1. The Male G-Spot: All Your Questions Answered

    The Male G Spot

    Do men have a G-spot? Do you mean a P-spot? Isn't it just women who have G-spots? How utterly confusing.

    If the male G-spot is even half as pleasurable as the female G-spot, it's probably worth us trying to get to the 'bottom' of this.

    Here goes...

    Do Men Have a G-Spot?

    The G-spot - or Grafenberg spot - is located inside the vagina and is renowned for being a key internal pleasure spot in the female anatomy. So how can there be a male G-spot? Let us explain. The P-spot, or prostate gland, sits just in front of the rectum in men and people with a penis, and stimulation of it can be so pleasurable that some sexual health pros have dubbed it the 'male G-spot.'

    What is the P-Spot?

    The P-spot is the prostate gland and is roughly the size of a walnut. The 'P' bit stands for prostate - something which men, or people assigned as male at birth, have. It has almost as many nerve endings as our clitoral friend (over 8,000) and can be reached via the anus.

    Where is the male G-spot?

    Whether you refer to it as the male G-spot or simply the P-spot, it's handy to know where this little gem of immense pleasure resides.

    where is the make g spot

    This walnut-sized gland sits between the bladder and the penis, and just in front of the rectum.

    Alongside being an area of great climax potential, it plays a role in the reproductive process by secreting a fluid that both nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate gland squeezes the fluid into the urethra which is expelled with semen.

    How to Find the Male G-spot

    If you want to learn how to find your P spot AKA the male G-spot, here's some easy-to-follow steps for you:

    1. Squeaky clean: When it comes to putting anything up the butt, it's important to make sure it's clean, and anal douching does it exactly that. This guide on How to Use an Anal Douche tells you everything you need to know.

    the male g spot

    2. Smooth operator: The lining of the anus is very sensitive and can be damaged quite easily. Make sure your nails are clipped and smooth, and consider wearing latex or nitrile gloves for extra peace of mind.

    3. Lube up: Make sure you have plenty of anal lubricant to hand - quite literally. Because the anus and rectum don't self-lubricate in the same way as the vagina, you'll need plenty of long-lasting lubrication to make your experience as pleasurable as possible.

    Anal lubricant has a much thicker consistency than regular water-based lube, which helps to protect the sensitive skin of the anus. Plus, anal play is enhanced with a good slick of lube - by making sure that there's no harsh friction, you'll enjoy your anal adventures much more.

    4. Arousal: The prostate swells when it is aroused, making it easier to locate. Masturbate, watch porn, or indulge in anything that turns you on before starting exploration.

    5. Flying solo: If you are doing a solo exploration, find a position you are comfortable in which gives you access to your butt. Squatting or lying on your side (or back) with your legs in the air are the optimum positions for this.

    Lovehoney's Sammi Cole is here to give you the expert lowdown on pleasurable prostate play, and why you need to add a little anal fun to your sex life.

    How to Stimulate the Male G-Spot

    Massage the perineum:

    The perineum is located between the scrotum and the anus, and many people find that massaging it is relaxing and pleasurable. You probably won't be able to feel the prostate with your fingers while massaging the perineum, but you are in fact stimulating it indirectly.

    Anal fingering:

    Massage the anus with your fingers with a rhythmic, circular motion. Gently push on the anus as if you're ringing a doorbell, without forcing your finger inside. This helps relax the anal sphincter. When you feel ready, insert the pad of one finger up to the opening of the anus and rest it there while you get used to the sensations.

    how to stimulate the male g spot

    Breathe in deeply and when you exhale, push your sphincter muscles out and you should feel them relax so you can slip your finger further inside.

    Curl your finger in an upwards facing position in a come hither motion towards the belly button, and repeat and increase the speed as you feel the pleasurable sensations build.

    Use a prostate massager:

    Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to stimulate the P-spot. A lot of people graduate to using prostate toys after getting to know the prostate gland with their fingers first.

    Most prostate massagers have a tapered tip to ease insertion, and a rounded head to ensure stimulation in the right spot. Some also feature an external stimulator to give extra attention to the perineum.

    The best prostate massagers for the male G-spot

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