Your 2023 D-AI-ting Trends Revealed

by Lovehoney

on Apr 17, 2023

If you have ever opened TikTok, then you will be well aware that every other week there is a new dating trend, often with a silly little name ascribed to it. The latest one? Blue Sky Dating – which refers to the optimistic attitude people have towards dating during the spring.


Whether it’s Blue Sky Dating, the Ben Stage, or Zombieing, all of these trends got us thinking: what on earth is coming next? Thankfully, though, we didn’t have to come up with the answers ourselves; Lovehoney has enlisted the help of the friendly soon-to-be-our-overlord AI chatbot ChatGPT to come up with the 8 next biggest dating trends, so that we didn’t have to. And fittingly, the next section of this blog will be brought to you by ChatGPT:

“Welcome to the world of dating in the age of artificial intelligence! In this post, we're going to explore some of the latest dating trends that have been created by an AI language model called ChatGPT. That's right, the following terms are completely made up by an algorithm, but they might still make you chuckle or think twice about your own dating experiences.

As AI technology continues to advance, it's fascinating to see how it can impact every aspect of our lives, including the way we date and find love. From virtual reality dating to chatbots as companions, we're seeing more and more unique ways to connect with potential partners.

So without further ado, let's dive into these AI-created dating trends and see if any of them resonate with your own dating experiences.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves … actually, we definitely could have, AI is not the boss of me! Anyway, here are the next 8 biggest dating trends according to ChatGPT, with each broken down by our in-house sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight:

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Social Fitness

ChatGPT's Hot Take

With more people focusing on fitness and wellbeing, there might be an increase in social fitness, where people go on dates that involve physical activity or working out together.

Annabelle's Verdict

"Strong concept and definitely something that happens. Arguable whether it’s ‘new’ but solid effort. 8/10"

Pet Parenting

ChatGPT's Hot Take

Given the growing popularity of pets, there might be a rise in pet parenting, where people go on dates with their pets, or even meet other pet owners for dates with their furry friends.

Annabelle's Verdict

"Can definitely see this happening, but I could also have seen this happening in 2016. 6/10"


ChatGPT's Hot Take

With the rise of solo travel, there might be an increase in solodating, where people go on dates alone or meet up with other solo daters to explore new places and experiences.

Annabelle's Verdict

"Love this – love the thought process behind it and can see people running with this. Name a little disappointing but concept is great. 9/10"

Anti-Social Media

ChatGPT's Hot Take

As people become more conscious of their screen time and social media usage, there might be a trend towards anti-social media, where people prefer to meet in person rather than connecting through dating apps or social media.

Annabelle's Verdict

"Really solid idea with good foundations behind it. However, not new enough to be the next big thing in 2023. 7/10"

LH_SexAdviceHub_Illustrations_AnalSex 940x

Slow Romance

ChatGPT's Hot Take

With the rise of slow living and mindfulness, there might be an increase in slow romance, where people take their time getting to know each other and building meaningful connections, rather than rushing into a relationship.

Annabelle's Verdict

"This is a really strong idea for a trend and something similar was picked up by Lovehoney in its 2023 sex trends report. 8/10."

Snack Dating

ChatGPT's Hot Take

This trend involves going on quick and casual dates that don't take up too much time or energy, like grabbing a coffee or a snack together. It's all about keeping things low-key and not putting too much pressure on the date.

Annabelle's Verdict

"Love this. The name is chefs kiss and the idea is faultless. Move over Blue Sky Dating, Snack Dating is here. 10/10."

Ghost Seasoning

ChatGPT's Hot Take

Similar to ghosting, this trend involves someone disappearing after a few dates, only to reappear later on and try to pick things up again. It's like they're adding a little seasoning to your life before disappearing again.

Annabelle's Verdict

"Really enjoyed the reasoning behind this one and the name is funny, but it’s already known by other names. 4/10."

Smell Dating

ChatGPT's Hot Take

This trend involves people choosing their potential dates based on their scent. It's like they're trying to find someone who smells just right and who they're compatible with on a chemical level.

Annabelle's Verdict"

"Fantastic and absurd concept, but completely ridiculous – not going to happen unless you are a dog. 0/10."

There you have it folks, these are officially* the next biggest trends in dating, so buckle up, get your gym gear on, grab your dog, and make sure your nose is clear next time you head out on a date!


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Originally published on Apr 17, 2023. Updated on Apr 18, 2023