Most Searched Sex Scenes

by Lucy

on Nov 15, 2022

Deadpool and Sex/Life have the most searched-for sex scenes, our research finds.

The past decade has seen movies and TV shows take more risks than ever to shock and entice their viewers, and steamy sex scenes have proved a perfect way to do this. Most of us can name a specific scene that gets our hearts racing, and everyone has that one fictional couple whose chemistry they just can’t get enough of - especially in the bedroom. But which scenes do viewers keep coming back to the most?

We’ve taken a look at Google search data to find out, investigating famous movie and TV show sex scenes to reveal which see the highest number of searches every month. We’ve also spoken to a clinical sexologist and therapist about why certain scenes get us feeling more flustered than others, and about the potential harm caused by unrealistic portrayals of sex on the screen.

The most frequently searched movie sex scenes

From passionate, romantic romps to disturbing insemination rituals, there’s a fair bit of variety in the most searched-for movie sex scenes. Let’s take a closer look at the top five.

1. Deadpool: 8,900 monthly searches

We can’t be sure if it’s the playful humor or just Ryan Reynolds’ and Morena Baccarin’s naked bods, but something about Deadpool’s sex scene keeps people wanting more. There are 8.9k searches for ‘Deadpool sex scene’ per month in the US, which is a pretty impressive number - especially since the movie came out over six years ago.

‘Sex montage’ would actually be a better description for this particular scene, which includes clips of the main character and his partner going at it on various special occasions. We’re particularly fond of the International Women’s Day clip, which shows them trying out pegging. 10/10 for versatility!

2. House of Gucci: 8,500 monthly searches

House of Gucci features a rather raunchy scene between stars Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, whose characters have passionate sex bent over a desk (while making some very animalistic noises, which were apparently improvised by the actors).

This sexy scene really made an impression, in part because of the actors’ combined star power, but also because of their crazy chemistry. It seems the hype is still very much there, since ‘House of Gucci sex scene’ is searched-for 8.5k times per month in the US.

3. 365 Days: 6,500 monthly searches

365 Days has been likened to Fifty Shades of Grey, which gives you an idea of the kind of sex scenes it features: very explicit, and on the kinkier side of things. This definitely doesn’t put people off, though, as ‘365 Days sex scene’ gets 6.5k searches a month.

This Polish movie came out in 2020 and already has two sequels, following the relationship between a young woman and a ‘dominant Mafia boss’, whose frequent sex scenes are apparently so graphic they left viewers questioning if they might actually be real.

4. Midsommar: 5,100 monthly searches

Midsommar’s sex scene is a little different from the others on this list - or a lot different, actually. We don’t want to spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it, so all we’ll say is that it involves a ritualistic sex ceremony that’s a far cry from what most people would consider erotic (which isn’t too surprising, considering the movie is a folk horror story about a Swedish cult).

Still, this doesn’t stop people from wanting to see the scene for themselves, with 5.1k searches for it per month.

5. Sausage Party – 4,500 monthly searches

Sausage Party stands out for two reasons: one, it’s animated rather than live action, and two - it’s about an anthropomorphic sausage living in a supermarket. Yep, you read that right!

This R-rated comedy was a huge hit when it was released in 2016, and its pretty wild sex scene - which can only be described as a massive food orgy - left a lot of people stunned. And apparently people are still talking about it today, if the 4.5k monthly searches are anything to go by.


The most frequently searched TV sex scenes

We’ve covered the top steamy moments from movies, so now it’s time to talk about the TV sex scenes that keep us wanting more.

1. Sex/Life (shower scene): 6,600 monthly searches

Sex/Life is a Netflix drama about a woman whose “daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present”. It actually received generally negative reviews with just a 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but there is one particular scene that stirred up a reaction - and prompted 6.6k Google searches per month.

The famous shower scene shows the main character’s ex-lover washing the day away while letting it all hang out, if you know what we mean. Viewers get a full-frontal view of Brad’s naked body, and many were very impressed by what it had to offer.

2. HPeacemaker: 5,800 monthly searches

HBO’s Peacemaker is a pretty graphic show, so it’s no surprise that its sex scene - which receives 5.8k searches per month - is also fairly graphic.

