6 of the Best Penis-Pleasing Oral Tips

by Cara

on Nov 27, 2018

6 of the Best Penis-Pleasing Oral Tips

How strong is your blowjob game?

Are you still experimenting with what makes your partner feel good or have you perfected your technique over years of practice?

Whether you consider yourself an oral sex aficionado or a humble novice, there’s nothing wrong with brushing up on your techniques every once in a while.

Nobody wants to suck at sucking dick (sorry – couldn’t resist), so here’s your trusty student sexpert’s favourite tips for giving mind-blowing oral sex.

1. Build some antici…pation

The first step for fab fellatio is to make them desperate for it. Whisper in your partner’s ear about what you’re about to do, or if you’ve got long hair make a show of tying it up with a hairband.

You could draw attention to your mouth by putting on some red lipstick or simply giving them a long, passionate kiss.

Take your time getting down there and don’t start sucking straight away – begin by kissing around the penis and then lightly licking it up and down.

Maybe spend some time moving your tongue around the head, paying particular attention to the frenulum.

2. But then get into a rhythm

You can spend some time at the beginning licking, sucking and rubbing the penis, but after a while you should settle into a fairly consistent rhythm.

Start slow and gradually get faster for the best results.

3. Multi-task

Combining oral with a handjob can have incredible results. Think of your hands as an extension of your mouth and use them to rub the shaft while you focus your stimulation on the head.

If you’re feeling particularly dexterous, add a slight rotation to your hand movements as you rub up and down the shaft to make your partner go wild.

Don’t forget to use your hands and mouth elsewhere too. I recommend massaging your partner’s thighs if they’re laying down or grabbing their ass to pull them towards you if they’re standing up.

4. Balls to the wall

Not everyone’s crazy about ball action, but many love it. Try licking, sucking and gently cupping the balls with your hands. Key word: gently. Balls are sensitive.

Fun fact: testicles can increase in size by 50% or more during sexual activity. Who knew that balls were growers rather than show-ers?!

5. Make eye contact (but not too much)

Obviously don’t spend the entire time staring your partner down, but making eye contact at a few choice moments can be both arousing and intimate. Take the penis deep into your mouth then look up into your partner’s eyes while you slowly pull back, or while you lick the length of the shaft.

Just keep in mind that they might be too busy writhing in pleasure to notice at first.

6. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm can be the thing that makes or breaks a blowjob. Ask anyone with a penis – your technique can be impeccable, but if you don’t seem like you’re enjoying yourself, it’s just not going to be great head.

There’s no need to go overboard with fake moans, but some enthusiasm can make it a 10/10 experience for your partner.

With these 6 tips in your sexual repertoire, your oral will be to die for and you’ll leave your partner begging for more every time.

Just remember that key caveat of all sex tips: everyone is different and the same things won’t work for everyone.

These tips are a great starting point but ultimately the best way to give great oral is to communicate with your partner about what works for them. Good luck!

Cara is a student blogger for Lovehoney. She studies English and appreciates grammatically correct erotica written in the active voice.

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Written by Cara.

Originally published on Nov 27, 2018. Updated on Aug 5, 2020