3 Steps to Sexual Happiness

by Lindsay

on May 7, 2019

Now, if you've been keeping up with the Lovehoney blog recently, you may have noticed that we've been talking a lot about sexual happiness.

But what does that mean?!

Well, to us, that means taking care of your physical and emotional desires, as well as your mental and physical health - and it's something that every gender can benefit from and enjoy.

And the best part is, you only need to remember these three steps!

Whether you're taking part in sex with a partner or solo sex, you can still boost your sexual happiness with these easy-to-follow tips.

Be curious

Firstly, let yourself be curious without shame or judgement, and especially try to avoid judging yourself. After all, sex is meant to be fun.

If your adventure is something you can explore without a partner, then treat yourself to some alone time and take it slow - remember, this is about the journey, not just the destination.

Being intimate with yourself can help you discover what makes you feel most fulfilled, and knowing yourself can make you a better lover in all kinds of ways, whether it's to yourself or another person. It can also have a ton of health benefits.

If trying something new involves another person, sit down with them away from the bedroom and discuss it in a relaxed, positive way. But remember, even if your partner does not want to try something, that doesn't make your desires shameful or nasty, as long as they're consensual and don't cause anyone harm.

Be honest

3 Steps to Sexual Happiness

There are two parts to being honest: being honest with yourself, and being honest with your sexual companion, if you have one.

Being honest with yourself might come with some questions you haven't considered before. Do you feel like your sexual wants, needs, or desires have changed? What exactly is it that you want to change, and what's stopping you?

If you're sharing your sex life with someone, remember to approach conversations about your sexual needs and interests in a blameless way - talk about how and what you're feeling, but consider how what you're saying could affect their feelings, too.

And remember, give-and-take's important in more ways than one. They may also have some needs or desires that they want to explore!

Be you

Sometimes, it can feel like there's a lot of pressure about what you 'should' or 'should not' enjoy sexually, and that can have an impact on how you express yourself in the bedroom.

But it's important to remember that the only 'right' way to have sex is to make sure that everyone is safe and having fun!

If you're worried about how you measure up against other people, maybe it's time to take a step back from potentially negative (and staged!) influences like porn, or social media, or even friends who brag about their sexual exploits.

The most important thing is that you've been curious and been honest, so you've reached a point where you're highly in tune with your own needs, wants, and desires. We think that's sexual happiness to the max.

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Written by Lindsay. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Lindsay has been Lovehoney's specialist sex toy writer since 2018.
Originally from Canada, Lindsay loves to champion diversity, support the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate all things sexuality.

Originally published on May 7, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020