It features John Cena’s character Peacemaker thrusting roughly into his lover from behind while both of them are very naked, apparently leaving a big impression on viewers despite being quite a short scene overall.

3. Game of Thrones: 5,700 monthly searches

If you’re at all familiar with HBO’s Game of Thrones -which you likely are, since it’s one of the most successful shows of all time - you’ll know that it doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing the grittier stuff, including many very explicit sex scenes. Like, a lot of them.

Since there are so many hot and heavy scenes in this show, we imagine the 5.7k monthly searches for ‘Game of Thrones sex scene’ must bring up quite a few results!

4. Euphoria: 4,000 monthly searches

Euphoria is another HBO show that took the world by storm, inspiring a devoted fanbase as well as 4k searches a month for its sex scenes. (We can only assume that HBO has mastered the art of a good sex scene at this point, as three of their shows feature in the top five. Kudos to them.)

Since Euphoria is a show about teenagers, its frequent nudity and sexual content are a little controversial; some consider it inappropriate, while others appreciate the honesty and realism. Either way, it certainly got people talking.

5. Pam and Tommy: 3,200 monthly searches

Pam and Tommy tells the true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s private sex tape leaking to the public, and it doesn’t shy away from showing viewers exactly why that tape made such a splash - which probably explains the 3.2k monthly searches for explicit scenes between actors Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

The show did also spark some controversy, however, thanks to its biographical nature. It received criticism for bringing attention back to a scandal that was undoubtedly traumatizing for its subjects, particularly Pamela Anderson, who never actually consented to the creation of the show.


The psychology behind why we love sex scenes so much

Whether your sexual appetites are more _House of Gucc_i or 365 Days, it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy watching on-screen sex. But why is this? We spoke to Ness Cooper, clinical sexologist and therapist at, to get the answers.

“Viewing sex on TV and in movies can release feel good hormones such as dopamine,” Ness explains. “Some people may experience a form of excitement transference from the characters’ actions, words and emotions. And sometimes the storylines may be what’s making it more exciting, rather than the actual erotic acts themselves.

If it is the actual sex that we get the most enjoyment from, Ness says this can be thanks to a form of vicarious pleasure. “Some sex acts in movies can be ones we may fantasize about but never personally want to act out, and watching these can be exhilarating. It can feel risky, yet allow us to experience something safely.”

“Sometimes, it can also help start a conversation around sex acts that we may otherwise be shy about,” Ness adds. Talking to your partner about things you want to experiment with - whether it be roleplay or a bit of bondage - may feel daunting when you don’t know how to bring it up, so watching a sex scene together can be a great conversation starter.


Not all TV and movie sex is realistic

Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you that you shouldn’t be watching sex scenes. But we do want to highlight the potential harm they can cause, such as spreading misinformation and setting unhealthy expectations.

Ness says that, while sex information and advice in movies and TV shows has improved over the years, it still isn’t the most reliable. “These forms of media often have a limited amount of time to cover these topics, and many aren’t fully able to go into the amount of detail that we need to gain a good understanding.”

According to Ness, the media’s powerful influence can make it easy to go along with the sexual info it gives - but in reality, a lot of movies and TV shows are guilty of spreading misinformation. For example, a show set in medieval times may depict the use of chastity cages, even though these never actually existed back then. And if they get stuff like this wrong, can we really trust that the rest of it is accurate?

“Some sex advice and information in popular media is purposefully given to influence certain trends,” Ness says. “It may also be biased towards its expected target audience, and even encourage stigma and shame around sex. Not all TV and movie sex is actually sex positive.

This is why it’s so important for us to do our own research, and consider whether what we see on screen is actually relevant or important to us. Sex scenes can be fun, exciting and even inspiring - but you should always take everything you see in them with a grain of salt.

Methodology and sources:

Google search volume data was collected in October 2022 using Ahrefs, which automatically ranked the most searched scenes in relation to the search term ‘sex scene’

Expert commentary was provided by Ness Cooper, clinical sexologist and therapist at


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