7 Reasons to Treat Yourself to Some New Lingerie

by Guest

on Oct 27, 2020

You don't really need a reason to treat yourself to new lingerie, but we know it can be hard to justify treating yourself.

Often, it's much easier to buy a raunchy gift for someone you love than it is to purchase something that's just for you.

That's why we've come up with 7 reasons why you should update your lingerie drawer.

Confidence is key

Everyone has days when their self confidence is nowhere to be found. As the old saying goes, "look good, feel good" – and treating yourself to some new lingerie might be what you need to get you out of your slump.

That wet look teddy you've had your eye on? Now is the right time to splash out. A self-care present doesn't have to cost the earth, so have a look at the Lovehoney Special Offers if you're on a budget, and check out Feel Sexier In An Instant With These Body Confidence Tips if you're in need of a confidence boost.

For style's sake

When we hear the word 'lingerie', we're quick to take things to a sexual place. That's not surprising in the slightest – lingerie is typically designed to excite us and those lucky enough to view it! However, don't forget that lingerie can enhance your everyday fashion choices too.

The right hosiery can make or break your ensemble. Hold-ups, stockings with a back-seam, crotchless tights – we've got the lot in our Sexy Stockings & Hosiery section.

Stay adventurous

The prospect of exploring a new kink or fantasy can be so exciting, but also a little daunting.

What if you struggle to 'get into character'? What if your inexperience takes away from the scene?

One way to overcome some pre-role play nerves is invest in some new lingerie. Think of it as a costume designed to help get you into character – you're going to be in the perfect Dominatrix headspace if you're wearing a figure-flaunting wet look basque or bustier.

Time to celebrate

If you've got something to celebrate, that's a perfect reason to get yourself some new lingerie. It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating someone else or yourself.

You might want to pull out all the stops for your partner's birthday, and if that means you slip on the LHM Leopard Print Thong and give them a show, so be it!

If your wedding is approaching and you planned to be dressed to impress on the big night, why not browse our Wedding and Bridal Lingerie range?

Shake things up

On the flip side, you can use new lingerie to turn a regular old day into something special.

Got the Monday blues? Pick out something a little racy, like the Lovehoney Fierce Romance Black Wet Look and Lace Bra Set. You've made it to Hump Day?

Go find yourself some new loungewear – and yes, lingerie loungewear does exist!

Out with the old...

If your existing lingerie is past its heyday, it may be time to shop for some new pieces. Saggy bra straps, tired elastic – knickers with holes in? No thank you!

You may have had some memorable sexcapades in your favourite set, but all good things must come to an end.

Plus, wearing a worn-out bra can have some nasty side effects (back pain is not cute) so don't persist with a bra that no longer supports you.

Treat yourself!

Why yes, this reason to treat yourself to new lingerie is the same as the title of this article!

That's because wanting to treat yourself is a totally valid reason in itself to buy new lingerie. If you're somebody who loves buying gifts for others but baulks at buying anything nice for themselves, then this reason is especially relevant to you.

If one or more of these reasons applies to you, take it and run with it! On the other hand, if none of the reasons fit your circumstances – remember that you don't really need certain reasons to treat yourself to lingerie, and get yourself some anyway!


Written by Guest.

Originally published on Oct 27, 2020. Updated on Dec 22, 2020