4 of the Best Sexually Happy Netflix Shows

by Audrey Andrews

on Mar 31, 2020

As we as a society become more sex positive, so too do the TV shows we watch! There are many factors that can qualify a TV show as a sexually happy one.

Some of our criteria is as follows: The show tackles taboo topics like female masturbation. The experience of LGBTQI+ individuals is shown. The importance of consent and safe sex is stressed. The show calls out those who engage in ‘slut shaming’ or are homophobic. We’ve tirelessly trawled through the vast number of programs on Netflix (what a hardship, haha) and found 4 sexually happy shows that you can binge on now.


Joy and Alan are married with teenage children and live in a small country town. After each admits to the other that they've recently had an extramarital fling, they decide to embark on an open marriage.

Wanderlust is a sexually happy production, not because it is especially graphic, but because it showcases the problems that stem from having differing libidos and unapologetically depicts a middle-aged couple trying to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

Open relationships aren't for everybody, but if you and your partner are considering it, give Open Relationships: The Dos and Don'ts of Making Them Work a read.


Set in Chicago, Easy is the comedy-drama anthology you didn't know you needed.

While there are a few recurring narratives, most episodes are stand-alone, so there won't be any need to catch your friends up on the backstory.

Polyamory also features in this 25-part series, but so does feminism, BDSM, dating apps, threesomes, pregnancy, gender roles... the list goes on! This thoroughly modern series has something for every viewer.

Big Mouth

It may be a cartoon, but it sure isn't for little kids! Big Mouth is an adult-animation series that focuses on a group of Year Seven students as they begin to deal with the onset of puberty.

What sets Big Mouth apart from any other coming of age tale is that we get to see puberty personified. The Hormone Monsters act as sexually charged shoulder angels. They try to help their young charges survive adolescence but more often than not they end up convincing them to act on impulse – something that the developing teenage brain has no problem doing!

When you put the outrageous humour to one side, Big Mouth is extremely sex positive. The show normalises young women masturbating, it touches on bisexuality and how being part of the LGBTQIA+ community can feel lonely when you're growing up. Big Mouth also looks at the importance of consent and the idiocy of slut-shaming, two topics that deserve serious airtime in 2020.

Sex Education

One night I happened to be watching an old episode of The X Files. Once it ended, I went back to watching Sex Education on Netflix. I can tell you something for free, watching Gillian Anderson hunt for alien life forms on TV and then seeing her hold a giant, anatomically correct model of the vagina on Netflix was pretty surreal.

The central character is Otis, a shy high school student. What Otis lacks in sexual experience he makes up for in education because he lives with his mother, Jean, who is a sex therapist. The show is heartwarming, hilarious, and tackles topics like vaginismus, asexuality and consent.

It's great to see today's creatives producing sexually happy TV shows. There's no better way to challenge harmful stereotypes and shameful misconceptions then by doing it with the might of Netflix behind you. How many of these sex-positive shows have you seen, and are there any that we've missed?

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on Mar 31, 2020. Updated on Jan 11, 2021