing students that great sex is just as important as safe sex.

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    • Robin Kaminsky: August 17, 2019 23:24
      U were funny n very informative. The lady that left was good too but so r u.
    • idaliaphotography: August 19, 2019 13:17
      Idalia Photography Sex, Porn, Pornography
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