1. Position of the Week: The Horse and Carriage

    position of the week: the horse and carriage

    Get those muscles pumping, pulses racing and pleasure zones galloping towards a big climax with this A-spot loving workout sex position.


    She lies on her back with her legs pulled backwards towards her head. He lowers himself onto her in a press up position, facing away from her and straddling her with his knees to maximise his stability and control.


    The angle of penetration is perfect for precision point A-spot stimulation and both partners can adjust the angle and intensity with a subtle adjustment of her legs or his pelvis height.


    Up the pleasure levels with a vibrating cock ring, but try wearing it backwards with the clitoral stimulator positioned at the base of his penis. Wearing it 'the wrong way up' in this position will direct the vibrations straight to her clitoris and tease his balls at the same time.

    Make it even better

    Add a butt plug into the mix for deliciously heightened sensations. One or both of you could indulge in this explosive addition to your lovemaking thanks to the versatility of this position.


    This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a strap-on dildo. It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a male masturbator into the mix if the receiver has a penis).

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    Comments (4)

    • Max: February 01, 2020 13:47
      Everytime i see a new position it looks very unpleasurable for the girl...like no stimulation to the clit at all...(no the g spot doesnt exist no matter what people tell you...its not there anatomically)
      And like if the girl wants pleasure they have to use a toy to achieve it....they might as well drop the guy and masterbate instead with these positions you post...sex is about mutual pleasure and if the guy cant give it to her...it just seems like hes using her body while she has to make herself and him feel good....
    • Red: February 01, 2020 14:25
      Max I disagree. There is a G-spot. Maybe it takes sometime to figure out what is yours specifically. Yes it is immensely more easy to satisfy a guy yet women can experience the same pleasure. It’s about allowing your partner to find it for you! Maybe this has taken a little longer in your case but it’s nothing to be discouraged about. Communicate with your partner and I’m sure you can find a way to help reach your orgasmic plateau. Continue to explore your G-spot location and maybe take a break from masturbation do your physical sensations can be reset. I hope this helps a little. Can’t wait to try this position though :)
    • David Woodcock: February 01, 2020 14:57
      When your a bit over weight it’s hard to get into some of these positions but we tend to have a go end up laughing still it’s good fun trying
    • Christopher M Smith: February 05, 2020 18:44
      This position is fucking awesome! Totally new and different not just a variation. My wife loves it and was spanking my ass while I just pounded her like she likes it. Might try adding a vibrating cock ring upside down for her clit. Definitely try this!
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